51-Year Barn Find! 1928 Ford Model A

You are looking where this car sat for 51 years! Apparently this 1928 Ford Model A was purchased by a young man who left it on his family farm when he moved. It has been pulled from the barn and is now for sale here on eBay with an asking price just shy of $4,450. Located in Kingwood, Texas, the car is mainly a shell but looks like a decent project. If you’ve ever wanted a real-steel rat rod or hot rod project, this might be right up your alley. Check it out.

Here you can see the car after it was pulled from its resting spot. The ad doesn’t say why it was stored without the wheels, but I’m glad they have been put back on the car. You can see a radiator shell and other parts in a pile next to the car in the first photo. Apparently they are not being included in the sale or are from a different car. Either way, this car is still a shell and will need a lot of work to get it usable again. My first thought was a rat rod. You don’t need the hood sides, fenders, running boards, or grille shell. I’ll show you what I mean a bit later.

Obviously there is no drive train and the floorboards are gone. The ad has a mysterious line about the car possibly having been used in the circus? I don’t know about that, but the doors are apparently tack-welded shut and it was found with a hitch welded to the front. I’m not sure how it may have been used in a circus, but if you do, let us know.

Here is my vision for what this project could be. A nice hot rod/rat rod roadster. Perfect for summer cruising and having fun. What direction would you take this build? Is it worth over $4,000 for a shell?


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  1. ken tillyUK Member


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  2. Rusty

    Yard art.

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    • Steve R

      Overpriced yard art. The seller either didn’t do his research before listing or he’s banking on a buyer that didn’t do theirs. The story, though interesting if true, can’t be proven and adds no value.

      Steve R

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    • Ken

      Oh shoot. That’s what I was thinking

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  3. Johnny Demonic

    RatRodders are salivating at that Pateeeena!

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  4. Classic Steel

    You know a lil elbow grease and it will buff right out.

    One can overlook the overpriced overall rust and just drive it without the title after putting fluids in car👀😉

    “The Roadster subframe is in good condition.

    There is some rot in the bottom of the Cowl as well as the Doors.

    The Gas Tank has holes in.

    Both Doors have been tac welded shut.

    The Deck Lid is rough.

    Both Rear Quarters have rot in the bottom.

    There is some bumps, bruises, rust through on the body.

    The body has surface rust with pitting.

    The Front Crossmember has ben welded. “

    Sorry not the desired 32 ford but it can be saved with backyard welder and mechanic with way to much time on their hand. The other alternative is a platinum credit card and a large bank account and hundreds of hours welding and patching and finding parts.
    The best alternative is just buy one together 👍👀

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    • Classic Steel

      I just remembered a mid west car show I traveled to this year had custom rods. If one is thinking non original intentions i would go this route.

      If your thinking never exceeding 40 -50 mph and keeping original and write many checks on a money pit then ignore this link.

      This business was cool and makes new reproduction full 32 ford coupes and trucks (other years too) on new frames which is in the long run cheaper, stronger , safer and engineered perfect for a hot rod coupe with out worries of rust issues.

      Corn Field Custom which had various stages of a 30s repo hot rod truck that had me drooling 🤤


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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Too solid for scrap. This is what they make dip tanks for.

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    • Steve R

      Maybe, but the car would need to be listed for a few hundred dollars to be viable. Completed listings show several similar model A’s in driver condition or older restorations selling for well under $10,000. This car makes no financial sense anywhere near its asking price.

      Steve R

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  6. Junior

    If I could get it for $4k, I’d love to have it as a starting place. But I already have two irons in my fire…one is a hand-me-down that can’t be gotten rid of…although, “I’m not the jet-set, I’m the ‘ol chev-ro-let set” kinda rodder”….

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  7. Joe Haska

    I looked at the link for Cornfield Customs and was very impressed. If I was looking for a shop, l would certainly put them on the short list. Reason’s , there work looks fantastic, but it’s their policy, that makes me think they have their act together. No visitors ,Monday thru Friday, except by special oppointment, visitors Saturday and Sunday with an oppointment. This tells me volumes about their work and their business. This means they are about the work and the rest is just BS.

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    • ken tillyUK Member

      That’s the main reason that Fantom Works stopped doing the TV show because more time was spent on getting the best pictures of the repairs being done, (sometimes several times) and the amount of visitors in and out all the time, that the actual profit making side of the business went out of the window. The show in itself was my favourite classic car show of them all as Dan Short seemed to be a very sincere person and his staff rarely moved on. As you say, the rest are just so much BS.

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  8. benjy58

    At least they now have more room in the barn.

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    • ken tillyUK Member

      Yep, for much more useful junk.

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  9. Bing

    Ask is way too high. There is a 29 roadster frame and body on Facebook that started at 5,000. Located in East Texas, it is now down to $1500. the steel is in great shape and the frame looks good as well.

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    • Junior Samples

      May be too old for you to get this….anyway you can share with me the info on the ’29 roadster in East Texas?

      • Bing

        Hello Junior. The body and frame are listed on Facebook market out of Whitehouse, TX. The seller also has a 29 roadster, flathead with three deuces fo 15 K I believe. Good luck.

  10. Del

    Not worth 500 bucks

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  11. Ken Cwrney

    Old ’50s style hot rod all the way. Add an
    upgraded 304 cube flathead, juice brakes
    from a ’39 Ford, and a 24 tooth Lincoln
    Zephyr gearbox, and you’ll have a winner.
    And if an OHV V-8 tickles your fancy, I
    couldn’t think of anything better than an
    early 303 cube rocket V-8 from an Oldsmobile to make this old gal fly. Mate the engine to a T-10 4 speed tranny if you
    want to have even more fun. It’s not really worth restoring, so from what I see
    here, I’ll vote hot rod all the way

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  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Damn what a leaky barn that was stored in. Lot’s of rust where no one whats it – must have spent 1935 to 1970 outside. Good luck to the new owner….wish I could have bought it for what the flipper did.

  13. Edward Skakie


    If you never look at another site in your life, look at Cornfield Customs.


    A huge Thank You to Classic Steel.

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