6,254 Original Miles: 1986 Ford Mustang GT

Four-eyed Fox bodies sometimes get left out in the cold among collectors who prefer later models, or who associate the quad-headlight look with the first run of the Fox platform that were a bit lacking in the “thrust” department. Still, by the time the middle 80s rolled around, the Mustang GT was a solid performer that any enthusiast would be proud to own, and certainly look forward to driving. Well, except for one owner, who kept this black-on-red GT under wraps for quite some time, to the point that only 6,254 miles were ever added to the odometer. Find this 1986 model here on craigslist near Boston for $30,000.

$30K is all the money for one of these, but I suppose it’s fair to say this example is quite unrepeatable. The bodywork looks pristine, and all the little details – from the perfect “Ford Racing” insignias on the mudflaps to the luster on the standard-issue 10-hole wheels – helps to validate the unbelievable odometer reading. The early GTs had great proportions, and this car reminds me how good the Mustang can look without the side body cladding the gigantic rear hatch spoiler that came standard on the later GTs. This is a clean design that still looks muscular without any additional kit.

The interior is stunning, and my favorite part of the car. While domestic interiors weren’t world-beaters in any sense of the word, seeing one in brand-new condition is a good reminder that they were better than they get credit for, and most of the time the critical comments likely stem from seeing Mustangs of this era in less-than-stellar condition. Sure, the Saleens and Cobras were preserved, and the later GTs pop up fairly regularly with low miles and stock drivetrains, but the earlier four-eyes models don’t get the same love and affection. Those Recaro-style seats with the thick side bolsters, the three-spoke wheel, the shifter in perfect position – it all works really well.

The engine bay is another highlight, as generally speaking, only cars with super low mileage like this can have the underhood compartment look genuinely new. Even restored cars – it oftentimes seems too shiny or perfect. It’s an indescribable quality seeing a new-car engine bay, and this Mustang GT has it. I’m not disputing that the price isn’t high, but put aside your feelings about the earlier Fox bodies and realize how few of the basic GT Mustangs from this time period show up with low mileage like this. It’s definitely approaching unrepeatable territory, which generally means the seller can ask whatever he wants.


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  1. Ramone

    My favourite year of Fox body Mustangs. Had one. First year of injection, and clean looks. I’d rather have the grey interior, as mine was, but this is great to see.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Good write-up Jeff. I too am a fan of the four-eye Fox Mustangs. This one is especially nice. Not too many of them in superior condition like this example.

    In a sense, one reason favorites of the later aero-nose Foxes are the LX coupes is their lack of extra body trim. The four-eyes like this one exhibit the same character, with a generally clean, sparse look to them, especially in black. I’m curious to see what this one brings.

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  3. RayT Member

    This is right down the highway from me, so it’s probably a good thing I can’t afford it! Mainly because the miles would roll by — quickly — if it fell into my hands.

    It’s just about the way I would have ordered it, though I’m not a fan of the red/black combo. There are other color schemes that I found more pleasing; still, the car is so nice that I could live with it as-is….

    I believe a similar ’86 was the first Mustang I spent any serious driving time with. They were fast enough, handled well enough, and made nice noises. Aside from a few lower-production models (the SVT Cobras, mainly), these struck me as being about as good — and as pretty — as Fox ‘Stangs got. I’m sure I’d feel the same today.

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  4. Troy s

    My ’86 GT left this world many moons ago, with nearly 250 thousand rough miles on it. Great little fun car to blast around in, seeing this one so unused is odd to me really. They were fun cars to drive, a lot of driving as they got fairly good gas mileage on unleaded fuel and could really accelerate hard, at least back then. I never cared for the ’87 on up GT’s but the LX was just fine.

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    • ADM

      I had a ’90 LX, and it was a great car to drive. In the summer, I’d put the windows down, with the A/C on, and the radio off, just to hear those great engine and exhaust sounds.

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  5. tiger66

    ’86 5.0 GT is a great Fox, even if it is down on horsepower compared to the ’87-up cars (or even the carbed ’85). But for $30k I’d want one with A/C.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Same. A quick look in the engine compartment that shows the p/s pump in that ‘up high’ mounting position quickly killed it for me. I liked these cars from the minute they were introduced (my high school years) and finally got an ’86 back in 2009. Enjoyed it for a year and then went back to E30 BMWs. The seats (made by Lear) aren’t as comfortable as they look. Thankfully I could still find a few of these cars in the junkyards back then for the bits I needed to fix and replace – did the 3G alternator conversion. The car already had a 5 lug conversion so I swapped on a set of the nice BBS-esque Lincoln Mark V wheels – really dressed it up.

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  6. Superdessucke

    Also one of my favorite years. As it was down on power compared to the ’85, and had 25 horsepower less than the ’87, it gets overlooked. But a friend of mine had a red on gray one brand new and it was very fun to drive. Very torquey and handled well, at least in daily driving.

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  7. steve

    Best looking fox, the 85-86. I appreciate the many updates that the 87up cars received, but damn the 85-86 nailed the look.

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  8. ADM

    I had a ’90 LX, and it was a great car to drive. In the summer, I’d put the windows down, with the A/C on, and the radio off, just to hear those great engine and exhaust sounds.

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  9. JCA

    The ’86 GT was only down around 10% in HP from the later fox, not that big of a deal. I do see what could be one mod though, that GT sticker on the passenger side dash. I’ve never seen that before. A Marti would be a nice addition to something priced at $30k

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  10. t-bone BOB

    Located in Peabody, MA

  11. John Anthony

    Needed a new car in 1986, Dealership in Elmira NY had light regatta blue gt on the showroom floor. As I signed the papers for our 4 door escort my eyes would not leave that Mustang.

    • steve

      That is a sad story John.

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