6,610 Original Miles: 1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC

With just 6,610 miles, this 1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC may very well be one of the newest and nicest examples left. The seller notes it belonged to his mother who passed away last year, and it was the only new car she ever bought. It clearly was cherished by her, as its condition remains close to showroom-grade and the seller notes relatively few blemishes. The asking price is $35,000, and I suspect the seller has already gotten some flack given the request for lowballers to haggle elsewhere. Find it here on eBay and located in Ohio.

Of course, there is the option to submit a best offer, and my guess is the seller has given himself plenty of padding in the price to accept a lower, and more market-correct, offer. I don’t fault him for looking to get a higher price, but the trouble is, 90% of the shoppers for a car like this likely send around craigslist links to driver-quality (or worse) examples citing their low prices as justification for a discount. That’s simply not the case when dealing with a unicorn, as even a time-capsule Corolla demands a higher price than an average model.

The interior looks quite good, with powered leather bucket seats showing little, if no, wear. However, the carpets and floor mats are less inspiring, as they appear to show stains – but it could be a combination of the carpet being ruffled one way and the light hitting it in the wrong spot. Regardless, all other trim looks quite nice and the typically-worn bolsters of the Lincoln (and its sibling, the Mustang GT) are surviving without any splitting or sagging. LSC models came with an analog cluster, compared to digital in the Bill Blass editions.

That’s because the LSC was the sport-tuned model, with features that placed an emphasis on more engaging handling and sporting looks. BBS RA wheels are one of the best designs to ever be bolted to a car, and they look fantastic here. By the time this generation of the 5.0 came out, the H.O. engine was kicking out a respectable 225 b.h.p. in the Lincoln and the Mustang GT – but don’t expect to spend much time getting familiar with it, as the seller is limiting test drives due to Ohio’s wintry roads. Is this time capsule worth the asking price?



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  1. Bakyrdhero

    Beautiful car. I’ve always wanted one. I’ve driven several of the later Mark VIII’s. I won’t claim to know the ballpark value of this, but the asking is a turnoff for me as is the sellers ad in general.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I’ve always liked these. Similar to the Turbo Coupes, I think the clean styling has aged well. The Mark VII was a well-done Fox Body, and this looks to be a very nice example.

    A few comments on the ad: These are not particularly rare, I don’t understand the “rarity” comment. Although with very low miles like this, I’ll admit there are few. Still the price seems aggressive. Aren’t those license plates from the 90’s, has it been off the road that long? Otherwise the ad is fairly informative, though kind of blunt and demeaning as if the seller has had some bad experiences trying to sell the car.

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  3. Superdessucke

    Whoa. My eyes just watered at the price! Nice car but 35k buys a lot of good iron.

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I always liked these Lincolns, they were beautiful cars with a sporty look. I haven’t seen one in awhile but I live in the Northeast so it’s not unusual for 30 year-old cars to be scarce up here. I very much doubt there are only six left, I have to believe there are quite a few more around out west where cars survive longer. The asking price may be high to give the seller some wiggle room but I think he’ll have to do quite a bit of wiggling to sell this car. I’d be very surprised if the seller gets anywhere near his price, I’m thinking low $20’s at best. Not being allowed to test drive the car won’t help it to sell either.

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  5. Will

    “Do not expect to drive it.” = Do not expect to sell it.

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    • r s

      ““Do not expect to drive it.” = Do not expect to sell it.” I don’t get what that means. Obviously the car is fully driveable and the buyer can do what they wish with it. Someone who prizes this car as the original owner did will drive it – but sparingly and carefully.

      Perhaps he means given the weather this time of year, ‘Do not expect to drive it home from here.’ I think that is more likely.

      What galls me is seeing people comment on super low mile originals that ‘I’d buy it and drive the wheels off it.’ Okay Justin Bieber.

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      • Stephan Mackin

        Low miles cars are virtually worthless. So I would absolutly drive the wheels off it, even though they fall apart quicker because they sat so long. I have one of these, and I get zero enjoyment watching the car sit. It is fun to drive though.

        To answer you first question, this seller expects to sell this car without the buyer driving it, which means it won’t sell. I called on a car and the seller said he wouldn’t even show it to me, unless I agreed to buy it first.

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  6. JimmyJ

    1of 6?
    Theres one in vancouver craigslist right now!
    Wonder where the other 4 are
    Guys a tool

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    • r s

      He may mean that it’s 1 of 6 in some other way than just being an LSC – maybe the Continental group only has 6 registered. In any case the car seems to be as good as he says… he may be a little nutty on how much he’s asking but I don’t know that he’s a tool.

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  7. Mike D

    Nice car but that price is ridiculous.

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  8. Capt RD

    30 year old rubber hoses, belts, tires, gaskets, window felts etc — fuel pump hose mentioned was just the start!
    Plenty of maintenance ahead – nothing too serious but far from a perfect $30 K example.

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    • r s

      Do they (did they) still use ‘window felts’? I’ve seen them on very old cars but never noticed anything but rubber on newer cars.

  9. Bob S

    Is recreational marijuana legal in Ohio?

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    I have a 98 LSC with low mileage and it’s only worth $5000 tops. I would say that this would be worth less. I suspect this seller doesn’t want to sell it

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  11. Pookie Jamie

    OMG. I’ve wanted one of these since I turned 16!!!! A friend of my dads had one and I would always find an excuse to drive it or wash it or something….. can’t see getting this at the price the seller is asking but one can dream…. good luck to the new owner.

  12. Bing

    Nice car, stupid price. I bought a 2014 Mercedes 550 CLS with 16,500 miles on it for 30,500. It still had the new car smell. Yes, similar circumstances, mom’s last car, etc.
    Cars need to be priced rationally with emotions out of the picture.

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  13. Andrew Franks

    I think Oil Slick is on the mark, if you’ll pardon the pun. The car isn’t worth the kind of money the Seller is asking, not near market price, and it’s going to need North of $1000.00 to get it ready to drive reliably. And Bing is correct when he/she says that emotions have no place in pricing. I am on the Left Coast where there are a lot of these cars, low miles, and good prices. No rust, and no abuse mostly driven by older folks here. The Seller needs to grow up.

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  14. John Oliveri

    I had one of these new, in 1988, one of my favorite cars of all times, and I’ve owned big Lincoln’s before it, and I’ve owned 5 Mercedes and a BMW and Lexus after it, u wanna know my favorite, the MK VIII I owned after the 88, it was a 96, 4.6 liter fastest nicest riding tire shredder I’ve ever owned, 35,000, way too much, maybe 18, and your gonna keep it till u die

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    • Jaybo Member

      I worked at a Lincoln Mercury dealer in 1991. The owner drove one of these in white. I had to wash and gas it up every Friday for him. I loved working Friday. My parents had a 1988 Ford Thunderbird Sport with the same drivetrain and a killer stereo, for the time. I’ve had dozens of Fox body Mustangs but personally I liked these cars better. This one is way overpriced. I would go a $1/mile on the odometer tops!

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  15. AndyinMA

    Such a good looking car, too bad they can’t style them like that today.

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  16. Bob McK Member

    I agree with Oil Slick, this is a very nice $5,000 car. If he wants $35K, he will need to maintain and store it for an additional 40 years.

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  17. Del

    Car is in winter storage thats why it cannot be driven. ok

    But even so wait until spring when buyers can access it ?

    NADA Guides say one of these in top shape is worth maybe 9 grand.

    The fact that this was a family members car may be clouding the sellers mind.

    Cannot see this selling but as someone said , maybe he just wants to show it 😁😂🤣

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  18. Stevieg Member

    These never appealed to me, I prefer the Mark VIII more. But this is a very nice example & I actually would buy it, if priced closer to market value. Whoever buys it will have a very nice car (once repairs are made) as long as they don’t mind paying 2-3 times what the car is worth.

  19. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    If the auction page is to be believed, this sold at $35K.

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