7K Mile 1970 GMC 2500 Alaskan Camper Survivor!

1970 GMC 2500 Camper

This 1970 GMC 2500 camper is quite a stunning survivor. The seller would like a hefty sum of $29,977 to buy this truck now. There is no ability to make an offer. While this truck is located in Newport Beach, California, it would be great to use there or in the mountains. There is a VIN listed, the miles don’t quite seem to be listed, but I’m sure the seller can clarify. There is a clean title as well. You can view more on eBay.

1970 GMC 2500 Camper

Spending most of its life in California, the seller says that the 401 cubic inch, big-block V8 runs strong. They have replaced the original carburetor with one more suited to give the engine air. They have also cleaned and coated the fuel tank. While you are on your way to your destination, you can cruise in comfort because they have rebuilt the compressor and replaced all the lines. That work was done by a shop supplying a warranty.

1970 GMC 2500 Camper

There is a lot to this truck inside. The camper is from Alaskan Camper and the seller has all the books and build sheets for it. According to the listing, all the hydraulics work properly to lift the camper. Appliances include a gas stove and refrigerator. There is also a sink, table, and even electrical outlets. Surprisingly, there is a closet in this camper as well. With such little space, it is amazing how well everything fits.

1970 GMC 2500 Camper

The camper was created specifically for a GMC utility bed truck. Having all that outside storage space for tools and outdoor gear is actually really useful. There are a lot of places you can go with this truck and have a wonderful time both going and staying at that destination. Even at the asking price, for something in such good of condition, that can create so many stories, this might be really hard to pass up.


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  1. Keith Keith

    The underside of the hood looks like aftermarket with the black primer.

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    • art

      Hood fit is not too good, color is off and the GMC letters are crooked. Wonder why the new hood?
      That’s a tidy sum being asked for what this is.

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      • Glenn Schwass Member

        I love the utility body iea but $30k? Um no.

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    • Richard Ranch

      Good call on the hood. Something not right. I wonder if they had a carb fire.

  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Great old rig for sure. Nice idea on the utility box also. For $30K I will find another source of transportation.

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  3. JW454

    I don’t recall a 401. My guess is it’s a 402. Nice truck/camper.

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  4. Jack M.

    At least know the size of the engine before you flip a vehicle. Probably a 402 cubic inch big block. The factory Quadrajet carburetor flows plenty of air and fuel to keep it fed. Again the seller went the easy way and just changed out the carburetor.

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  5. FordGuy1972 Michael D. Rooney Member

    I think the seller is shooting for the moon on this GMC. Granted, it seems to be in great shape, but he’ll have to find someone who wants a vintage pickup with a utility body and a camper. And a buyer willing to shell out $30k for it. I might be wrong, but I’m thinking the pool of bidders will be small.

    My very first pickup was a ’70 GMC 3/4 ton 4X4 with a 307. It was the absolute worst vehicle as far as MPGs that I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a quite a few gas guzzlers. 7 mpg city and 13 mpg highway. I almost had to take out a loan for my several yearly 500 mile trips to Northern Maine for deer hunting and snowmobiling to pay for the fuel. Aside from that, it was a good, tough truck that I enjoyed having.

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  6. Steve

    Wow. Someone swapped an AMC engine into a GMC. 😬 (Its a 400.) IIRC the “402” wasn’t until 1972 and even then the trucks had “400” badges.

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  7. jwzg

    Looks like a big block with an Edelbrock carb. If it was original, it might be worth a bit, but not in molested condition. As for the engine size, a 396 in 1970 was indeed a 402. However, it was never identified as such outside of the halls of GM.

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  8. Pookie Jamie

    30k???? I’ll go get a pickup and a pull behind. That way I can leave the camper at the site and use the truck to go sightseeing. 30,000. Seller must be smoking some crack type substance…..

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  9. Woody

    The 402ci.was available in 1971,my parents owned a Chevrolet C-20 that carried a full size camper most of its life and had part in raising five children during vacations up and down the east-coast,it was bright white with blue interior and wood trim on bottom.A/C and auxiliary fuel tanks,heavy rear bumper telescoped out for easy access!

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  10. David G

    This has been for sale for quite a while now. Price has dropped five thousand from where he started. Nice truck, but crack pipe price for sure. Would be worth more with a fleet side bed than in it’s current configuration.

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  11. Stan Dull

    This was ordered as a chassis cab, and had the Halldon body put on with the Alaskan camper. This is not a regular old utility body, but one designed by Don Hall the founder of Alaskan Campers, for use with the Alaskan. Much rarer and more useful then a mass produced fleet side. I dont know what the actual take rate was for Halldon bodies, but I’d expect it to be less then a 1/4 of all Alaskans sold in 1970.

  12. snarky

    given the hood fit w color change, and the carb change sounds like carburetor/engine fire to me. (maybe he dropped the crack pipe into the engine compartment)… or maybe his night job is a realtor.. either way..

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  13. val

    That’s someone’s dream truck and wife said to sell it .But Honey Nobody will Buy it I don’t know why . It’s worth about 4500 on a Good Day .

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  14. Steve RM

    That camper is in amazing shape. All that wood really takes me back. Can I buy just the camper?

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    • petemcgee

      There is a Vintage Alaskan Camper club, and these come up for sale often on their for sale page. If you’re willing to travel, they are not expensive. There are a surprising amount of these campers still in use here out west. They were well built, and if stored properly in arid climates, will last forever.

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  15. Drew Colome


    I am the seller.

    These forms are funny.

    Opinions. Wow. So much wrong in the words. I let people feed on themselves.

    This truck is incredible. It comes with the original carb. The cost was more for a new one. I could of went either way. Easy to build and Cheaper. I choose the correct carb for breathing allowing today’s potential efficiency. The original carb comes with the purchase on top of the new believe 680.00++ carb I bought. I bought an adaptor to fit propper too. I had it tuned by a certified shop.

    All this talk of engine fire. Funny. The grease pencil from the factory is still on the back firewall metal.

    The hood needs a few washers. I can get it to set perfect.

    But nothing is perfect. I have several projects and cars to manage. All the critics come over and lend a hand to the incredible truck we offer. I’ve done enough until I do more. I will fix the hood if it continues to be in my possession.

    My plan was to ship to Europe or Australia and surf. Sell it there in person. No one would cry about the price. They would admire the truck and buy it. I can’t build it. It is factory. It was babied and cared for unlike 99.9% of the rest of the market of trucks from 1970. Low mile original. Not a driven down truck to restore.

    This is how it was delivered special order as the true expert in the forum responded. The original owner was an incredible older man. He’s done a great deal in his lifetime. One of the things was care for this truck.

    I usually sit back and just watch. But this style of forum is actually misleading. It is damaging to someone who actually wants a nice truck.

    I call them dream killers. Watch what happen after this post. Anyone who feels I am speaking of them will come even harder to criticize and kill anothers dream. The unobtainable dream to the large critics.

    The one person to go buy a new truck was correct. 5 years later I want to see his truck and its value. I doubt it comes up on Barnfinds.

    The original one owner of 49 years died last year. It is the nicest kept older truck I’ve come across. We buy several low mile original car’s and truck’s over the years. This is the nicest original american truck I’ve ever purchased.



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