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84 Original Miles! 1976 Triumph TR6


We all dream of those true “warehouse finds”, where for some reason the dealer tucks a car away and it gets forgotten about, only to emerge from storage many years later in absolutely perfect condition. It’s happened again, this time in Texas, and this 1976 Triumph TR6 is the result. Located in Spring, Texas, and listed for sale here in Hemmings, this Triumph is going for quite a bit more than a restored car, which would bring between $20-$30k. $59,000 will let you take this car home.


Presumably this picture is an “as found” shot. You’ll notice the hardtop was in place during storage, which may explain both the immaculate interior and the poor fit of the soft top in the pictures (look at the snaps right behind the doors at the bottom of the top; the vinyl has shrunk. You’ll also see the windshield trim strip (metalized plastic) has cracked and part is missing; good thing those are being reproduced! As far as I can tell, the rest of the car is darned near perfect. My only problem is what I’d do with the car! I’d want to drive it (which is why I wouldn’t buy it in the first place!) How about you?


  1. z1rider

    While I believe the claim that it has less than 100 miles, what strikes me is the fit and finish standards from the 70’s, which were, not very good. I have a 100K mile version with of course much more wear and tear but not looking that far off of this one.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @Z1rider — You’re absolutely right, but it’s not just fit and finish. The first time I looked at the weld quality of a TR6 frame it was downright scary. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these cars…I just recognize their failings as well.

  2. Randy Forbes

    I had bought a 1973 MGB new, and with 31 miles at delivery, it too had already passed through the bodyshop; looked like the paint had been touched up between the right rear tire and the bumper. Probably happened either on the boat ride, or on the train down (to Detroit) from Canada, where they were being brought in.

    So yeah, people restoring them nowadays are doing a LOT better job of fit & finish than the guys putting in 8 to 12 hours a day back at the factory! Remember, it was just a day-job for them; thinking about quitting-time, a few pints and banging the old lady… ;)

    • Jason

      “Remember, it was just a day-job for them”

      Sometimes even less than that. British manufacturers had lots of problems with labor strikes in the 70s. From the footage I have seen, the workers spent more time outside the factory!

  3. jim s

    i too would turn this into a high mileage car in a hurry. over restoring seem to be the trend. at a car show last week i did look at a car with a run in the paint in the engine bay. looked stock/factory to me!

  4. Howard A Member

    I wonder what the story was with this car? On a car with this little use from new, there is going to be issues, from a car not being used. ( fuel, rubber, brakes) A restored car would have all those issues addressed already, and probably for less money. Pretty cool, though, to find something like this that was never used.

  5. Shingo

    Buy 3 Miatas instead

    • jim s

      yes. very good point.

    • Steve


  6. TSH

    Thanks for the comments! I’m the owner. This car is a time capsule. I’m happy to share more details and photos. I’ve owned 7 TR6’s since 1978…, and this car is one of a kind. The soft top is new just “out of the crate” from Sports & Classics (CT)…, and needs a little time in the sun to warm up and stretch a bit more. Check out the white pre-delivery sticker on the front windshield.

  7. Keruth

    I want, to drive it of course!
    ’76 huh? Don’t put any gasohol in it, would need a complete upgrade on lines, pump, and those Stromberg seals, LOL.
    Aw, no OD either, 30k’s a reach now!
    Real garage art. @TSH, I’d like to see under pict’s, but too rich for me.
    ( but I’d still want)! GLWS

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