9,229 Original Miles? 1971 Lamborghini Espada

This 1971 Lamborghini Espada is said to have under 10,000 original miles and remain in outstanding, original condition. Despite the claimed time capsule mileage, the Espada will still need some work before being driven confidently, but that’s not discouraging bidders at the moment. Find the low mileage Espdada here on eBay with bidding approaching $50K and the reserve unmet.

Four-seater Lamborghinis always seem to occupy a weird sort of purgatory among brand aficionados. They’ve never been as lusted after as the Miura or Countach, but they’re still far from cheap to buy or maintain. If the mileage on this example can be verified, I could see a sale price in the mid-70s – possibly low 80s – but nothing like what a similarly preserved Miura would sell for. Is it a curse of the backseat?

Whatever it is, this example is thankfully equipped with a manual transmission. Like so many grand tourers, these cars often appear with automatic ‘boxes inside, similar to the Porsche 928, making it a treat when a big body cruiser like this is found with three pedals. The high level of preservation in the cabin, including a factory fire extinguisher, provides more evidence that the low mileage is accurate.

The seller notes that the Espada was parked in 1976, and despite this long slumber, still runs quite well. The Weber  cars were recently rebuilt, but needs further brake and clutch work to be an everyday driver. The condition seems to validate that this Espada has seen very little road use, and it will be worth watching to see if that high state of preservation drives an above-average sale price.


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    What they didn’t show you was the 10,000 rpm tach with no red line. These cars sound good and look good. Had a customer car in the shop for some bodywork that we’d start up in the morning and just listen to while we had our coffee. 12 cylinders, six carbs, four pipes is music to the gear head ears.

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  2. bruce baker

    I remember one of these making my head spin as i was owning the road near 29 Palms with my 1972 GT 6 mk lll. I told my girlfriend Tami, we just got passed by a rocket ship doing 180 at least. She’s yelling at me to “slow down” as she was starting another panic attack. I slowed down just enough as a Cop with a red light on passed us too.

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  3. Big Len

    Sort of a grown up Lotus Europa.

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  4. Arthell64 Member

    I understand the coolness of this car but I’m just not sold on the body style.

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    • Chuck

      There hasn’t been Lamborghini in modern times that I thought was good looking. The Miura comes close…

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    • DaveM

      Arthell64, you’re a hard man to please, compare the shape and styling of this to a Mustang or Camaro house brick of the same era, much more refined, not even in the same ball park, sorry. (Purely my personal opinion, no offence)!

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    • robert kirk

      Bertone is rather well thought of as a world class body designer. Add to that of all the cars in his factory, Ferricio Lamborghini twice picked the Espada as his personal vehicle…at a time when the Miura was also being marketed. A well heeled Miura will set you back 7 figures today and has the identical motor. FWIW.

  5. Dean

    Modern times? This car is from 1971.

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    • Chuck

      I’m a 1952. My cars from ’65, ’71, ’73, ’86, ’04, ’08, and ’14. As far as I’m concerned we’re all from modern times.

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    • BJ

      You can see where Toyota got the idea for the rear window on their Prius snot boxes!

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  6. sg

    Interesting that this is a middle-production series II car with but has the knockoff wheels, which (technically) weren’t available after 70 or 71. Definitely the best looking combination though!

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  7. Tony Carter

    The drivers side floor mat looks a lot older than under 10,000 miles, it’s torn to shreds, the passenger side’s not much better, poor quality or very heavy and prolonged use ???

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  8. Philip

    I don’t get it. Only 2,000 miles/year in the first 5 years and the interior looks this worn? How many cowboys were driving this bull?
    Speaking of bull…

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    • ken tilly Member

      @Philip. It appears as though those cowboys had forgotten to take off their spurs before driving.

  9. t-bone Bob

    Sold for $49,944

    • Shane

      Highest bid was $49,944, but it was relisted (apparently, reserve not met?) and that closed at $66,600, and it was relisted again. At the moment, it is at $63,600 with reserve not met and 3.5 days to go. Here’s the latest link:


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  10. bog

    It’s a heck of a car if you’re wealthy and have kids. I never saw one on the road during the multiple times I was back in Europe over the 70’s….But, I saw three, one this exact color at the Polo Grounds on Michael Butler’s property in Oak Brook. The white one driven by a very attractive blonde with 3 “smallish” kids. Perfect for her to take them to watch a match that her husband was likely participating in. I certainly agree with Bob Hess, as these sound fabulous. The style is personal taste, and I’ve found few Lambos I’d call unattractive.

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