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Stored 64 Years: 1947 Pontiac Streamliner Woodie

Update 4/6/20 – This sweet woodie is back on the market! It’s listed here on eBay with some active bidding but how high do you think it will go this time around? From 12/6/19 – There are some cars… more»

Just Add Wood! 1948 Pontiac “Woodie”

Restoring a wood-bodied classic requires a mixture of automotive and woodworking knowledge, excluding many talented enthusiasts who hold expertise in one but not both arenas. What’s left of this 1948 Pontiac Streamliner Wagon in Denver, Colorado will challenge the… more»

War Wagon: 1942 Pontiac Chieftain Woodie

We know it’s not Wednesday, but this wagon is too cool to not feature. This 1942 Pontiac Chieftain was originally purchased by the Army and there are documents to prove it. They painted it an olive-drab color and used… more»