A Car Guy’s Field of Dreams

A Car Guys Field Of Dreams

We recently received an email from one of you fine readers about a massive salvage yard in Canada. The initial email from reader Aaron B included just one aerial photo of the yard, which really only showed how massive this place is. It really was a tease, so I emailed him and he responded by pointing me to his Facebook page, where he has posted two albums (the first here and the second here) worth of photos from his last trip to see the yard. Once I saw the first photo of this place, I knew we needed to feature it! Aaron estimates there are between 700 and 1,000 cars parked here, ranging from the 1930s up to the ’90s. I see all kinds of interesting cars and I would love to just go and spend a couple days walking around looking at all this iron! We might just have to make a road trip to go see this place. He is actually going to speak to the owner to see if it’s a possibility for us to come take photos and have a look around, but it sounds like they aren’t the type that likes visitors. It’s nearly a 20 hour drive for us, but it would be a fun trip…

Field of Dreams

Here is what Aaron had to say about the place. From Aaron – Sadly I can’t give out where it’s located other than its somewhere in Canada. I fear that if I shared it’s location, the owner would be over run by people. I can tell you that when I went to see it about a year ago,  my friend and I spent a good 8 hours walking and looking with the owner and we didn’t see it all. The Car Guy Field of Dreams, as I call it,  has everything ranging from cars from the ’30s with the original wood spoke wheels to customs, hot rods, deserted projects, all the up to “newer (90s)” cars. Upon arrival, I had to stop the vehicle and sit and stare in amazement, with my jaw on the floor of course. I wish I was able to share more information with you but at least the world can see this hidden gem.

I want to thank Aaron for sharing this find with us! I’m sure there are others here that know where this place is, but let’s keep it quite until we know for sure the owner is alright with visitors. We don’t want to flood them with unwanted Barn Finders! So who here would like for us to make a trip up to Canada to see this place?


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  1. Mark E

    Looks like you could go up there with a pro-grade camera and, after a few days hard work, have the makings of a great coffee table book for gearheads! ^_^

    For me, I’d be enjoying looking at all the cars but keeping an eye out for the Canada only models: Dodge Fargo, Mercury Sceptre, Pontiac Acadian and the like…

    • Mark E

      Oh and sorry Ford fans, how could I ever forget the Ford Frontenac??

      • Dolphin Member

        When I saw it for the first time on Ebay I had to have this brochure, so I bought it. There were lots of Canadian cars with minor trim differences from the US versions back then. Not now. Anyway, there are still all kinds of special brochures for the Canadian versions of the ’50s – ’70s around.

  2. 365Lusso

    Maybe because I’m not a Facebook person, I get this message back from Facebook:

    “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now
    The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.”

    for both albums when I try and click on them. Are Facebookers seeing the albums?

    • Josh Staff

      Yeah sadly to see the albums, you have to have a Facebook account.

  3. Charles H.

    Looks like a racing road course from above!

  4. Leon

    First picture late model car on left. Is it an early 80s Chrysler ? Looks familiar but long time seeing one

    • skloon

      I think it’s a Buick Regal

    • Karl

      I believe it is a Dodge Diplomat from sometime in the ’80s. Imagine it in police or taxi colors and you’d recognize it right away.

      • JW454

        1980~1981 Chrysler LeBaron I believe.

  5. DH in Iowa

    Exactly why I could never live out of town. I’m a car-a-holic.

  6. Ron Mullin

    I would encourage you to go. I live in southern Alberta, about 45 miles from the US border and I would go because I believe this is somewhere in southern Saskatchewan, maybe southern Alberta. If so, it’s not the only one as there is a huge one that covers about 160 acres south of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan…(look Moose Jaw up on Google maps). I had a friend once rent a plane and fly around southern Saskatchewan and they found all kinds of sites, many not as large mind you, but 100’s and 100’s of vehicles.

  7. Rich

    Such a shame that the owner doesn’t want his location shared so people can buy a few of these and get them back on the road.

    • Josh Staff

      I agree Rich. With any luck, we will be able to go up there and visit with the owner. Maybe we will be able to convenience him to let us post the location, so some of these cars can be saved.

  8. Ed P

    There looks to be a lot of good and restorable projects here.

  9. boxdin

    The mopar trucks I saw were dodges, darn. But I will take the 61 Buick 2dr bubbletop, rare at least, the stude GT is amazing, throw in the blue 2dr boxtop fairmont and the monza coupe for kicks.

  10. Robert R. Member


    Oh yes please have a wonderful trip before the snow flies! Will you be allowed to make a purchase or two? It appears to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Cheers, Robert R.

  11. Dolphin Member

    Canadian prairies. Great feature. Good that all these cars were saved from crushing, but…….

    Makes me wonder whether many of them will get restored or even the parts used. Many look complete or nearly so. I think I see two near-complete Imperials still with their bug eye tail lights. How many of those can be left unplundered today?

    The owner could market them in all kinds of ways. Is that being done? Who knows, except him and maybe Aaron? If not, then they will go the way of all field cars, given enough time.

    Somebody should step up and offer to photograph them and put them up for sale on Ebay, CL, kijiji in Canada, all kinds of cheap ways—-if the owner wants that to happen.

  12. JW454

    1980~1981 Chrysler Le Baron I believe.

  13. Howard A Member

    I think it’s more of a shame to have that black ’56 Imperial sitting in the weeds. I’d love to see the trucks they have. I see a few in the background. Sadly, I doubt these cars are going anywhere any time soon.

  14. kenzo

    There is some nice vehicles there. My guess is eastern Alberta. A couple of Alberta plates and some good prairie landscape.

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    He says it is a salvage yard. What business person in there right mind would not like this type of exposure? I guess I do not get the secrecy part of this story. As far as the 20 hour road trip, maybe get a bus and pick up Barnfinders along the route. That would be a great time!

    • Josh Staff

      Now that’s a great idea! We could make several stops along the way at a few other yards we know about. We could call it the Barn Finds Canada Tour!

  16. starsailing

    Back in mid 60’s junkyards are where you got factory speed parts to upgrade your own engine…loved junkyards….late 70’s early 80’s hard to get parts for 58 Impala as collectors were buying up all NOS they could get from chev/GM dealers….So many good junkyards had owners that wouldn’t sell a dang thing after charging 5-10 bucks to see if they had what I wanted…One place had a 8 58 Impalas…I was on a cross country bike ride by self…Came back week later….The guy said $200 for a 58 Impala….they were almost perfect..most were transmissions that had gone out…turboglide…So I bought the best…then said…I need a parts car to make one perfect one…..( didn’t need parts car they were both so perfect)……Then I said…tell you what…I will buy three and make one of them for my wife to drive…..I pull out my money….He says hold on young feller…I can see buying one…I can see buying another for parts car…but when you said you wanted three…Bells going off in my head…and it aint between rounds…..Check back with me in a week or two….DANG…So he checked a Hemmings magazine ads and a price guide magzine…..I called back…He said…got them and others of his cars listed in next months Hemming’s magazine…..make an offer then….He had them listed for about 6K each. Gave up on those. Green eyed monster reared it’s ugly head….I was taught a lesson.

  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I was thinking the same thing. If it is primarily a salvage business, why not expose it?

    My guess is that it is more of a hoarder-type thing. “I buy but I do not sell, at least not to just anyone”.

  18. Galaxie Greg

    Hello.. I actually know the owner approx 10 years and have been to this location many times. Owner is very knowledgeable of old cars and collecting for many years. Many Dodge, Studebaker, Desoto 40’s to late 50’s plus much more. I don’t think its a salvage yard. … When I spoke to him on Sunday(16th) he was not aware that someone had posted this or posted a Sat image of his property. I would have hoped someone at least got his permission. Obviously, a lot has gone in & out of yard over the years and probably a lot has been stolen or wrecked(eg. someone removes carb& intake, leaves the rest, engine insides are exposed to weather and time, now its wrecked) doors left open, etc. Same old thing, some people like to look, some don’t really want to pay what its worth to them, so it sits…

  19. Aaron B.

    After being in contact with the owner, plans are in action to have Josh come and possibly do a photo shoot of the farm.

    The owner has said that he appreciates any kind of “free advertising” he can get, but I am still hesitant on disclosing the exact location. I’d hate to see the farm get over run or picked clean behind the owners back.

    Eventually, I will likely give out more info for others to go visit, but for right now, I need to say as little as possible.

    With that being said though, he does sell, part out, and trade pretty much anything in the yard.

    I actually haven’t been there in about 8 years, but I’m looking forward to paying a visit soon, even if Josh doesn’t make it. It will be interesting to see what,if anything has changed or been added.

    Thanks Josh for the article and I’m looking forward to getting you up here for a visit.


    I would suggest anyone wishing to go, post a $1,000.00 surety bond to confirm their sincerity.

  21. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    This yard being in Canada it seems hard to believe it would be over run by pickers. I am in Wisconsin and am not going to bolt up there to see what’s shaking today. Yes it would be cool to check out. Some heavy hitters yes, maybe ten? I would think they could deal with them. When the Barn Finds Canada tour passes through Wisconsin let me know. I am all in. Not sure what a surety bond is, just bring cash. Money talks!

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