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V8 Fastback: 1965 Ford Mustang GT

As the Ford Mustang rolled into its first full year of production in the Fall of 1964, the GT option became available. When equipped with a 289 cubic inch V8, the GT Equipment Package was available that added a bundle of mostly trim differences along with front disc brakes. And the GT was available in all three body styles, the coupe, fastback, and convertible. Production numbers were low compared to the hundreds of thousands of Mustangs built overall. The seller says this is a real-deal GT, but its door tag is long gone which would help identify it. Located, in Manahawkin, New Jersey, this fastback project is available here on eBay where the bidding stands at $13,400, the reserve is unmet, and the Buy It Now price is $23,000.

The seller says this Mustang has the A-code 289 V8, which means it came with a 4-barrel carburetor. When you ordered the GT Equipment Package (or Group), you also got grille-mounted fog lamps; rocker-panel stripes; disc brakes; a different instrument panel that included a speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, and amperage meter in five round dials. In 1965, some 559,000 Mustangs were produced, and yet only 15,000 are said to have had the GT option. This grew to 25,500 in 1966 when overall Mustang output soared to 607,000 units.

Whether this Mustang is a GT will require further scrutiny. None of the items listed above for the GT package seem to be present as this car has led a hard life. The body is rough, and we’re told it will need a new passenger side quarter panel (although the same may be said for the driver’s side, too). The car went to a body shop years ago to be fixed and languished there for reasons unknown.

We’re told the V8 motor will turn over and crank, so perhaps it’s still viable. And the evidence is there of a 4-speed manual transmission, although the seller also says it has an automatic. The interior is about as rough as the body, and we assume the red-on-red paint and passenger compartment were how the Ford was assembled. Since little more than two percent of 1965 Mustangs came with the GT package, does that add to the value that this fastback brings to the table?


  1. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Crap….the price they are asking for this junk….my 2+2 was running driving stopping in original paint with a 1969 351 4v planted in it – after it was stolen a second time – sold it with a ton of extra parts for $8500 back about 2003.

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    • Mark

      I’m with you. I expect a solid driver for $25k not this junk.

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      • Glenn Reynolds Member

        Dem days is gone. (For a fastback anyway)

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    • John b

      Hi- what does 4v mean? 4 valves per cylinder?

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      • Gregory Mason

        4v means 4 ventory or 4 barrel carb.

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    • David R Lund

      I sold my ’66 K Code convertible after it was hit for $500 in 1981. That was a mistake.

      • Danny

        David, I hate to agree with you, but YES, a BIG , BIG, mistake!!!!

  2. Boatman Member

    Are the 4 piston calipers an indication of a GT?

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  3. Richard Haner

    I know this will date me,but a 2+2 came in to the dealership my dad worked for back in 74…289 and a C4….It had had a light tap to the front which slightly bent the bumper and ever so slightly the hood…so I removed the bumper and lived with the hood as you could barely tell…then I proceeded to drive the s@#$ out of it for the next 3 years….cost me $100….bolted on some bilsteins and some michelin XAS’ tires having about half thread left after having been pulled from the svc department old tire bin which cost me nothing…and I think the shocks were about $150…made all the difference in the world…glad I for to enjoy one then…as they have gotten absurdly exspensive

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  4. gaspumpchas

    Looks like a 3 speed shifter to me. 25 large now and reserve not met. Underside looks decent. you will find more unseen rust on this rustang, Looker over good. Good luck and happy motoring.

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  5. Danny

    Still runners, please give me a break! 2003 ? You really are comparing prices from 20 years ago? Why don’t you go and compare a gallon of milk from 2003! Geez you people living in the past need to get over it. I bet if you had your car from 20 years ago, you would be asking the going market value also! Everyone would!
    New market, new buyers, move on, get over it!

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  6. Jwh14580

    I had a 65 fastback with disc brakes and it was NOT a GT

  7. Pete

    On a good day it might bring 10K, On an excellent day with the right desperado it might bring 12K only because it is a fast back.

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  8. George Birth

    $23K for a car in this shape is a pipe dream. The interior is trash and the left rear quarter panel is rusted out. Considering how bad the left rear quarter
    panel is I would not be surprised if the trunk floor is gone also. Who ever buys this one better plan on $80K to restore it. This one is an over priced parts car.
    Barn Finds Marketplace has too many beautiful cars for this asking price to spend that much on a rusted out junker.

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  9. Danny

    George, with all due respect, you are way behind the curve, regarding this market. You are paying for the privilege, of owning a rare car. Do you get the ideology, or actually understand the current market or economics?
    You are talking about a 55 year old car and a very highly sought RARE car! The car will meet the market demand price. You do not have to like it, but these cars will continue to increase in price, as the availability becomes less and less. A good example was a rare baseball card which broke records selling for millions this past week.
    The bottom line, rare items are expensive, regardless of condition. Get use to it!

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  10. bone

    I’m just wondering about the GT thing -is it or isnt it ? The auction says its real, but there are base parts where some of
    the GT specific parts were , and the seller says it has no door tag. A lot can happen to a car in 50+ years , GT parts could have been installed on a non GT car , and non GT parts installed on a GT car.

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    • Eddie Dee

      Bingo! No door tag,no sale.Move on

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