A Pair Of ‘Vairs: Two Barn Find 1962 Corvairs!


Long time Barn Finds reader Olaf E. wrote to tell us about this great pair of cars–thanks, Olaf! These cars have been rescued from their barn location, but still need to be put back on the road! Now that they’ve been moved out of the barn, they are stored outside in Mount Union, Iowa (a town that has recently become UN-incorporated, population 107–“Salute!”–anyone remember Hee Haw?) and are available here on craigslist for $2,450 or best offer.


Here’s a picture of the other car in storage. I think you’ll agree that it’s been there for a while! The seller doesn’t tell us how long, though, just that they were “stored for decades.”


Here are the cars today. It looks like they were cleaned off, but have then been sitting out for a while. Or maybe the rain has washed away some of the crud? Who knows…but they look better now, that’s for sure! The seller tells us that one has a nice body and a clear title, the other is rusty and just a parts car. I think you could actually refurbish both if you wanted to, but I’m pretty sure you could find a better car than the blue one to start with.


Yeah, this one’s pretty bad. I certainly wouldn’t want to try to straighten out that front fender, that’s for sure!  But there are certainly a lot of great parts here.


To be honest, I don’t see a whole lot of rust in either of these cars. And this one seems very straight. It even has the original hubcaps!


Here’s the interior of one of the cars, I’m guessing the light blue one. It’s certainly salvagable, although I’m hoping there are door panels (cards, for you Brits) somewhere to at least make patterns from. It’s interesting to see that the driver’s seat looks better than the passenger one–very unusual!


This floor pan looks ok, but pitted. I’ve dealt with a floor like this on a TR6, and the rust can be stabilized, but you are still left with a weakened structure. This will be the new owner’s call.


It looks like this drive train came out of the blue car, and this is an automatic, a Powerglide based on the casting. The other car is a manual transmission, but the seller doesn’t tell us if it’s a three speed or a four speed. Either way, face it, you are going to be putting a giant jigsaw puzzle together. Interested in doing it? Who knows, the spares from the other car might pay for part of your project!


  1. Alan (Michigan )

    I wonder if all of the missing parts are with the cars, there aren’t a lot of pieces shown.
    Are there 2 drive trains, or 1?
    The bit about the potential for a V8 conversion is hyperbole. Not saying that a swap could not be done, but the standard for such installations is the 1965 and later cars.

  2. RicK

    Sick! (and not the good kind)

  3. Anthony

    the 55 Ford in the background looks interesting….

  4. Paul Bellefeuille

    the price is about $2,000 too high..

  5. Rustytech Member

    Unless one or both are spiders, which they aren’t they are priced about $1995 to high. It seems like everybody that has a car, or part of a car that’s more than 20 years old thinks it’s worth $2k no matter how incomplete or rusty it is!

  6. ACZ

    Some people think that anything old is worth tons of money. Makes me think of an old saying…..something about “a fool and his money…….”

  7. Dennis M

    The “good” one looks like it’s been pretty well picked over for parts.

  8. dogwater

    looks like pop cans to me.

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