Across The Ocean: U.K. Continental Mk. II

It turns out our friends on the other side of the ocean like 1956 Continental II’s as well! Thanks to international Barn Finds reader Dik S. for sending us this great find. Remember, you can send your finds to! This one is listed here on eBay UK (incorrectly categorized as a Lincoln) and is located in Beaumont, Essex, United Kingdom. It’s priced at 9,875 pounds, which translates to $12,123 as I write.

While this looks like a California black plate to me, I’m not 100% sure, but since the car comes with a California title it would make sense. The seller tells us it’s a US genuine barn find, and it looks the part. It’s nice to see all the trim in place, unlike the other 1956 we featured recently. Again, this is a very limited edition car that was its own marque for a short period, separate and elevated over Lincoln.

The paint is obviously very crazed, but I still wonder what it would look like after a good clean up and wax. I think the center of the roof is beyond hope, though, if that is indeed the surface rust I think it is.

While the inside looks a lot better than the other 1956, I’d have to spend a lot of time cleaning before I could be sure. I think it could be made usable, especially if you are looking for a driver. As far as driving this car, the seller tells us that it starts and drives, but little else. As there are no pictures of the engine, I’m left wondering if it’s the original unit or that something else has been put under the hood. To be honest, I really don’t understand why sellers list cars without a complete set of pictures, including the engine. What do you think of this car? It does have the wheel covers and trim in place, but we know little about any rust. Would you take a chance at the price, European readers?


  1. jeff6599

    You know that it is you fellows that accept these cars for publication. If you did not accept the ones with insufficient photos or equipment or accessory information, you wouldn’t get these comments about not seeing the engine or know what transmission is mounted. It is really up to you to set a standard of what you will publish. Then your editor would not be urged into guess type commentary which often contains errors or very slanted opinions on value or what the ultimate use of the vehicle should be. The responsibility is yours, my friend

    • CapNemo

      150% agree.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Gee, Jeff, I’d love to hear what errors you found in my posts? Or slanted opinions? I freely admit that I include my opinions, but I take offence at them being called slanted. As far as our choice of cars to post, we write up the cars that folks send to us because that’s what they want to see. If you’d like to see other cars, please feel free to send them to

      Considering that Continental IIs are rare enough in the US, I’m sure they are very rare in the UK and that folks over there might want to see that one’s available even if we don’t have as much information as we’d like to have about it. That was certainly part of the reason for featuring this one.

      Love to hear your further thoughts on the matter. Please note that I’m only a writer for Barn Finds, not the owners/managers of the site, and I’m only speaking for myself, not them.

      • Bingo

        Yep. Someone’s offended. Remember this is America, land of the victim…er ah I mean free. Yep that’s it.

    • grant

      Harsh. Part of the fun of a barn find is a little mystery that comes with limited information. Obviously a buyer would want to get answers before buying. For the rest of us we are pretty much bench racing anyway.

    • redwagon

      i like to see what is out there for sale i don’t like poor quality pictures or lack of some picture angles in an ad but i don’t get crazy about it.

      if there is commentary about photography skills or rants about what is ‘missing’ i typically skip over it.

      i now see the original post I was responding to has been redacted in my mind no need for that based on what was in it.

  2. Bob S

    I think this car is a Buy and Hold and Restore. Brits are so good at bringing stuff back. Is there a longer hood on any car? The first time I ever saw one was in 1978 just after I bought my first car (A 240-Z) Seemed pretty special then as it does now.

  3. Mr. TKD

    Here’s one for Mike Brewer and Edd China!

    • Trickie Dickie Member

      Here Here !!!! Boy, do I agree on these two excellent chaps. Its the only car TV show I will watch now, in addition to Chasing Classic Cars. The other shows available are too way over-produced. I get tired of the fake situations created, crunch time on approaching deadlines, the squabbles between the shop owners and their mechanics, improbable things that “pop up” to create more tension in the show. If I want to watch frustrating information I will go to CNN or CNBC!

  4. DJS

    I feel the Barn finds is a good start to locate a auto you wa t it is up to the buyer to contact seller if more details are needed, Keep up the great posts Barn Finds.

  5. jpvogl

    Jamie please ignore the negative comments; you guys do a fantastic job. Would hate to miss out on looking at a find like this just b/c of no engine pics. Obviously if someone is a serious buyer (which most of us aren’t; we’re just curious lookers) much more detailed info and pics would be imperative. We understand you are simply passing along tasty stuff that you’ve found or has been passed on to you, and there’s no reason you can’t offer an opinion, as you solicit ours! Keep up the great work, and Happy New Year to everyone

  6. scott

    12 grand for a 56 Continental? That’s low enough for the flippers to make some coin. I would love it if I was going to the UK anytime soon. Great find!

  7. kevin

    it’s a good starter

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