Affordable Survivor: 1968 Ford LTD 390

For many people on a limited budget, the thought of owning a classic car can be little more than a dream. Most affordable vehicles will require the buyer to sink money that they simply don’t have into restoration work. That is where vehicles like this 1968 Ford LTD come into their own. This one not only presents well, but it would be a practical vehicle for any enthusiast with a growing family. The icing on the cake with this one is that it carries an affordable sale price. I have to say a huge thank you to Barn Finder Boot for spotting the LTD for us. It is located in Redmond, Oregon, and has been listed for sale here on craigslist. This slice of motoring magnificence can be yours for a mere $5,000.

I admit that the LTD might not be as desirable as a Mustang of the same vintage, but then again, the price is a lot lower. The LTD is finished in Candy Apple Red, and it presents well for a survivor of this age. The paint isn’t perfect, but any flaws are minor, and it does hold an impressive shine. The panels appear to be pretty straightforward, and there’s no evidence of prior accident damage. The other thing that seems to be in short supply is rust. There is nothing visible in any of the lower extremities, nothing around the rear window, and the owner doesn’t mention any issues on the underside. The lack of significant surface corrosion on many parts like the hood springs suggests that the Ford hasn’t been spending extended periods in damp environments. That augers well for potential buyers. The chrome is in good order, as are the grille and headlight covers. I can’t spot any problems with the glass, so budget-conscious buyers could be onto a winner here.

Powering the LTD is a 390ci V8 that is backed by a C6 automatic transmission. The original owner also ordered the Ford with power steering and power brakes. This is the 2V version of the 390, so it should be producing 266hp. There’s no hiding the fact that at 4,072lbs, the LTD is a heavy beast. That makes its ability to cover the ¼ mile in a neat 17 seconds seem pretty praiseworthy. The owner has performed some recent work on the vehicle to ensure that it is mechanically sound. He mentions replacing the fuel tank, water pump, and wheel cylinders. If I’m not mistaken, I believe that the master cylinder might also be relatively new. The owner says that the LTD runs and drives, but he doesn’t indicate how well it does either of these things. However, with the engine bay presenting in a better than the average state, I think that there’s cause to be quietly optimistic. The owner supplies no interior photos and doesn’t provide any concrete information on its condition. It looks like the dash pad might be cracked, but that is only a guess. The owner has bought a new carpet set, so the buyer can choose whether or not to install this once they’ve performed an in-person inspection. Even if the seat upholstery is showing its age, a set of slipcovers can disguise any sins until the buyer can afford a more permanent solution.

This 1968 Ford LTD has a lot of points in its favor. Its condition appears to be above average, and it represents a viable option for any enthusiast with teenagers. Folding a teenager into the back of a Mustang is not that comfortable, but they’d have headroom and legroom to spare in an LTD. The final piece of the puzzle is how affordable this classic is for anyone on a budget. That makes it a car that deserves a closer look.


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  1. alphasud Member

    Looks like a really nice car for the money. If you were to take a current fleet average weight of current cars it would only be a couple hundred pounds less than this car. I would have no problem being seen in this ride. A/C would be nice though.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    My thoughts are similar to Adam and alphasud. If you don’t have much money to spend, or simply don’t want to spend much money, nothing wrong with a car like this LTD. Straightforward mechanicals, easy to keep on the road, you can probably find parts for it at AutoZone. It may not be the most popular full-size 60’s Ford, but it’s still an interesting car in reasonable condition. Upgrade it as you go. Popular in their day thus lots of people had experience with them and would be glad to see it and talk to you about it.

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  3. KC John

    Really easy way to get into the hobby. Leave it alone or add some period mods and enjoy. And you just know there will be tons of conversation everywhere you show up. “parents had one” “first high school ride” I’m betting will be recurring themes. Not every cool car needs a hemi or boss 429 or solid lifter rat.Just saying.

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Seems like a pretty nice car for cheap money. There’s a lot to like, a sharp color, a big block, PS and PB and who doesn’t like the hide-away headlights? For those of us here in the North East, a relatively rust-free classic is tough to find; all the clean, rust-free cars seem to be on the wrong coast, though. I’d love to have this car, it would be a real stand-out at any car show, especially since, at least to me, the endless Mustangs, Camaros and GTOs are getting kind of boring. I haven’t seen one of these Galaxies since the Ford Nationals in PA 2 years ago, there really aren’t too many of them left.

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  5. Vance

    This maybe the deal of the week, you gotta love hideaway lights they really make this car. I would be tempted to put a different intake and a 4V to add some more horses into it. I might put some different tires and wheels for a little beefier stance. Very nice car that would stand out, wish I had the 5K to buy it.

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    • Stan

      Right on Vance
      Good valu-driver

      Pop in 3.73 rear gear and move down the freeway.

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  6. CraigR

    This won’t last. if it was in my area it would be in my driveway for sure.

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  7. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    I’ve owned a 67 Galaxie and two 68 Galaxie 500 including a droptop but without the hideaway headlights. This car is underpriced for what you get. The coupe roofline is far rarer than the fastback still I owned. Would love to fly out to Redmond and drive this baby home. But my infant son says otherwise.

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  8. Michael Babinetz

    I flew out to Oregon in 2001 and drove a 1973 amx home to Florida with a side stop to see the rose parade post parade float review. I paid a restoration shop 150 bucks to go see the car and drive it and make sure it didn’t overheat. Best vacation I ever had. I’d do it again in a minute.

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  9. Kevin

    I concur with about all of you, if it wasn’t 2000 miles away, I’d buy it right up,really a classy car.

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  10. R.Lee

    Looks to be a very nice car, especially for the money. Arrest me Red is still deeep red,bright and sunny.

    Be wary, for the price and condition this classic is a STEAL.

    I wish this car was 4 States closer. How about a report from a local, would be worth a bounty if bought.

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  11. Randy

    For those interested, I bought the car yesterday (5/22/21). It’s nearly as good as the pictures look. There are some minor holes in the headliner cause it was parked by a barn for a couple months, but not bad. Very mimimal rust on the floor and a small pinhole behind the fuel filler. Drove it home with no problems 125 miles over Mt Hood (4500’ pass). Plenty of power from the stock 2barrel, and it’s incredibly smooth. Just going to get polished and fixed up, no major mods for this survivor.

    Happy to answer any questions about the car too.

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  12. Kevin

    Good for you Randy,hope you enjoy the car.

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