Airport Find: 1959 Chevrolet Apache 38

1959 Chevrolet Apache 38

Here’s an unusual find – an old Chevy Apache airport fuel truck sitting out in the desert. It even shows up here on Google Earth, parked next to an airport hangar. This truck has never been on the road and was probably parked years ago when the aviation fuel pump died. For $2,900 or less, this seems like a reasonable place to start. It’s all there, even the hubcaps. There are some interesting possibilities here from stock, with a flatbed perhaps, to using the cab on a modern frame for a custom truck. The owner seems pretty anxious to sell so it will likely go pretty cheap. Find it here on craigslist out of Blythe, California. What would you do with it?


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  1. JW

    I would remove the tanker and try and find an original pickup box, paint it to match cab then make sure everything works properly and drive it as is. Cool truck and seems in pretty nice condition for the price.

  2. Will

    This is sweet. Make it operable (if it can be)and turn it into what is. Use it as a fuel tanker. You might even be able to find a market for high octane fuel at car shows. It would at least draw some attention. How about selling racing fuel at a burnout competition?

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m growing weary at the suggestions of pulling the cab and putting it on a modern chassis. These were/are good trucks with the chassis they were born with. Like JW says: find an original bed and put it together, and DRIVE it.

    Trying to use that fueling apparatus commercially is going to be a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Fire regulations will smother you.

    One last thing regarding putting that cab on a modern chassis. I would sure check with the local DMV before doing something like that as regulations are becoming more restrictive.

  4. The Chucker

    Great watering/advertising truck for a tree farm!

  5. David Frank David F Member

    It’s great to see that everyone appreciates this truck and would keep it in some version of stock, with the tank or with another bed. The idea of using the tank for water is great. Could it be used to pull boats out of the water at a marina and the water used to hose off the hull? I’m sure there are many other possible uses for a water tank.

    In most airports they’ve retired the fuel trucks and you have to taxi over and fill up your bird on your own. It’s no fun dragging the heavy hose up a ladder and shoving the nozzle in the tank. And then you have to do it all over again on the other wing. It’s a real pleasure when you fly in somewhere and have a fuel truck pull up, so I’m especially nostalgic about this old truck.

  6. randy

    I’d make Tow ‘Mater’s cousin from the Movie “Cars”.

  7. mike d

    what a find! this one I’d have to leave pretty much as it is, maybe make it a pick up, and a repaint

  8. john

    I would put a water tank on the back, could be very useful…..
    Looks like fun!

  9. kenzo

    Leave it as is, get it running and road worthy, clean the tank out, fill it with beer and do tailgate parties and other high attendance events.

  10. Wesley

    that’s a rare fleet model truck. notice the single headlights? thats really rare…

  11. randy

    I sure could have used this the past week or so, as we have had way too much rain, and none to drink!!

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