All That And A Hoard Of Parts! 1971 AMC Javelin/AMX

We don’t have a lot of great pictures of this car to show you, but to be honest, that’s not the star here. The owner of this Javelin has spent a lot of time and effort accumulating parts to build an AMX clone, but now is looking to sell everything together. The conglomeration is listed here on eBay, although bidding hasn’t met the reserve yet at $3,750 as I write. You’ll need to bring at least two trucks to Springfield, Missouri if you’re the winning bidder to pick everything up!

As you can see from above, we are talking serious dust here. This looks like body shop dust to me, and that’s validated by the seller saying the quarter panels were replaced years ago and then it was put into etch primer. The seller states it will have to be stripped and re-primed as it’s been so long since it was done to begin with.

Nothing against Javelins, but the real prize here is the huge amount of parts that come with this car. The seller has parted out three Javelins over the last 15 years and stored the parts in this dry building. They also have purchased a disassembled AMX for more parts. Apparently the plan was to use the green AMX interior, which is said to be in nice shape, and the collection of AMX trim and turn the Javelin into an AMX clone.

There are a lot of rare parts here, and duplicates of some of them. The thick layer of dust tells us it’s been a while since these parts have been acquired. The seller tells us that many of these parts are no longer available, even used. I know we have some AMC enthusiasts that frequent Barn Finds; I’m hoping they can talk with us in the comments and elaborate.

The only thing that worries me here is that despite the seller telling us that there are two 360 cubic inch short blocks included, I don’t see anything about the cylinder heads and engine ancillaries. There are a lot of extra panels and parts–perhaps some could be traded with a friendly AMC enthusiast for whatever is needed? Regardless, I think this would be a neat car to finish–and it’s not just because I had a slot car of one as a young adult! What do you think?



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  1. Ralph Terhune

    I had a 1971 AMX years ago that I bought used from Wilhemi’s AMC here in Louisville, KY. It had the 360/2 bbl with the automatic trans, P/S, PDB and A/C. It, too, was green outside and inside. It was a pretty quick car for a 2 barrel. I couldn’t keep idiot drivers from running into it. Finally sold it for scrap after the last accident.

  2. Ikey Heyman

    Wow, I just read the item description on the seller’s listing, and obviously he went to a lot of effort to accumulate parts for this clone project. I guess I’m missing something here, but why not just go buy a “real” AMX and be done with it??

    • Jay E.

      Possibly he may have wanted to do a restomod, with a different engine, suspension, brakes and choose his own color combo without violating a “real” AMX. But I’m just guessing.

  3. Rock On Member

    I’m thinking that the years of exposure to paint fumes definitely had an impact on this sellers thought process.


    Because there are less than 100 left in the world.

    The heads are on the shelf btw. Being an owner of a 71 401 4-speed AMX currently and i’ve owned 4 of them, both auto and stick, I know a little about them.

    He has most of the unobtanium parts as far as I can see but does not have the Borg Warner automatic that came stock with the car. Nor does he have the single snorkel cowl induction air cleaner which is rare and expensive.

    The grills, center back up light, cowl hoods and console are the expensive parts here and are rare in that condition. Everything else here can be had but there are still better base bodies to start out with than this one if your going to clone.

    I say 10 grand is a fair price

    • Duff

      Maybe you can help us all out here a bit more… cause I’m just not getting it.

      You say “100 left in the world”, Wiki says there were over 19,000 made over 3 years. Where is the difference? They can’t have all gone to the crusher!

      Also, why build a 360? I always heard 390 was the real way to go.

      I’m like everybody else, I’m just lookin’ fer an edgeabacation.
      Thanks for your help!

  5. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Agreed, AMCSteve! First of the hump fender cars and a cache of unobtanium parts makes this a very good buy for someone

  6. Dennis

    Boom. Here is my maxi blue 73 javelin amx tribute.

  7. Cubs win

    The 1971 model is different than the 72,3 and 4. Many one yr. parts and only 2054 AMX made in 71. The parts I listed are one yr only.

    The 390 ended production in 1970. 1971 introduced the 401 which I have. The 401 was represented by the letter “Z” in the vin. So the term Z code car was born in all AMC vehicles that left the factory with a 401 including Jeeps.

    The seller prolly doesn’t have a Z code car or vin. He prolly has a P code or H code vin which is for 360 4bbl or 2 bbl. so that’s why he has the 360’s

    No one knows the true numbers on how many are left because Chrysler threw away the records when they bought AMC, so these are educated guesses. They made many more 360 cars but they are rare nonetheless.

  8. JCWJr Member

    I had a 74 401 4speed. Fried had extra AMX parts he gave me Hood/Grill/Spoiler. So we AMXed it. Fun fast car. When I wanted to sell we made a three way deal so that he ended up with a S/C Hornet. Why O why did we all not know what we were giving up when we all sold our cars back then.


    Having owned over several hundred AMC’s since getting my license many years ago and currently own a 71 SST 401/4spd (which is more rare then the AMX package) I’ll chime in on this.

    Not knowing the seller my thought is that he is/was an AMC guy and like me has had many. I liked them AND they were cheap.You think AMC’s are under valued today? In the 1980’s I bought many Javelin’s running and driving for $500. and less. My best deal was buying a Rebel Machine for $250 and drove it home! Gremlin’s and Hornets even less. Once bought 3 Pacers (one was a 77 X) for $30 each in 1988!

    So like me he has accumulated many parts. The truly valuable parts would be genuine NOS AMC. The AMX grilles are a plus but everything else is used and easy to find. Depending what the real buy price is I would pass. You would have to have man power as well as several trucks to move then space of your own.. Rarely can you sell someone a door. They are the same from ’68-74. The motors being anything other then a 390 or 401 wouldn’t be worth the effort to move unless one actually needed a 304 or 360 core. Which can be found on CL local for $200 or less. You would be paying the guy to clean up his property.

    If someone wanted a Javelin spend the money on a non project. This car would be for more of the advanced AMC enthusiast that would settle for a 304 or 360 car that needs a total restoration that the body and paint could set you back $3500- $5000. Add motor and trans brakes, tires and wheels and new interior = $15K-$20K on a car maybe worth $10K. Sad reality.

    • Ikey Heyman

      I only paid attention to the ’68 -’70 AMC AMX cars, it’s interesting to learn about the Javelin models. thanks for the info!

  10. AMCFAN

    Keep in mind in 71-74 the AMX package was only a trim option. The main visual difference was the fiberglass over steel cowl induction hood (both functional and non) and the rear spoiler. Both are easy bolt on and look awesome.

    What few know is that AMC took the Trans AM racing series serious. The first outing in 1968 with a new car. No prior experience, No racing parts program and a team that consisted mainly of engineers that worked at AMC. Took a car on a single 4bbl carb and almost knocked Ford out of second place in the series. Earned a record that still stands that it finished every race it started!

    This is especially true when Team Penski had a rift with GM and decided to park the unbeatable Camaro in 69. AMC took advantage and offered One Million to drive the Javelin and offered an extra Million if they could win the championship

    The media was in a frenzy when Roger made a press release indicating the new association with American Motors. Many thought it was a joke. In 1970 after a learning curve in mid season Mark Donahue started winning and took second place in 1970.

    AMC had planned a redesign for 1971 and Donohue’s excellence in engineering told the designers (Dick Tiegue) what he wanted in his new car. So what resulted is a love it or hate it design. Make no mistake the 71-74 Javelin was one of the first purpose built race cars. All the bumps and bulges had a purpose. The functional cowl hood, flush grill. The flip on the rear of the roof was a built in spoiler. The humps in the fender were to lower the car with big rubber.

    After the season Penski took AMC’s money and the rest is history. The Javelin ruled Trans AM in 1972 and 1973 Which all one has to do is read the history books. The Cuda and Challenger’s may be good street cars but they didn’t come close to winning Trans AM. I chuckle when I see artist renderings of the Challenger ahead of the Javelin. What it doesn’t show on the next lap the Javelin has already went around it!

    AMC was a small company known for the Rambler. Because the company was small didn’t mean it’s products were inferior.What it produced was as good as anything made by GM, Ford or Chrysler.I have been lucky and very proud to own many and still do. The 68-70 AMX’s are in a class by them self. Hard to beat a 390 that would raise the front wheels off the ground right out of the box. The 71/74’s are my favorite. They are a nice handling drivers car. I prefer the 360 4V cars as all around good performance and are easier to find then a 401.

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  11. Jeff Barry

    I liked to see that other people still know something about the 1971 AMX. For those of you who are interested, I am the original owner of an untouched car bought new in 1971, Green on Green with 21000 original miles with a 360 four speed and go package. The car was built 11/70.

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  12. Done with Javelins

    I found this just cruising the internet today. Basically I have too many projects and lost interest in the Javelin. I’ve since pieced it out since it didn’t meet my reserve on ebay/or get many serious offers from Craigslist. I have definetely hit what I wanted by piecing it out and have tons more to go. Car is gone and some of the AMX stuff, but much remains. I am planning on going to Kenosha with the rest in July.

  13. Al Gaines

    Well I’ve been showing my 1971 AMC Javelin SST for24 years and maybe once did I ever seen another.I’ve won 122 trophies with this car. Would show you but they don’t let you post a pic. The roof cut-ins are what changed in the body. Yes mine is a 401and it’s not stock.Oh I can show a pic and no it’s not for sale!

  14. Clinton Schubert

    I had a 1971 Javlin SST 401 4-speed T-10 Borg and Warner transmission. Red in color, left it care with a so called friend in Great Falls, Montana. Back in 1982 and haven’t seen it since. Bought the car when I was in the USAF at Malmstrom AFB , Great Falls, Montana and had thousands of dollars overhauling that 401 into a monster of power. The engine heads are dog ear ports exhaust high competition 2 springs per valve. It’s a shame it got stolen and the person that I left it with is under the radar so to speak.

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