Apocalypse Vehicle: 1972 International Travelall


When I was a kid, I read a book about a comet hitting the earth called Lucifer’s Hammer. One of the things that stuck in my mind was that when the disaster happened, the main character got through the struggle in an International Travelall. I didn’t even know what one was yet, but ever since I found out, I’ve wanted one. You know, just in case! This 1972 Travelall is located in Taos, New Mexico and is being auctioned off here on eBay with an opening bid of $400 and no reserve. Said to run extremely well and with only minor rust issues, the honest look with the few dents really makes this one attractive to me. If it were in North Carolina, I’d be bidding! The engine starts up every time and has recently had a tuneup. A limited slip differential partially makes up for the two-wheel drive, and while the V8 is using a quart of oil every six hours I could live with that for a long time before rebuilding it. If it stays this low, I might be investigating shipping costs from New Mexico, but I doubt that it will. What do you think?


  1. Mike D

    Looks like it may have been an old forestry or state vehicle , judging by the color and lack of options (* military? ) the paint may buff out, it would attract attention because of the rarity of it . overall it looks to be in decent shape . nice for a beginner to tinker with

  2. JW

    My ex-wife’s brother had one of these and it looked just like this one. it was dependable but he was cheap and it had no options, noisy as hell ( rattled ) and was just plain jane ugly, the only vehicle that compared to it was my new wife’s father’s stripped down Ramcharger but then again he was a tightwad too. I would pass.

  3. redwagon

    this is cool on its own and i’ve never seen one with a manual trans. the lack of 4wd would scare me here in wet snow country although in taos, nw the snow is so dry you can push it out of the way easy enough.

    my neighbor has one of these – ’71 or ’72 vintage. bought it at the exact wrong time as the oil embargo hit shortly afterwards and the cost to just drive it (let alone maintenance) was prohibitive. the doors on the back is a great option as his window in the tailgate never worked properly out of warranty.

    lots of trucks in the background of these pics as well as at least 2 newer firebirds and at least 1 goat. does the seller have anything else to sell? is he motivated?

  4. 67rebelsst

    I have a 1970 Travelall and it has the 345 v8 sounds just like an old dump truck that I use to drive on the farm and I love it. It is not fast but can pull stumps. Mine is 4wd and 3/4 ton. Was used at a camp ground for 23 yrs moving campers and has a hitch on front and back. Good luck if you get it. Parts are slim but not impossible. The engine is simple and reliable, there are lots of engines out there. You can find them in old school buses, dump trucks and old IH pickups.

    • The Undertaker

      I’ve got a ’74 IHC 100 fleetside pickup, 345, automatic TorqueFlite and I wouldn’t trade it. Runs and runs and runs. Not great on gas, but reliable and surprisingly snappy. Low center of gravity and wide-trac help. Tight as a bug’s ear, it’ll run all day at 65, stopping only for gas!

  5. Doug M. (West) Member

    Jamie, funny you should feature this, and especially with the reference to apocalypse… I saw one of these HI wagons just a few days ago in our small town -parked at our local coffee shop, steel luggage rack on top with gear loaded, steel wheels, no hubcaps, flat black with some stenciled lettering on the side that I couldn’t quite read, and a red gas can mounted on the back… anyway, it definitely looked like a survival rig, and I thought at the time: “this is really cool! A guy ought to have one of these!!” I should have taken a picture. Maybe this one is calling out to you!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @ DougM — It is, but I’m not listening at the moment! We’re in the middle of a long, extended move process and I have to keep saying “no” to myself. :-( Great story, though, thanks for sharing!

  6. Blindmarc

    This would be a great beater especially. In the area its in. Probably wouldn’t do over 60 mph, as someone already said, it could pull a stump out.

  7. Blindmarc

    With the style of rear doors, and color, I agree with Mike D that it is a NM Forestry truck. Probably used to go to the ranger station/ smoke towers there.

  8. geomechs geomechs

    When ‘Binder’ changed its light trucks in ’69, I thought the only redeeming factor was the Travelall. In my home town sales of this model kept on quite well despite the plummeting of the regular light trucks. I still wonder what the designers were thinking when they squared everything off like they did. Aside from that they were bulletproof. You couldn’t work one to death; you had to kill it with a bullet…

  9. blindmarc

    Been relisted, do to non payment.

  10. Jack Quantrill

    Had one just like this in “metallic pea” ,too! Ran great til a alternator wire shorted out against frame and burnt up all wiring. Was able to get a new wiring harness for $75 back in 1995. Traded it in for a Suburban.

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