Backyard Full Of Classics In Italy!


A few days back, we featured an interesting warehouse full of old Italian cars that someone was clearing out. Well Olaf E did more digging and found pictures of the area surrounding the warehouse. As if that place wasn’t already interesting enough, the field around it is jam packed with even more cars! I don’t know if I would buy any of these cars, but I’d definitely enjoy spending a day in the beautiful Italian country side exploring this field of classics. Special thanks to Olaf for going the extra mile on this one!


I see some interesting cars here, but sadly most everything is in rough shape. There was a lot of speculation as to what this place was. Some think it might have been an impound lot, while others speculate that it’s an insurance collection yard. Based on what Olaf could find, it’s the seller’s backyard. I’m not sure if that’s really the case either, but if it is, they have one fun backyard! So are there any cars here you’d want to have or would you rather spend your money to travel here to just enjoy the sights?



WANTED 60s – 70s TUK TUK Tuk Tuk Looking for a Thailand taxi (tuk tuk) Please give me a shout if you have one for me Contact

WANTED 1966 Pontiac GTO Must be Maroon, BLK seats, 4 sp, exl con. every thing else is a plus, Money in hand. Contact

WANTED 1971 Lincoln Continental Front fenders for 1971 Continental (not Mark series) Contact

WANTED 1968-1977 Ford Bronco Have all their parts. Running engine or rust free not necessary. Prefer southern US Contact

WANTED 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Looking for parts for this project. Especially seats Contact

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  1. Jeff Lavery Staff

    Oh, I want that new-class BMW 2000 in a bad, bad way. God, I’d love to rummage around that place. So many Euro-spec cars we never got here!

  2. grant

    What’s up with this site lately? Fully half the time when I open an entry it gets hijacked by another page declaring me today’s Facebook/Tinder big winner. I have accounts with neither of them. It happens on my phone, tablet, laptop, and work computer. What gives?

    • Olaf E

      No problems here (in Holland). But I don’t visit Fb or Tinder…

  3. angliagt

    I’m having no problems – if that helps.

  4. Brian

    I am also getting the same pop-ups taking me to another site. It only happens with barn finds and is happening more frequently. This is a great site and hopefully it can be fixed. I don’t want to stop visiting.

    • Jeffro

      Same here

  5. KeithK

    I’ve “won” so many Walmart gift cards I think twice now about proceeding.

  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    No issues with the site here. I do have Ad Block installed. Love that BMW too!

  7. redwagon

    no issues here with hijacked sites on my ‘puters.

    my phone however is a different matter. sites get hijacked there but not just barnfinds. based on that i doubt it is just one site, i.e. an issue with browser software?

  8. Jeff Lavery Staff

    No issues for me either….a Tinder pop-up would make things awkward with the missus!

    • grant

      It totally did, the first time!

  9. boxdin

    No pop up problems here, but I’m using outdated Chrome browser w ad blocker. I think the ad blocker is necessary as this site and others never stopped loading. So the blocker was needed. All is fine now, site loads quick.

  10. Olaf E
  11. Bruce Best

    Olaf E. Thank you for the post.

  12. Bill McCoskey

    Took a look at the pics on the car club site, 87 pictures of parts cars, and parts cars only. With the vines covering all the cars for many years, I would guess each car has lost at least 10% of it’s weight due to rust.

  13. Luki

    Did anyone else notice the ’74 and later center grill on the Neu Klasse?
    Sticks out like a sore thumb.

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