Baking Beauty: 1982 Honda Civic Wagon

The seller of this 1982 Honda Civic Wagon says that it’s a bit “sun baked” but that it has “zero rust”. I’ll take sun baked over rust any day of the week. It’s posted here on craigslist in Clinton, Iowa right across the Mississippi River from, yes, you guessed it: East Clinton, Illinois. The asking price is $2,800 and it could be worth checking out if you’re into little wagons. The saved listing is here for when this great looking little bathing.. er.. baking beauty goes bye-bye.

Really, the paint on the sides of the car look perfect to me. I would personally leave it as is, at least on the exterior. I don’t see a dent, a ding, or an ounce of rust anywhere on this car which is amazing for a 35-year old human let alone a 35-year old vehicle. The hood is really where the sun baked paint is as far as I can see. I guess a person could try to have that matched but trying to match 35-year old silver paint would almost be as tough as trying to negotiate world peace.

I might tackle the black plastic bumpers and trim, though. There are hundreds of techniques and products out there to make those look like new again, either temporarily or permanently. Or, at least until they fade again, which they will eventually. This car was purchased a year ago from the original owner in Oklahoma so that probably explains the faded paint and plastic trim. It sure looks great to me, no rust is no rust is no rust!

The sun has also wreaked havoc on the seats. I’m assuming that the front seats are somewhat trashed otherwise they wouldn’t be covered for the photos. The rear seats look great other than the tops which have been fried like a frat boy in the late-60s. There are no photos with the rear hatch open, unfortunately,but you can see that the rear portion of the back seat is ripped and hanging down. A somewhat unusual thing is that the lighter socket appears to be rusty.  You can see from the photo of the dash that this car has AC, but I highly doubt if it still works.

The engine looks good, mostly, but some of the soft parts have been cooked, cracked, and/or have otherwise deteriorated. The seller has added “new front bearings, new ignition coil, newer starter, alternator” and even with 125,000 miles on this car they say that it runs great. This should be Honda’s EM1 engine, a 1,500 CC inline-four with around 65 hp. NADA’s high-retail value is $2,750 so there may be some negotiating room on this one, and it’s only a six-hour drive from our house, hmm.. I wonder if it would make it back?.. (scratching chin).. Have any of you owned a second-generation Honda Civic?


  1. Blueprint

    The 1981 Civic Wagon I learned to drive with had a 1300cc. Don’t remember if the wagon received the 1500 for the ‘82 refresh.

  2. Dean

    3,500.00 wtf😨

    • glen

      Where does it say 3500.00? Did I miss this? I see 2800.00

      • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

        Maybe with shipping? I’ve recently paid $800 in shipping for a car that I got for $800. There has to be a better, cheaper way to get vehicles shipped! Or, maybe not with trucking company’s high insurance rates, driver’s salaries, fuel, etc.

      • glen

        Scotty,I’ve seen trucks with empty flatbeds on the highways lots of times, seems a waste, it would be nice to put that space to use!

  3. irocrobb

    Nice wagon for yard sailing. I like it !

    • Davey

      Ya put a mast on it and yard sail

  4. BB

    I love my old wagon. Garage kept for the longest time and only has about 96000 original mile.

  5. James

    Sadly we never got the wagon on this side of the Atlantic. Would have been nice.

    • Bob

      We got them in Canada.

    • Bill Owens BillO Staff

      There were wagons offered here. My boss back in the 90’s drove one just like this, in silver as well.

      • James

        Yea dont think ive ever saw one in the UK

  6. Moparmann Member

    Still amazing as to how well those steelies look, with just a trim ring, a cap & chrome lugs! Beats the heck out of those dreary “lo-spec” plastic wheel covers of today!!

  7. David Miraglia

    Always liked the simplicity of the first and second generation Civics and Accords

    • Gay Car Nut

      So do I. My favourites have always been the Civic.

      • Davey

        ‘Specially the wagon.

  8. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking car. I’ve always loved 1st and 2nd generation versions of the Honda Civic.

  9. Mark-A

    It looks like it shares it’s Face with the TRIUMPH ACCLAIM which was another example of British Motor Manufacturers badge engineering efforts, problem was with the UK weather they all rusted away from the Fantastically engineered ENGINES that didn’t miss a beat!!

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