Barn Find Dragster: 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

It’s amazing just how versatile the Corvette has proven to be over the years. While most have spent their lives as weekend cruisers, many have seen success at the road course and at the drag strip. The second generation proved especially popular with the drag racing crowd, it helps that Chevrolet managed to fit big-block engines under that fiberglass hood. This one is an old racer that has been parked in a barn for a number of years and is now looking for a new home. So, if you’d love to save this Corvette, you can find it here on eBay in Manahawkin, New Jersey with a starting bid of $17,000.

Given the popularity of C2 Corvettes, just about every nut and bolt is currently being reproduced. That being said, some parts are costly and difficult to replace, such as the frame and birdcage. The seller claims the birdcage is rust free, but the frame is looking pretty rough. You’ll definitely one to take a closer look to see how extensive the rust is. It could just be surface rust at this point, but it’s always better to plan for the worst.

As you can see, the engine is long gone. For the engine size, the seller put that it’s a 427, but the biggest engine available in ’65 was the 396 V8. They don’t mention the engine at all in their description, so it’s possible that that’s what was in the car previously or they just put a random number in. They do mention that the car has a 12-bolt rear end, which someone managed to mount up and it does come with the original rear setup. Without more information, it’s hard to say what this car original came with, but chances are it had a 327 V8.

Making this a driver again is going to be a huge amount of work, but it could be a cool build. The most cost-effective route would be to keep it as a racer. It sure would look great painted Rally Red and restored back to original. So, which would it be for you?


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  1. slickb

    Very cool car. I love the rims… I want them on my firebird.

    Also, a shout out for all you veterans out there! we are grateful for your service and sacrifice that let us enjoy the life we have today and let us do fun stuff like mess with cars!!
    My hat is off to all of you with deep thanks that can’t be expressed enough!!!

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  2. Classic Steel

    Hmm 17k for NOM or NEOMOAM (non existence original motor or any motor) is a good Monday read 😏👀😎

    Good luck 👍. It could be a sweet car restoration

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    It’s going to take a real act of love or idiocy to take this one on, especially with a starting of $17K. Rear end was converted from an IRC to solid axel, looks like there’s no springs under it in addition to all the body work and paint it’s going to take. Add to that the running gear being gone, it’s going to need to be determined if the frame is salvageable or not.
    More than I’d want to put into it.

    Thanks for the shout out to the Veterans. I’d like to pass it along. I have to say when I got out it wasn’t the popular to be around Vets unlike today. I like the improvement in attitude.

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  4. Mark

    Any info on the Challenger R/T in the background?

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  5. gbvette62

    Depending on what the final bid turns out to be, I don’t think this looks like a bad project car at all.

    The 12 bolt’s not a big deal, because the stock rear’s all there, and nothing looks cut up to put the 12 bolt in. I don’t see anything about the body that scares me, or looks like a major repair, and from what can be seen of the frame, it looks like typical surface rust to me. The car does look like it’s been stored in a wet environment, and since Manahawkin is along the Jersey coast, and was hit hard by Sandy, it’s possible this car has seen some flood water? Then again, Manahawkin’s location also subjects it to ocean salt air, which can have an effect similar to wet storage.

    This 65 did start life as a small block car though. 65 big blocks had the battery mounted behind the left inner fender skirt, and had an access panel in the inner skirt, to remove the battery. Small blocks had the battery on the right side, and the washer bottle was mounted to the left skirt, like this car.

    This car’s only about 35-40 minutes from me, and I’m tempted to go have a look at it.

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    • Terry J

      Knew a guy in the 60’s who bought a new Sting Ray he ran on the street and the strip. First thing he did was have a solid axle 12 bolt posi installed. Nobody thought he was crazy at the time. :-) Terry J

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  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Looks like there’s a package deal….he has the Camero on line also….and that Barracuda he’s been trying to push…..looks like the R/T was the keeper.

  7. bobhess bobhess Member

    Another “better than it looks” car. Going in money a bit high but am thoroughly amazed the rear quarters haven’t been cut up.

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  8. Charles Moorehead

    Wow way to MUCH for way to LITTLE !!

    Keep looking!

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  9. dogwater

    SOL sorry to far gone, might be worth $2500.00 fiberglass parts

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  10. ACZ

    Actually, this is worse than a basket case. Not only do you have to put it all back together but you have plenty of someone else’s screw-ups to fix. Not for the faint of heart or pocket book. If it were priced a little lower, that would help.

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  11. TimM

    Another big dollar roller that looks like it was beat to death!!! There’s not much left to work with!! Lots of hours to prep that body for paint!!!

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