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Barn Fresh: 1957 Jaguar XK140 FHC

Even if you aren’t a huge Jaguar fan, finding this XK140 FHC in this barn would be one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. It’s been parked in this barn for about 50 years and it looks to be highly original, although it’s definitely going to need work. Fully restored, this would easily be a six figure car, but getting it there won’t be cheap. With only a day left, the current $25k high bid with no reserve seems reasonable for anyone in the market for an XK140 project. You can find it here on eBay in Pensacola, Florida.

It would be amazing to know the full story behind this car. It looks to be fairly complete, although there are a few missing parts. When your restoring any ’50s Jaguars, completeness is incredibly important, as parts can get quite pricey. While the seats look a little rough in the photos, with some careful cleaning and moisturizing they might just come back to life!

And here’s the most critical part of this car, the fantastic 3.4 liter inline six. The seller provided the engine numbers, so a little investigating should reveal whether this is the original engine. They haven’t attempted to start it and don’t mention if it turns over. Hopefully, it isn’t seized up or damaged. It would be worth asking the seller to take a video of them trying to turn the engine by hand to make sure it isn’t stuck. Chances are the engine is going to be rebuilt, but it’s always better to start out with an engine that isn’t seized up.

Even covered in dust, this is a beautiful machine! It sure would be fun to help clean it off just to see what it looks like after sitting in the barn for so long. So if this were your Jaguar, would you leave try to preserve this car as is or would you give it a full restoration?


  1. sir mike

    WHY do people do things like this??? 50yrs parked in a barn??

    • Mark-A

      Probably because at one time it was just an Old Car but could also have been that the owner couldn’t afford the upkeep or maybe it needed something that was out of their price range or even their local garage was afraid to tinker with such an Exotic Vehicle?

  2. ulm210

    I wonder if the seller considered a cost/benefit analysis for cleaning the car before pix. As a potential buyer from out of state I would really like to see the actual condition of the interior and body. Not knowing that information absolutely affects my final bid amount. If I had a better knowledge I might be willing to spend more up front. No-one views this car as being more valuable in its “as found” condition; every current bidder is going to restore it… in my opinion.

  3. Joe

    Enuf to make it a daily driver. Deserves very to be seen. Doesnt have to be concours, but to give it justice, i imagine it deserves that more.

  4. Achman

    Get running (not even driving)
    Flip for double

    • jdjonesdr

      You can buy, clean, get running and flip. I’ll be glad to get it running and drive it for the rest of my days and let somebody else flip it for double.

  5. Vito

    I’ve had two of these. Enjoyed every minute of ownership, with very few issues.

  6. john from ct

    This is a coupe, so not worth nearly as much as an OTS (open two seater) or drophead. Likely a $70K car restored. That said, this sppears to be a fairly complete car down to the spark plug caps ( try finding those). So, if you did the work yourself except for paint, you might not lose money.

    • Peter

      It is a fixed head coupe’, when you refer to a British manufactured car. The spark plug caps may be Joe Lucas, but I think you can till get these with out too much bother ? They [caps] are not made by/for Jaguar.
      The dent in the roof is the skilled part to remove by heating it the right way to pop it back.

    • Anthony

      The Fixed Head Coupe is by far prettier than the roadster.
      I also feel the same about the MGA Coupe.
      Even the Triumph TR4 and the Triumph TR6 look much better with THEIR Surrey top and Original TR6 hardtop !

  7. David Miraglia

    Always liked these Jags, clean up defiantly needed and a full restoration.
    And I agree with everyone else flip and resell it.

  8. JimmyinTEXAS

    As much fun as it might be to help clean this thing up it might be as much fun and educational to see the bottom of it. Sitting on the dirt floor of a barn in Pensacola, Florida for fifty years there may not be anything below the carpet except the axles and wheels.

  9. JagManBill

    well…at least you don’t have to worry about the floor rusting out…

  10. Fred w.

    I’m from P’cola and remember cars rusting out in two years due to proximity to the Gulf. Would be very wary of this one.

    • Peter

      I got an 83 car from across in Belleveiw Fl had no rust, but that is not right by the sea. I guess you literally get the gulf salt blowing in there?

  11. Maestro1

    I agree with ulm210. The car should have been cleaned up because the object would be total restoration.

  12. Peter

    Looks like a door or window winder repair; may have caused the gumption trap and the fifty years park up?

    • Brakeservo

      Zen and the Art of Jaguar Maintenance?? Wasn’t that by Elmo Pirsig, Robert’s younger brother??

      • Peter

        The late Robert M. Persig wrote Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Read it, it is good.

  13. Peter

    I would start with a good vacuum clean then stand back and see what next.
    Look at the condition of the enamel on the exhaust manifolds… that should indicate this is a winner.

  14. Martin Horrocks

    Lovely original car, which is where the value is. Nothing to fear but fear itself at this price (or plus 30%)

  15. ccrvtt

    Agree with sir mike & ulm 210. It’s annoying to think that whoever is responsible for wasting this car for the last however many years is going to profit from his own sloth. No, it’s not worth what a concours one is and yes, it’s going to cost a small fortune to restore. But the neglect borders on criminal. Even if it goes through a couple more flippers eventually it will end up in the hands of someone who will love it and cherish it.

    • Peter

      ccrvtt : have you seen that german guy with the wood copse of old cars including a white XK120 he drove there ….all rusted up. It is a art installation of all the cars he bought.

  16. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

    Give me a weekend with that car and she’d look good enough to take home a preservation class trophy. She might not run, but she’d look good enough. If the engine turns, you could probably take another weekend and have her running. Take the third weekend to flush the tank and do the brakes and now you have a gorgeous driver in under a month. If all numbers match, you’d have damn near doubled your money too… Personally wouldn’t sell her though… That is one pretty Kitty.

  17. JagManBill

    from the looks of the engine bay its supposed to be a red car anyway

  18. RicK

    I wouldn’t wash it but leave the dust and drive it as is

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