Beautiful Survivor! 1959 Edsel Villager Wagon

What is widely considered the biggest sales flop in automotive history, the Ford Edsel is now an iconic collector car and they are becoming highly collectible. This version is a Villager Wagon from 1959 and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $9,600. Located in Euclid, Ohio, the seller says this is a 79K mile original survivor! Have a closer look at this beauty and thanks to reader Local_Sheriff for the tip on this awesome wagon.

The blue and white color combination on this car is very classy and looks great from any angle. The trim appears to be in good condition and the seller lists no issues with the body. The ad says the tires are brand new. The white-wall tires look great with the white trim and top.

This photo will probably bring back memories for some of you reading this article. The rear-facing seat was the best spot for kids to ride on a long road trip. You could wave at cars “in front” of you, play games, sleep, and read while seemingly in a different world than the other passengers in the car.

The ad describes the interior as “…no rips, tears or cigarette burns in the interior. It’s very clean and all the carpets are in nice shape.” The only issues listed are the radio and heater blower, both of which seem to be not working.

The seller says the engine runs fine but has some lifter noise. The 2-speed transmission also shifts well and just had $1,300 worth of work done to it.

Overall, this is a beautiful wagon. It will probably be enjoyed by the new owner for years to come. If you have childhood memories in a wagon like this, let us know.


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  1. On and On On and On Member

    I have trouble understanding why these aren’t worth more. If this was a 1959 Chevy wagon in this condition where would the bid be at?

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    • Will Fox

      If it were a `59 Chevy wagon–let’s say a Brookwood, it would probably be well over $20K at this point in the auction. Why, because in their minds they are worth more because they have a Chevy. I don’t speak bow tie, because I refuse such an illiterate mindset. Devoted Chevy fans think the sun rises and sets on the marque.

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      • Gray Wolf

        Just like Mopar fans! Everybody has a favorite. Must be a reason why one make gets a better price!

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      • Clement

        Well, it does compared to an Edsel! Jeez…!!!

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    This is cool. These many years later I don’t think the styling looks odd at all; it just looks “1959” to me. This particular example seems well-sorted-out and in good shape. The receipts show it has had lots of work. The blue/white theme is very clean and classy. Another example of a car which would gather attention at any show. And, can you imagine the smiles and laughs when you take the neighbor kids to Sonic?

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  3. Jcs

    True story, due to the analogy that these Edsels are saddled with my mouth literally began to water when I saw the opening shot.

    Yes, lemons are sour indeed.

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    • local_sheriff

      Considering how many Edsels (’59 in particular) are still around after 60+ years of ridicule and neglect IMHO it’d be strictly unfair to call them lemons today

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    • Jcs

      Actually I always understood it to mean that the grill design makes the car itself look like it had sucked on a lemon.

      And yes, my mouth is watering again. Funny how that works.

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      • local_sheriff

        Yeah I’ve heard that too, plus numerous other jokes about Edsels. Since I wasn’t around when these were new I’ve never understood what was really wrong about their looks. Though not the most beautiful designs, still, considering what else was offered during their three year production run, they’re far from the worst either! IMHO compared to its competition a ’59 Edsel looks fairly moderate

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  4. MLM

    This is one nice wagon,but then again 1959 is my favorite year of the Easel.I would take this over any Tri- Five Nomad.

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    • Solosolo UK Member

      I would take this FORD wagon over ANY Chev, and I have had a few, from a ’32 Confederate Phaeton, ’48 Convertible (ex Danny Kaye,) ’49 Fleetline, ’54 Bel Air, two ’55 210’s, ’58 Impala Convertible, ’59 Biscayne, ’60 Corvair, and a ’61 Brookwood Wagon. All of them were o.k. especially the ’32 but give me the Edsel any day!

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  5. george mattar

    Being different is where it’s at. These cars get no respect. Ford pulled the Al Bundy move of the century in marketing them. It cost dealers thousands. They were made on the same assembly line as Mercurys. I still drive a Mercury Grand Marquis, one of the absolute best cars I have ever and will ever own. One of the problems was being on the same assembly line, workers had to stop and look for Edsel specific parts, and in doing so, the car got away from their work station without installation. It was a disaster from the start, but that’s what makes them cool. I was 3 years old in 1959, and really don’t remember them.

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    • Fred W

      I’ve always liked them and was born the year before they came out. However, I would imagine that if you were 13 at the time and your parents had one, you endured endless abuse from the other kids because they were a nationwide joke. You would have had to have been a really weird kid to drive one to high school in the mid 60’s. All this probably affects resale value.

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      • Steve Clinton

        Now you’d be the envy of the school crowd.

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    • Steve Clinton

      I was 7 when they were introduced and I remember we stopped at a dealer with the windows whited out save for peek-holes so you could get a glimpse of the new Edsel. It made a big impression on me!

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  6. Dave

    “Childhood memories”, indeed.
    In 1964 my father, who was a bricklayer at Homestead Works, replaced his 1952 Buick with two cars…a 1958 Buick Special for Mom (who now had to get her license) and a 1959 Edsel Villager wagon. The Buick gave way to a 65 Vista Cruiser which yielded to a 66 Delta 88. A year later my dad replaced the Villager with a 1967 F100 like the one in the next listing. The Edsel was parked in the yard and became a woodshed.

    I think I’ll go to the cemetery and see my folks today…

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  7. HC

    Wow y’all ha e been posting some great wagons lately. Including this beauty! Just look at that instrument cluster. If she were mine I would add power disc brakes in front, power steering and vintage air. But before that would try and figure out whats causing that lifter noise.

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  8. jrmedsel

    This is a very nice wagon but I don’t know what’s going on with the 3rd seat (we called it the ‘wayback’ seat as kids…). It should be facing forward. Note the split middle seat for entry through the rear doors. And imagine: where would your feet go if you tried to sit in it the way it’s positioned in the photos?

    Still, it’s a true 9-passenger wagon since it has the split middle seat. And the exterior brightwork is in phenomenal condition!

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    • TouringFordor

      Agree 100%. My dad had ’55 Ford wagon with the same split second seat to access the FRONT facing third seat.

  9. Solosolo UK Member

    I would take this FORD wagon over ANY Chev, and I have had a few, from a ’32 Confederate Phaeton, ’48 Convertible (ex Danny Kaye,) ’49 Fleetline, ’54 Bel Air, two ’55 210’s, ’58 Impala Convertible, ’59 Biscayne, ’60 Corvair, and a ’61 Brookwood Wagon. All of them were o.k. especially the ’32 but give me the Edsel any day!

  10. Robert White



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  11. Bill Hall

    In 58 my Dad decided it was time for a new family car. As I recall he and and an Uncle checked out an Edsel but for some reason didn’t buy it. Instead we got a 58 Ford and as was our family custom it lasted until it started to fall apart and was cut up.

  12. Steve Clinton

    OMG, I am gonna have to stop looking at Barn Find ads. I want it but can’t have it, not because it’s too expensive (actually it’s pretty reasonable, $10,000 as I write this) but because I have no place to put it and I have a wife who just wouldn’t understand.

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    • Solosolo Member

      Most of us have one of those wives Steve and in my case it pays to do what I want to do and then talk my way out of it. After a few words it’s over with.

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    • Miguel - Mexican Spec

      If you have a wife that won’t encourage you to go get an Edsel, you need to change wives.

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  13. Edsel Al

    I have had the pleasure of owning 5 Edsel’s since my retirement.;1 is now in the Netherlands, 1 is in France, and 3 are in my shop..a 58 corsair 4 dr HT, a 59 6 pass villager wagon, and a 60 Ranger 2 dr sedan….fabulous vehicles that don’t get their respect..Henry was stubborn and refused to hold off production until the 1958 recession was over…Thus sales were less than 1/2 of what he expected that first year…2 years, 2 months and 5 days = 110,847 vehicles +7,440 Canadian models made only in 1958 and way ahead of their time..I go all over the country to find them stashed away..ready for me to put them on the road again and remind people of the car……back to work :)

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  14. Miguel - Mexican Spec

    I miss mine.

    • Solosolo Member

      Hi Miguel. You miss the wife, or the Edsel?

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    • Miguel - Mexican Spec

      The Edsel of course.

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      • MLM


      • Solosolo Member

        Good man!

  15. David Conrad Member

    I remember driving cross country from Calif to NYC in the rear facing seat of a 1963 Dodge wagon when I was a young teenager…
    What a great trip & great memories!
    This Edsel is a beauty!

  16. Clement

    Beautiful piece of history and belongs in a museum.
    Maybe way in the back of the museum, but still… 😂👍

    • Gray Wolf

      Hey Clement, I was talking about the comment made about Chevy getting the better prices, just like the MoPar lovers. There is a reason why the prices are higher.

  17. HC

    I would take this Villager wagon over a Nomad any day of the week! Just a beauty!

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  18. Mark

    Whoever pulls off getting this wagon for $10k deserves to have his likeness permanently displayed on the bulletin board of the local post office.
    Whats not to like about this wagon?
    It checks all the boxes for me.
    A piece of rolling automotive history.
    Dare to be different. GLWTS.

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  19. Willie

    I had a ‘59 Corsair four door hardtop. Bought for $200.00 in1964. The power steering booster was shot as well as the power brakes. But I loved that car, even though it was a bear to steer and stop.

  20. martinsane

    Beautiful indeed. No matter what make it is. All that chrome and angles and more chrome and agreed baby blue on white just perfect. Id love for this to be my daily.

    Love this car even if it wasnt a wagon but being a wagon is like puttin lingerie and heels on a beautiful women, does she need those things to get your attention, no but does it make things even better, of course.

    Lastly it is funny how a near perfect car, a classic no doubt, 63 years old isnt priceless and agree wirh the lack of logic that drives some cars into the price point stratosphere while far superior cars stay earthbound for us common folk.

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  21. Solosolo Member

    This is one beautiful wagon, but the very futuristic flowing lines are spoilt for me by the tail lights, which don’t gel with the rest of the design IMO.

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