Beep-Beep! 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

The first time I ever saw a Plymouth Road Runner was on a cold, gray November day in 1968. It was a ’68 model parked on a side street near where I grew up and as I walked by, I recognized it from articles that I had read in Car Craft magazine. The hood had a raised vent on either side, parallel to the fender shunt line, and it proclaimed a four-letter word in block letters, (no, a clean four-letter word) “HEMI”. I knew sort of what that meant in rudimentary terms, again from reading Car Craft. I was immediately smitten and have been about first-gen Road Runners ever since. The first-gen spans the years 1968 to 1970 and today’s find represents the final year. It is located in Gillette, Wyoming and is for sale here on eBay with a BIN of $11,800.

This Road Runner is a bit unique as in the Coyote is probably going to finally catch his quarry; no more worry about the Acme branded anvil. Why? There is no motivation under the hood of this bird, only the sounds of silence. Usually, a 383 CI “B” block engine provides the oomph. Referred to as a Magnum, it was good for 335 HP. Beyond that one could find a 440 CI “RB” engine with a six-pack carburetor set-up cranking out 390 HP and finally, the Big Kahuna, the 426 CI, 425 HP HEMI. So, in the usual glass half full/half empty argument, maybe it’s not what this Road Runner is missing but what it could be? The seller indicates that for $400 extra he’ll throw in a 383 CI long block and A727 automatic transmission if you want to go the originality route. Wonder if he still has the driveshaft?

The bench seat interior is shot! There’s no other way to put it. The seats are trashed and the driver’s side floor has been cut out – has a bit of a Fred Flintstone thing going on. The rear seat appears to be held together with black duct tape. The dash, however, looks pretty complete so that’s a good start.

Now I don’t want to insult the Mopar faithful but this vintage “B” body is a rust magnet. Maybe not in the case of a SoCal or Arizona car but they just aren’t that hardy unless the climatic conditions are ideal. In this case, however, the seller states that this car is tight and solid, underneath and above. The only issue referenced is the beginning of some rust in the rear right wheel opening. The body panels all appear straight and the driver’s side quarter panel has been replaced. There are some dings here and there but there are some very visible vertical marks or scratches on the passenger side and they may take quite a bit of work to straighten out before final finishing can occur.

This vintage Mopar is hot and has been for some number of years. People frequently bemoan today’s trading values but they are what they are. If money were no object, what would you do? Originality, a 440 six-pack recreate, an old school Hemi or maybe a plug and play Hellcat 6.2. The world’s your oyster.


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  1. Gaspumpchas

    Not much rust? You can see the ground thru the floor on the drivers side. Mandatory inspection needed. U guys think this is worth 12 large?? Good luck, she’s a ruffian!!

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  2. Arthell64 Member

    I would call 12 thousand for this body is I don’t want to sell it price. Being a low optioned post car without its original drivetrain doesn’t help

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  3. George Mattar

    Way too much money. I see rot. In had a 70 RR in high school in 1973. Do the math. It was 3 years old and already holes popping through front fenders. It is true this lousy built cars cracked at the door striker area. My 68 Sport Satellite did this. I loved my FE5 RR, but this is way overpriced. No fender tag. Pass

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  4. Chris

    You can buy decent ones for 25-40k. This makes zero sense.

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  5. Angrymike

    I had a 70 Road Runner in the late 80’s, I sold it to buy a 65 Chevelle Malibu convertible (327 4 barrel and a 4 speed) I got $1000 for the old bird. The guy that bought it put a 440 out of a GTX he owned. About 2 weeks ago I saw that old bird on a back road not far from my home. It still had the same primer on it, except for the trunk, there was a mural on the trunk lid and he removed the primer so he could see it. The old bird came out of New Mexico and was quite clean with an air grabber and an auto (although it was an original 4 speed but the hump wasn’t removed) I’m kinda sad I saw it though, I should have saved it myself, but I’m happy it’s still around.

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  6. PDXBryan

    Beep beep my a__!

    Remember those shirts showing the Coyote finally getting his bird?

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  7. Superdessucke


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  8. jeff

    kinda reminds me of my first car I bought my 70 in 1977 for 400 bux but at least mine had a strong running 67 coronet rt 440/375 installed by the previous owner 4 speed pistol grip would hit the dash board on 3rd gear power shifts I was glad to toss it in trash and put in a new comp plus hurst car was a lot of fun never lost a race with it Sunoco 260 was 62.9 but sadly MR tinworm got the better of it I ve recently came across a 66 coronet at a VERY reasonable price which is in way better shape than my 70 was in 1979 Prices on MOPOWERS are really escalating and 10 grand for a stripped builder shell is gettin to b the new normal if right now I had to fork over 10 grand plus another 10 to 15 grand to finish it it wouldn’t be happenin . But fate smiled upon me at a small local salvage yard netting a running 400 big block a 727 trans and nice leather bucket seat interior out of a 75 charger and being able to do my own welding body and paint work should make a VERY nice 66 coronet cant wait for spring 2020 will b crusin AGAIN ROAD TRIP

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  9. Hemidavey

    I bought one in similar condition that included a good used 4 speed trans but missing the front seat. same color, needed less bodywork/metal. Got it for 6500 and after procuring parts, getting it running and selling it… I paid too much!
    I’d guess a decent driver quality 383 car can be bought for 25K ?

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  10. Del

    Rotsa Rust

    No fender tag

    No runner

    No thanks

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  11. Pete in PA

    Love the 70 RRs and the orange color is a big plus. No floor and no drivetrain, well, not so good.

    If anyone wants to go all original I have the 383/335 from my old 70 RR complete from pie pan to oil pan.

    Mine was a 3-speed, bucket seat car with radio and heater. Still miss it.

  12. stillrunners stillrunners

    Yep higher than you expect but wouldn’t be still fer sale at the price most expect to pay.

  13. TimM

    Doesn’t look to me like the floors on the driver side rusted out!! It looks like Fred Flintstone might have cut it out to get some new metal or to power it with his feet!!! I really think the seller should include the original equipment with the car if he has it!!! The new owner may not go that route but is the seller really going to put that in another car?????

  14. Dave

    wish all you Mopar haters would just quit the bashing. There is no major rot on this car. No floor?? really, someone cut out what rot there was on the driver’s floor….but the rest of the solid floor is there. No rot in the trunk floor. This is a 50 year old car, so it is going to have some. How many have seen these new $60,000 pickups that are rotting two years into the 6 or 7 year loan? Yes it a bit on the high side of price. But it is a desirable car, mostly complete.
    Don’t like it, don’t look at it. Flame away

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