Best Offer! 1967 Chevrolet Corvair Monza


Another example of where one family’s unfinished project may become another one’s gain, this attractive but not perfect 1967 Corvair Monza has a buy it now price of only $2,500, but the seller says the best offer will be accepted, so now is your chance! It’s listed here on eBay and is located in Colbert, Washington.


Although I’m not as much of a fan of the original Corvair design, I truly believe that the second generation is one of the most attractive cars to come out of Detroit in the 1960’s–especially from the rear 3/4 angle. The slight kickup at the rear C pillar is perfect! This one looks pretty straight; not perfect but you’re not paying a perfect price either.


There are a few issues that are nicely photographed by the seller so that you will know what you are getting. One of those is the left rear corner. It’s understandable considering this car was literally in a barn from 1983 until recently, when the now owner bought it and was going to restore it for his wife. She, however, wants a Camaro instead, not completely surprising considering the seller’s eBay handle of 67Camaro67.


Here’s the closeup of the left rear corner, again so you know what you are getting into. I wonder how much filler is under there? Keep that price in mind, though. The seller also mentions an area at the base of the windshield that will need attention.


The interior isn’t perfect either, but I could sure live with it for a while. That’s a four speed, not a three speed shifter for sporty driving! And it’s attached to an engine that was replaced by a “new” engine in the early 1980’s, which is just before the car was taken off the road. The seller tells us that it starts and runs well with no knocking or smoking, and they have installed a set of headers from Clark’s (the premier Corvair parts supplier in the US). The ad speaks of other installed new parts as well but gives no further details, but also says the brakes and shift linkage need further attention before driving the car. I like it! How about you?




  1. DrinkinGasoline

    Nothing about this “find” would deter me from hooking it aside it’s distance from me. It’s in Washington and I’m in Ohio. I may be a Ford guy, but 66 and 67 Corvairs are way cool. Screw R.Nader !

    • Fast Fred Member

      I ‘am with you on this had a 66 great car.

  2. Alan (Michigan )

    Looks decent, but viewing photos on my phone makes detail tough to see.
    The talked about areas are common for rust issues, and I’m thinking they have been repaired before. The worst locations IMO are at the front of the door openings, where the hinges are. Rot there makes me cringe.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      It wouldn’t surprise me if those concerns would have been addressed prior but could be corrected. In this year, I would look to the windshield lower cowl. Wait until you get to boot up your laptop Alan. Smartphones suck… Watch “All In The Family”! Happy Thanksgiving !

  3. Flmikey

    Judging from that cracked bondo, one must wonder how many gallons they used on this…a closer look is a must…

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Gallons ? I doubt they would have extended themselves by…..gallons?? It wouldn’t be worth the effort at best.

  4. S Ryan

    Photos show a lot of unfinished projects.
    Why pick the Corvair as first to go?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Wife no likey. Good reason, considering she wants a Camaro.

  5. Vince Habel

    Says it was a 110hp but has no badge indicating it. Suspect 95hp to be correct.

  6. Dale Leier

    Power deficiency easily handled with an LS mid-engine transplant. Sign me up

  7. Bruce Best

    IF I remember right there was a turbo option for the standard engine and an aftermarket supercharger that did wonders for the power output. I wonder if anybody else can tell us all if that is still available.

  8. scottymac

    I’ve got to call the ex-wife! I finally someone with almost as many projects as me! A ’68-’72 Chevy C-10; a Continental Mk.3; a first gen Honda Civic; is that a Dodge Colt(?); a late Seventies Impala; the Corvair; and maybe a Camaro! She never understood why I picked up a new project before I finished the last. I tried to explain, half the fun is the chase. Same goes for cars!

  9. John

    95 hp three speed most likely. The transmission switch to a four speed is easy (provided you remember the longer output shaft). These little guys were a blast. I had. 66.

  10. Rex Rice

    In 1965, I bought a new turbocharged Corvair, trading in a perfectly good 356 Porsche. 180 hp from 165 ci; pretty impressive but this was the worst POS I’ve ever owned. For starters, the brake drums were 1/2 the size of the Porsche and handled horribly. At 6,300 miles, I sold it but my wife is still pissed at me for loosing the 356 these many years later.

    • scottymac

      At least for those 6,300 miles you were stylin’ in that beautiful Corvair! Most Porsches, including your 356, look like a bar of soap that got left in the shower too long.

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