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BMW Diesel Equipped: 1984 Lincoln Mark VII

The Lincoln Mark VII already is an appreciating classic, thanks to its combination of Ford 5.0 V8 power, rear wheel drive and mild exotica attributed to fancy bits like air suspension and digital clusters. However, for a time – a very short time – they could be optioned with a 2.4L diesel made by none other than BMW. Find this rare diesel-equipped example here on craigslist for $1,500.

The body retained the same classic Mark VII elements, including the silhouette of a would-be spare tire carrier on the rear. Styling-wise, this was a take-it-or-leave-it design, as some may consider the looks to still be too reminiscent of the land barge past that this Lincoln would consider its heritage. At the same time, it was a drastic reduction in size with a nose that could be considered handsome. What’s your take on the appearance?

The presence of a BMW-derived 2.4L diesel powerplant is still a head-scratcher, but when you consider both how General Motors was experimenting with diesel engines (didn’t go well, I might add) and Mercedes-Benz was winning customers over with the fuel economy and longevity of its diesel mills, it’s not entirely surprising to see companies like Ford look for a quick fix to fill in the gap in their luxo-barge lineup.

This particular car is said to run well after being bought as a non-runner. The seller is limiting that experience to yard drives as he doesn’t have time to give it the attention it deserves (I read this as meaning it’s unregistered at the moment). The air suspension still works (!) as do the heated leather seats and automatic temperature control. For $1,500, this Lincoln Mark VII ticks the obscurity box nicely while still being familiar enough that even the most die-hard FoMoCo fan will feel right at home.


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    I would love to take this car and cosmetically/suspension-wise turn it into an LSC look-alike. Then I would drive it daily on my 32-mile commute (each way). I guess I’m lucky it’s not closer…some of these made interesting race cars!

    • Rod444

      Gotta admit, in race trim, that’s a pretty fine looking machine. I’d daily that top one in a heartbeat. Wonder if you can buy those fenders online?

  2. CanuckCarGuy

    Would make a very unique coal roller.

  3. Mr. TKD

    I always thought the Mark ViI was a handsome bit of kit. The turbodiesel option intrigued me.

  4. Paul Hudson

    I would love this car. I had the 1985 BMW 524td with this same engine. It was slow but got close to 40MPG on the highway and 30 in the city in a mid-size car. It was capable of driving all day at 80MPH and was very reliable. The expensive repair was the Injector Pump. That as a $2000 repair. I put 235K on the engine and the fuel pump finally gave out and I sold it for $500.

  5. John C Cargill

    During the 80s, I worked for an independent warranty company, one of our client sold a number of these. They were in Minn. I do remember that they were very expensive to repair at the time. I wonder what parts availability would be now.

  6. Steve Krulin

    I leased a new 1987 LSC for 3yrs with a one year extension. It was a real road machine which I enjoyed to the max. With Regular maintenance and high test it was hard to keep it under 100mph. The best investment was in a 120,000 mile bumper to bumper full warrantee. Which was still in effect when two weeks before turn in the air ride went south. Loved it but not enough to buy now unless it was fully restored at a low price.

  7. Maestro1 Member

    Ford’s idea was bizarre but it makes for an interesting car. Hemmings had one for sale in very nice condition. The owner had a hell of a time selling it; primarily because few people know what it is. If you have access to parts and someone who knows what they are doing you might be OK with this car. Upside potential is questionable, once again, because there’s no provenance with these cars and they are unfamiliar to a Lincoln nut.

    • Troy S

      It’s bizarre alright, but that’s been the case for Ford more than a few times- like having two different engines being exactly the same size(351winsor and 351cleveland), spending all kinds of dollars to put a huge Boss 429 in a mustang and lose money on every single car…. It really doesn’t matter but your comment got me to thinking.😏

  8. MRE2ME

    Anybody ever driven one of these? What’s the 0-60 Mph time in this big boat?

    • Mr. TKD

      Break out your sundial. 13.8 seconds.

  9. David Miraglia

    Good cheap diesel. Always liked the Mark VII. Would to take her cruising on the highway.

    • Rick A. Loera Member

      Cheap diesel? Unfortunately not here in California. It’s now about 50 cents a gallon higher then regular unleaded. Well into the mid three dollar per gallon range.

  10. Marauder

    Intriguing car. Nice body style in my opinion. Unfortunately according to the MK VII club the airbags in the suspension are only good for around 30,000 miles, and are not cheap to replace.

  11. 427vette

    I just picked up a 90 Mark VII Bill Blass Edition Harvey Flood victim with 70K miles from Copart for the amazing even for me price of $35+auction fees. I have always liked these cars with the Mustang HO engine and 8.8 disc brake axle, but had never owned one or had experienced how well they were built. After I drained about 20 gallons of water out of the engine and refilling with oil and Marvel Mystery Oil, I had it running in two days. The build quality of this car for a 90’s vehicle is pretty nice, and I can’t wait to get it registered again so me and the family can go cruising…

  12. James Burdzinski

    Santa ? . OMG. Where where where ?!! Had one . Was stolen . Black Cherry. One of my Favs . I had the Deisel Bill Blass edition . My buddy had the Mark Cross . Last one made. Navy on white seats with blue piping . He called the “Pimp” mobile lol

  13. James Burdzinski

    I have said this before . I will sell my woman for this deal lol. Any one like a 50s Mexican lady 3 girls and a dog lol

  14. James Burdzinski

    My buddy’s “Pimp” mobile is getting a built 347 Roush Motor came out of his wrecked Mustang he bought it back from the insurance for a thousand bucks and he says now what. I said ,well you know the pimp mobile? Put the motor in there ,he’s like yeah complete sleeper!

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