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Business Survivor: 1950 Dodge Wayfarer

While many Business Coupes are sought after, many can bring high prices and difficult to find parts. Although, this 1950 Wayfarer is quite complete, and is described as a survivor. Appearing very solid with little to no rust, it would seem that this Wayfarer is a driver. Offered at the reasonable buy it now price of $6,999.99 I am certain this Dodge will be heading to a new home sooner than later. Check it out here on ebay out of Forked River, New Jersey.

While the pictures leave a bit to be desired, there is still enough to make out the overall condition of this classic. One thing that I like is that the door jambs are rock solid with no evidence of surface rust. The interior has a nice look, but I would venture to say it has been worked on over the years. The carpet has some heavy wear right where you get in and out, and the bench seat looks to either be faded, or perhaps had a color change during a re-upholstery job. Modern lap belts are fitted, as well as modern door pulls. Beyond those couple of items, the interior offers a fine driver grade appearance. The flathead inline 6 is mated to a Fluid-Drive semi-automatic, and based on the sales ad it is not immediately clear as to whether or not this car is a driver, but it would seem that it is. New brakes have been fitted and the seller goes on to insinuate that the emergency lights, and wiring are functional in this car.

One red flag about this Dodge is that the seller describes this car as having original paint, and that he “will not paint it.” Looking the car over closely, there does appear to be a fair amount of what could be original paint present.  Although if you look closely at the driver side rocker area into the rear fender, You can see that someone has touched up this this area with spray paint. While some might be put off by this issue, I personally would buff and polish the entire car to a high luster to first of all make it shiny, and secondly to blend the spray painted areas.  With that being said, I am curious about the spray painted area, and if there is any hidden rust in that area, or behind the lower rocker trim itself. With there being no other evidence of any kind of rust, I would guess this Business Coupe is a solid starter to a fun project. It would be possible to enjoy this classic on a limited budget, and maintain in its current condition for years to come, or you could certainly give it some paint. Would you jump on this Business Coupe?


  1. jdjonesdr

    Nice old survivor. it would be cool to tool around in that puppy. The stories it could tell.

  2. Rod444

    “I like big butts and I cannot lie…”

    • Metoo

      I like the looks of most what were termed business coupes. Did they all have the extra large traveling salesman trunks (or big butts as you so aptly song quoted)?

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Metoo, business coupes were,,,well, all business. Before TV, the only real way to get products out to the people, was literally, pack one of these coupes with all the wares, and send the guy out, right to the homes, mostly rural, that had no connection with the outside world ( but, had money to spend) They even had a pickup box that would slide in the trunk.

  3. Howard A Member

    You know, when you see business coupes, they are always a Dodge or Studebaker, you almost never see a Chevy or Ford? They always looked like a car with a big butt to me. Business coupes were driven hard, and literally thrown away. Amazing one like this survived.

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  4. Mike H. Mike H

    I wouldn’t expect to see carpet in a Business Coupe; these were usually very basic cars and a rubber mat would have been more appropriate. I suspect this as being an older restoration.

  5. Mark S

    These for their day were well made cars with bullet prof drive lines. Many of the four doors cars served as taxis and were used for thousands of miles, and were preferred by taxi company’s. but this car looks more like a 1948-49 to me. I have a 1951 Canadian hardtop up here mine is called a Mayfair which for 1951-52 was exclusive to the Canadians market. These cars were equipt with the famed flat head six which were full oil presser engines and were known for there durability but were not an overly powerful engine. I really like these early fifties dodges if didn’t already have one I would sure like to own this one.

  6. Rex Rice

    Huge trunk! One could sleep in there. The fluid drive trans had a low range & high range using the clutch. Normally, with the gear lever down, the driver would floor the gas, the car would slowly accelerate, (very underpowered), let up on the gas & it would shift to high gear. For more power, the gear lever would be pushed up and this would be low gear. I used to burn rubber with my Brother’s ’48 Chrysler six convert by flooring it with the brake on, releasing it to let the tires spin.

  7. hank

    Nice car—well priced—might be some surprises, but nothing that can’t be worked out by putting some cash into it. Good starting price.

  8. Pete W.

    A buddy of mine had a ’50 Coronet coupe when we were in high school.

    While all the cool dudes were cruising the Dairy Queen in Mustangs or the recently introduced Camaro, we were forced to content ourselves with chicks who responded to Granny’s former Sunday driver.

    Lots of lonely nights…

  9. Rod444

    Just found this car at a local consignment lot for a mere $14,495. That’s quite the commission.

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