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Cab Plus: 1991 Mazda B2600i SE-5

I’m guilty of it, too: trying to sell a vehicle without first doing a couple of seemingly-simple and inexpensive things to it first to really make it pop. (like, finding a missing “E” for the Lincoln, for one). This 1991 Mazda B2600i SE-5 Cab Plus is a fantastic looking truck, and it’s much more truck than most of us would really ever use on a day-to-day basis. It’s listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $2,950, there is no reserve, and it’s located in Blackwood, New Jersey.

This truck has the “bubble hood”! Normally, that sounds like something that you should see your doctor about, but in this case it’s a bump-out on the hood showing that there’s a 2.6L Mazda engine under there as opposed to a 2.6L Mitsubishi engine. Here’s what I’m referring to, repainting the black bumpers. It would really give this truck the pizzazz that it needs to stand out even more than it already does. The red paint and graphics are nice enough, but seeing rust on black bumpers always strikes me as a couple of hours of work and then all of a sudden there is no more rust – just nice, new black paint.

The seller says about the bumper rust, “it has ((minor small surface rust)) on the front bumper in the usual places, NOT rust/rot though. The rust on the bumper is surface rust only. ZERO body rust through or body rot. The frame is solid and has ((zero rust fatigue/rot out)). The rear bumper should be replaced because, I was going to remove it but decided to keep it on if the buyer wants it.” The fourth-generation Mazda B-Series pickups finally made it to North America in 1986, in the B2200. A couple of the eBay photos show a nice topper/cap, but that piece does NOT go with this truck, unfortunately. The seller says that the bed has been covered from day-one with a bed liner. This is an all-original two-owner truck with 157,000 miles, but it supposedly runs great. “Fly in from anywhere and drive this little gem home with out any hesitation!!!!”

No dash cracks- check. Nice seats- check. 5-speed transmission- check. Extra cab, or in this case, Cab Plus- check. There are no detail photos of the area behind the front seats, but having that extra space is always nice.

Here is Mazda’s new-in-1989 G6, 2.6L fuel-injected, inline-four with around 120 hp. The seller says that this one starts and runs great. The rubber strap holding the battery down doesn’t give the utmost in confidence that things have been maintained to a tee, but maybe they have been. You just literally never know when you buy a used vehicle. Sometimes sellers are far too honest and then the vehicle doesn’t sell, twice.. (not bitter). And sometimes they just give enough information. I sure like these trucks, have any of you owned a Mazda pickup of this era with this fuel-injected engine?


  1. jdjonesdr

    I had one with 4 x 4. . Loved it. A/C that would freeze your nuts off. Great mileage and a comfortable ride. I probably should have held on to it.

  2. josh andrews

    I had a 1992 Mazda B2200 with Fuel Injection and a 5 speed manual, I loved it. The interior looked immaculate and the paint had just been freshly done so I would constantly get compliments on the truck because it was almost 25 years old and looked brand new. One of those vehicles I should have never sold.

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    • Mike

      the 2200 FI truck was California only. they ran very nice!

  3. Tom Justice

    If you can get the right insurance agent this would be a great truck for the industrious home owner to take to the home store. My experience is with earlier model Mazda trucks but no reason to think these are not just as good.


      I bought a new ’89 SE-5…5 speed. Beautiful truck but with the standard engine you had to blow on the windshield to get going. AND even though I changed oil 2500 miles I would hear engine clatter even now and then. Talking with others who had the same engine, they experienced the same thing. I replaced it with a new ’93 Toyota short bed, best vehicle I ever owned. (still have it)

    • SubGothius

      “For the industrious home owner to take to the home store” is pretty much the exact purpose I had in mind as I’ve started considering these lately, and this is pretty much the exact spec I’d want — 2.6L w/ FI, 5-speed, RWD, extended cab, short bed, sport trim. Not worth driving cross-continent for this particular one tho’, and I’d prefer one in white to better reflect the brutal AZ summer sun, but still funny to see your comment read my mind. I’d also take a Comanche in similar spec, albeit with the 4.0L six of course (and no extended cab option to be had there).

  4. ronebee

    had a brand new 1984 Mazda se5 longbed in 1984. Great Truck. Not real good in Rochester Winters

  5. Doug

    One of the first things I’d inspect is the floor of the bed- those drop in bedliners promote rust because they trap moisture and keep it from evaporating – I’ve seen otherwise virtually rust free trucks with rust through under the bedliners ! There is enough rust under the hood to cause me concern about other areas.

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  6. ROTAG999

    Had a 86 Mazda B-2000 was a pretty decent truck always was told the Toyota was the Cadillac of Japanese trucks and they maybe but Mazda was closer then most might think.I do own a 93 Toyota now and it has been a damn good truck.

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  7. Ralph Robichaud

    A different school of thought on the”sale prep” one should do. Yes , 2-3 hours and under $50 in supplies and you could improve significantly on the appearance. A friend of mine who picks up some of these countryside relics, says just the opposite..Mr Average Buyer, in the under $5000 category, wants to have something to do to enhance his ” jewel in the Rough” purchase. Little things the new owner can do, at minimal cost to really perk up the appearance,and rewards this new owner with satisfaction of betterment. Mr Average Buyer also feels he did not buy a tarted up/ lipstick laden pig?

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  8. BillyT

    I’ve had a driver’s license for 50 years and I’ve only bought one new car during that time. It’s not that I couldn’t afford to buy new cars, it’s just that I hate car payments and I hate to see big chunks of my savings disappear overnight. I said all that to say that as a result I’ve purchased a lot of pre-owned vehicles over the years and I am always amazed when somebody decides to sell their car or truck and don’t go to the effort of at least washing the exterior and vacuuming out the interior. I always keep my cars clean, waxed, and looking well cared for as much as possible. Being a car guy I’ve looked at a lot of pictures of cars and know how to take pictures that would make me interested in buying a particular car or truck. Because of this it always amazes me, too, Scotty, when a seller doesn’t do the easy things like taking a little sand paper and a rattle can to the front bumper of this truck. At the very least it would generate more “traffic” and then perhaps result in a quicker sale and maybe a little more money!

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  9. steve

    I like all Mazda products

  10. Bob C.

    120 horsepower from that little four? Pretty impressive for the time.

  11. whippeteer

    I drove a B2200 for a while and found it very comfortable. 95 in the desert pulling a small trailer on a cross country move, although mountains were a little bit of a stretch for an automatic. Chains were necessary for those NY winters.

  12. Jimmy Dogg

    Jimmy dogg here. Check it out. Just purchased a 91 mazda b2600. Only 117436 on odometer. After reading this page sure am glad i got it

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