Can’t Beat Free? 1967 VW Astra GT

In the project car world, few words create as much justification for bad decisions than does the word “free.” It seems like we can rationalize any kind of project at that point, no matter the severity. Barn Finds reader Peter R. spotted this unusual Kellison Astra GT kit car here on craigslist outside of Boston, where it sounds like the current owner is throwing in the towel on this oddball VW-based conversion. 

It can sometimes feel like a new variety of mock-60’s supercar with VW Beetle underpinnings is discovered each week, as this is yet another one that wasn’t previously on my radar. The Astra GT bore a vague resemblance to the Ford GT40, but this one looks a bit more mysterious with its targa-style roof. The seller says its even rarer than a Kellison, as apparently another company also made the Astra bodies, and this example is technically an Allied Fiberglass kit.

The offer price of free is fair, given kit cars are sometimes of questionable quality from the day they’re conceived. Factor in the rarity and how difficult it likely is to find matching panels and other finishing touches, and it’s not hard to see how the current owner has lost the drive to finish this project. It’s not complete in any way, as the car is also missing its rear axle and has no drivetrain at the moment (or steering wheel, or seats, or glass……)

The kit itself is actually quite racy when complete, as some photos on The Samba website will show you. A few posters there claim Kellison actually had nothing to do with producing the Astra, and all credit is due to the aforementioned Allied Fiberglass Co. Whatever its true origins are, this VW kit car will likely be the only one on your block if you choose to complete it. Even with the price of free, is this a project worth taking on, or is it still too obscure?


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  1. sir mike

    Kind of looks like a late 60’s early 70’s Marcos from the front.And what is with all that tubing inside?? Should look nice when finished.

  2. Al

    The tubing is easy to understand. Like my treadmill, it is used as a clothes hanger. Just another idea that that has gone awash.

    • Wayne S.K.

      Sorry Al, but being a professional Astra G.T. plastic thingy restorer Dude, I can say with the UTMOST certainty that those tubes are heating ducts. After you get the plywood parts all straightened out, you might want to travel to somewhere where it gets cold and damp at night. Like Mississippi…

  3. Rock On Member

    Seem to be priced fairly according to market value.

  4. Rick

    Another kit to head to the junkyard. While I love my vintage oddball kit cars (heck, I own and have owned several Sterlings and a Manx SR), this one is too far gone. Parts are unobtainium, so unless you are really handy with fiberglass to rebuild the roof (there was never a targa version), deck lid and a million other parts that are missing… take this one straight to the dump.

  5. Art Fink

    I wonder if the Seller is firm on the price or is he willing to negotiate……….

  6. Richie Rich

    AC needs recharging….

  7. Phinias

    Freedom is not “free,” and neither is this mess. No more valuable (to me) than one of those old tired chairs you see next to the curb with a free sign on it.

  8. Steve

    Wish it was a little closer. I’m interested!! It would be a fun project.

  9. Doug Towsley

    Looks like a fun project for someone with parts and pieces already, The beauty of fiberglass and a custom-kit car is there are NO RULES, Do what ever the hell you want. Not violating any anal retentive bolt polishing rivet counter rules.
    Fiberglass comes in sheets for flat stock or can be laid up in any configuration, the only limits are resin costs and your imagination. Carve body panels out of styrofoam and bondo to make a mold. Got a wrecked Miata? That could be a fun styling exercise. or a modern Bug. With our areas (Pacific NW) recent spate of Ice and snow, theres gonna be some CHERRY vehicles as donors going thru auction and insurance sales very soon. The sheer volume of wrecks is staggering. Nice parts and donor cars coming on the market

  10. smittydog

    I see possible dune buggy potential yes? no? maybe?

  11. Randy V from the Northern/Lower

    You could cut it right down the center toss a piece of plex-glass on for a windsheild. Two & half cans of spray paint. Hang it on the wall of your garage for Garage Art, give the other half to a Good Friend for his garage. Or set a Pool Table Top on it and use it for the the legs of your table. Would Not Be Filling Our Land fills with it !!!!

  12. don chabra

    I have one, in a little better shape. We shortened a Chevy luv frame to put under it. I understand they only made about 20 of this year, and only a handfull now exist. So it’s very rare…..

  13. chad

    yes, 2 versions (kellison vs veedub) – this is the better one…check them out on the net (I don’t like the blue one, its too “coke bottle-ie” compared to this 1 – the green, gold, etc). It would B difficult to place on a unibody donner, no? Gotta have a “frame’?

  14. Anthony

    I like the possibilities…How would you get it titled with no VIN #

  15. Bobsmyuncle

    In the project car world, few words create as much justification for bad decisions than does the word “free.”

    Absolutely brilliant!

  16. Bob Hess

    Notice the roll bar in back in addition to the one in front. Even for street I’d want more than thin plastic over my head. Looks like it might have started to be prepped for racing. This is one of the better looking of the kit car era. Forget the VW and build a square tube chassis and put whatever you have or want in it. I’ve seen this body with small V8s in them without much cutting.

  17. Squanto

    Worth every bit of the asking price.

  18. Doug Towsley

    Apparently very few of the DIY crowd commenting here, mostly snarky comments about it being junk. Thats unfortunate. As to the question on title, thats easy. Use the donor car title, Pick a good donor with a title or one you can get a title for. Then install this body onto that donor. Federal rules are specific but leave a gap the size of Texas in them. *IF* you retain enough of the donor, you can legally title it still, and just “Restyled” the donor. (Hint: VIN Number locations should be retained such as dash, door pillars, firewall, and any secret locations ) Insurance can be a bit more challenging, so do your research before you start, Also LEARN to say the right things. Never utter “Kit car”, Be careful of custom, and other terms. But its do-able and possible very affordable. As I said,, In our area several thousand cars were damaged in the last 30 days and the insurance auctions will be peddling a lot of PRIME material.

  19. david

    Yes, free is worth every penny! I know. If I ever find the guy who talked me into “free”………………..

  20. david

    Yes, free is worth every penny! I know. If I ever find the guy who talked me into “free”……………….. Free is ok for an expert in the marque

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