Car + Spares Package: 1973 AMC Hornet X

The owner of this Hornet has owned it for more than 20 years and has performed a complete restoration on the vehicle. He has also accumulated enough spares to literally fill a truck. He has decided to now part with the car and spares as a package, so his loss could be your gain. The Hornet is located in Swansea, Massachusetts, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. I would like to thank Barn Finder Jack for referring this car to us.

The owner of the Hornet completed the restoration of the vehicle himself in 2003 and has driven, maintained, and enjoyed the car ever since. The Hornet presents really nicely. he says that it isn’t perfect, but the overall condition of the car is not far off that. It’s a bit hard to tell in the light, but the car appears to have been finished in Tallyho Green Metallic, and the combination with the gold striping looks crisp and sharp. This year also marked the introduction of the hatchback to the Hornet range, and with this car being the hatchback version, there is plenty of practical cargo space in the back.

The owner says that the restoration on the car hasn’t been faithful to the original specifications, but he has restored it to the specifications he would’ve chosen if he were buying the car new. Under the hood are the 304ci V8 and the T-14 3-speed manual transmission. The car is also fitted with power steering. The car is said to run and drive well. The owner had intended on converting the car to a T-5 transmission, but this hasn’t happened. He is including the T-5 transmission and the AMC-to-T5 bell housing with the huge pile of spares that go with the car.

The interior presentation of the Hornet is close to perfect. All of the upholstery is in great condition, along with the carpet and dash. The only deviations from original are the fitment of a tachometer, and the owner has also fitted an aftermarket radio.

As package deals go, this is a pretty good one. The car itself looks like it is a nice vehicle that you could enjoy immediately, and the enormous spares package is a real bonus. The owner states that he has receipts for the car that show that he has spent in excess of $13,000 on it. He fully acknowledges that he would never get that sort of money for it. He has therefore priced the Hornet at $8,200, and while that may appear to be on the high side, I think that it is still pretty fair.


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  1. RoughDiamond

    These AMC Hornet Xs are scarce and this is one of those few rare CL ads where you just know in your gut that the Seller is trustworthy spot on describing the car. I would drive as is and keep the bell housing and 5-speed transmission, for later on. The additional spare parts are a big bonus for sure. If it were already 2019 I would venture to call this the first 2019 Barn Finds bargain.

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  2. motoring mo

    ‘Fitted’ with power steering?
    Somebody has been spending too much time reading BaT listings. Awkward.

    I’m more interested in the lift than the car…

    • Mountainwoodie

      ‘Fitted’ may be the Aussie way to say has…..but your point is well taken.

      And the lift is pretty cool…wonder what they cost…..I do have the height in the garage……….mmmmmm

  3. Wayne

    Good deal on a great car. The T5 would go in as soon as it got home with the car. 3000 miles and no where to park another vehicle at the moment prevents me from buying this one!

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  4. Pat L. Member

    @Mountainwoodie- Four post lifts are not cheap, but are a great investment for your back and knees. Here is one that is around $3,800 in our Canadian dollars. I’m sure your Harbour Freight stores would sell them for less.;jsessionid=1R0JAkyENcaBRgq1agAzMHUr.pal-prod-com3

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  5. Keruth

    BestBuy Auto Equipment!
    My two post 9k lb. lift was $1600 INSTALLED by local reps in Ohio!
    ‘Dad and I always talked about it, god rest him, I got it.
    Best thing since sliced bread, IMHO, 10′ ceiling, balance cables across floor.
    12’ min. for overhead cables.

    And I like this car a lot, just no room at the inn!

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  6. Wayne

    I have a 9000 lb twin post (used) that was installed with the electrical for $1,100. My back and knees ( I am old) appreciate it greatly.

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  7. Jett

    Man, I would snap this up in a heartbeat if it wasn’t 4100 km and $11,000 away… My Dad owned a silver ‘76 Hornet hatch and Mom a blue ‘78 Concord hatch (which is still in the family).

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  8. Wrong Way

    This is a great buy! Someone snap this up! I don’t think that a person would ever be sorry!

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  9. adam

    Didn’t take long, but it’s sold….belongs (belonged?) to a good friend of mine, we spent many days & nights working on it…it’ll be missed…

  10. Jack

    I knew this would sell fast, I wish I had the cash to buy it myself. Oh well, back to searching to fill my fantasy garage!

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