Vintage Hot Rod! 1932 Ford Coupe

This 1932 Ford hot rod lived an interesting life! Rescued from a Hollywood California back yard after decades of neglect, it’s in Azusa, California and offered here on eBay in “as found” condition with a “Buy… more»

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Ardun & Judson Powered: 1948 Mercury Convertible

Family owned for several decades, this beautiful Mercury is a classy version of a hot rod with its vintage engine components. Built by the seller’s late father in the 1970’s this beauty has remained in the… more»

FrankenRod: 1933 Buick Rat Rod

If costumes and telling scary stores just doesn’t get you heart pounding anymore, perhaps this Buick rat rod will the do the trick! I’m all for mixing old and new, but when I see builds like… more»

Down Mexico Way: 1927 Ford Model T Hot Rod

One day, a doctoral student will do a thesis on the hot rod movement. From its birth to today, this flamboyant part of car culture has gone through many different phases. All of them are interesting,… more»

Built In The Fifties: 1923 Ford Hot Rod!

A fiberglass t-bucket may be the cheapest route into hot rod ownership, but metal bodied machines just can’t be beat. Something built back in the day would be even better. Cars like that don’t come along… more»

Yard Find! 1938 Plymouth Hot Rod

This Yard Find hot rod in “never finished” condition beckons you with a 31 word description here on eBay.  Located in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, outside Scranton, this 1938 Plymouth Business Coupe shows signs of recent fabrication including shiny… more»

Passion Needed: 1957 Buick Hot Rod

It’s usually sad to see a once-proud vehicle returning to the earth, but even more so when it’s clear that the car was once loved, was once somebody’s baby and the product of their blood, sweat,… more»

No Reserve Rod: 1933 Ford Tudor Sedan

UPDATE: We just uploaded a few videos of the car to our YouTube channel. Bidding ends shortly though! A while back we had the opportunity to help a family sell a couple of Jaguar E-Types. We… more»

Period Hot Rod: 1932 Plymouth Coupe

Lately, I’ve had a hankering to build a hot rod. Josh and I even looked at a Model A pickup body and frame this past week, but decided that we’d better start with something more complete…. more»

BF AUCTION: 1928 Ford Roadster Pickup

It may not be the sort of vehicle we normally feature here on Barn Finds, but when Carter asked us if we would auction his roadster pickup, we couldn’t resist. This thing is awesome! It was… more»

3 Cylinder Air-Cooled Diesel: 1950 Ford Hot Rod Truck

You could buy a dozen or more self-proclaimed “Rat Rods” on eBay any day of the week, but this one takes it up to that next level and firmly presses the “What-the-What!?” button. For example, is… more»

WWII P-47 Belly Fuel Tank….Street Rod?

Although it was built recently, the seller has certainly tapped into traditional street rod style on this one. It’s not a perfectly restored ’32 Ford, but I wouldn’t exactly call this a rat-rod either! The seller,… more»

Sweet Street Rod: 1932 Ford Roadster

Vehicles like this 1932 Ford Roadster are perhaps among the coolest cars out there. They are a remnant of a bygone era, still being enjoyed in today’s modern world! Street rods aren’t really my thing, but… more»