Big Block Power: 1965 Ford F100 Custom Cab

When the fourth generation Ford F100 was introduced, it brought with it new looks, unibody construction, improved drivability and new engine options. This particular example was optioned with the 352 V8 and a manual transmission. It… more»

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Straight Six: 1971 Chevrolet C-10

Having lived in the Midwest for the last four years, seeing C-10s of this vintage still in use is quite common. I’ve grown to love these trucks, and everyone I know that owns one loves it!… more»

Cavalry Transport: 1940 GMC AFKX-502

When people say they don’t build’em like they use to, if they are talking about this GMC truck, they are right! They really don’t build trucks quite like this one anymore. It’s a military issue cab… more»

Chicago Delivery: 1953 Chevrolet Panel Truck

Old utility or work based vehicles are always a neat find, but it is really cool when you can find one with history and a connection to a community. Connected to the Chicago Illinois based “Wagner’s… more»

Still Needs A Home: 1923 International Harvester Model S

This is a good looking old truck that Matt Williams spotted for us listed here on eBay. I last wrote about it here on Barn Finds in June of 2016. As I said then “When this… more»

That Thing’s Got A Hemi? 1960 International Metro

Yeah, actually it does got.. I mean, have a Hemi. You’ve all see the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials? Think of this one as somewhat similar to that theme, except other than “You’ve got chocolate in… more»

Hello, 1980s! 1976 Ford F-250 Ranger Highboy

Finding a survivor vehicle in all-original condition is very cool, and I love everything about them. However, survivors from a period in time are just as cool! This 1976 F-250 is equipped with the basics of… more»

One Owner: 1978 Dodge Lil’ Red Express

The Dodge ‘Lil Red Express was one of those rare times a “special edition” trim came along that offered actual performance gains and was a hit with the general public. So often those limited production models are… more»

6,000 Original Miles: 1955 Ford F250

The picture alone makes this 1955 Ford F-250 an intriguing find, but then you read the description: 6,000 original miles, parked by the only owner’s son in a barn somewhere near Louisburg, Kansas. The seller claims… more»

Heavy Hot Rod? 1956 International

Have you been looking for a potential hot-rod truck project? “Wait, what?” you say. “That’s a semi!” Yes, it is a semi, a retired fire truck to be exact. This 1956 International is found here on… more»

Cool Camper: 1977 International Scout II Terra

It’s hard to categorize this 1977 International Scout II Terra: is it a truck? Yes. Is it a camper? Yes. Is it a 4×4? Yes, is it cool? YES! This cool camper can be found on… more»

$3,500 Scout: 1962 International Scout 80

Holy complicated bumper setup, Batman! Obviously this 1962 International Harvester Scout 80 was set up to pull behind some sort of rig, but the seller doesn’t mention it in their Craigslist ad. This little box-checker (in… more»

$3,000 Potential Bargain: 1961 Ford Econoline

We rarely if ever show a listing with just one photo, but this one was too good to pass up. I think I may have shown only one so far other than this pickup. This 1961… more»