Preppers Paradise: 1972 IH 1710 Rolling Lab

I have to admit – it’s always been a dream. Not to have a “…mobile command center with a controlled environmental room…”, like the 1972 International Harvester… more»

The Perfect Pickup? 1970 International 1100D 4×4

Sometimes a vehicle comes along.. who am I kidding, I want everything here, including this great looking 1970 International 1100D 4×4 pickup. This sweet, square truck is… more»

Never Seen One: 1952 Austin A40 Pickup

While Ausitn’s A40 isn’t uncommon to see in two-door form, I can’t recall seeing too many pickups roving around. With just 40 bhp on tap, they certainly… more»

Boeing Engineer Built: 1966 GMC Camper

There’s an interesting story behind this 1966 GMC Camper, actually there are a couple of interesting stories related to it. This home-built camper is listed on eBay in… more»

Barn Find Binder: 1967 International 1100B

A half-ton pickup is usually more than enough for us weekend warriors, but for those folks who really need a tough truck, something like this 1967 International… more»

A Real Deal Steal: 1977 GMC Sierra 2500

We all know that four and/or five decade-old pickups are hotter than (insert un-pc phrase here) and here’s another great looking one. This 1977 GMC Sierra 2500… more»

Still Ready To Work: 1946 Chevrolet AK Series

This old Chevy truck might look like it was parked in a field and forgotten, but that isn’t actually the case. It might have been outside, but… more»

Prospector Project: 1985 Dodge Power Ram 4×4

This is one big truck, although most modern pickup owners are used to driving a 4×4 four-door truck. This 1985 Dodge Power Ram Prospector crew cab is… more»

Exclusive: 1990 Dodge Dakota Convertible

I’ve seen quite a few compact trucks with their roofs chopped off to make them into convertibles, but none of them were “factory” conversions like this Dakota…. more»

Patina Supreme: 1965 Chevy C-10 Longbed Pickup

Alright patina lovers, it’s time to swoon or drool as you prefer! The rest of us are just glad to see the rust hasn’t penetrated much. This… more»

Bigfork Brit: 1970 Morris Minor 1000 Van

Bigfork, Montana is one of the last places on the planet where I would expect to see a 1970 Morris Minor 1000 van, but that’s where this… more»

Deco Pickup: 1940 Hudson 40 Series Pickup

America produced a few really unique and very stylish trucks during the 30’s and 40’s, and this Hudson pickup is one of them. Not so common to… more»

BF EXCLUSIVE: 1985 Chevrolet C20

The beauty of a workhorse is that it can lead multiple lives, helping owners across generations tackle tough jobs from hauling waste to the town dump to… more»