Bug-Eyed Beauty: 1958 DKW Schnellaster Van

There is no doubt you’ll be the talk of the car show after finishing up this project! This odd bug-eyed beauty is a 1958 DKW Schnellaster Van, and you can see its shared style ancestry with… more»

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Cool Survivor: 1962 Morris J2

It seems like panel trucks and vans are becoming more popular as restoration projects over the last year or so.  Many businesses like them because they draw lots of attention and aren’t too hard or expensive… more»

Beach Wagon: 1975 Dodge Sportsman Royal SE

When I was a kid, a family that lived down the street had a 1970s Dodge B-series van parked in front of their house, and the only time they ever used it was when they were… more»

Cool Van, Man: 1975 Chevrolet G10 Custom

Retro 1970’s vans are coming back into style, and fortunately there are many nice original examples still out there! This 1975 G10 was stored from the 1980s until 2011 when the seller purchased it. According to… more»

To The Moon: 1992 Toyota Previa AWD 5-spd

The front wheel drive GM minivans of the early ’90s were known as the dustbusters for their appliance-like styling. When the Previa debuted, it look like a space craft that was ready to hover into the… more»

No Stains: 1974 Dodge Tradesman Custom

This is it. The pinnacle of the 1970s. If anyone ever asks what the 1970s were like, simply show them a picture of this van, play some Steve Miller Band, and let them figure out the… more»

He’s An Old Hippie: 1967 Ford Econoline 8 Door Van

In April of 1985, the Bellamy Brothers recorded a song called “Old Hippie.”  It must have spoke to a lot of people, because the catchy tune ended up making it to #2 on the Billboard Country… more»

Josie And The Pussycats 1966 Chevy Van

Does anyone besides my wife remember the 2001 movie Josie and the Pussycats? It was based on a cartoon about 3 ladies and their band somehow heroic things. The cast and crew had a 16th reunion just… more»

Street Van: Chopped 1977 Dodge B100

Taking over a project someone else started can be a little scary, but taking over a custom that someone else started is downright harrowing. That said, the seller and creator of what we are looking at… more»

Survivor Shorty: 1972 Ford Econoline

I love old vans! I have yet to own one, but I will some day. There has always been something about custom vans that fascinated me. The funky styling and ’70s flavor certainly have something to… more»

Vineyard Van Go: 1965 Ford Econoline

I have to admit it.  I really don’t like vans very much.  I’d like to give you a reasoned reason why, but I think it stems from childhood trauma.  My father had a 1973 Econoline van… more»

Rusty Survivor: 1979 Volkswagen Vanagon

Upon my first glance at this rusty mess here on eBay, I almost laughed out loud. I have had a few of these buses, and they rust away in some really delicate places. What had reader Ed… more»

Round Three: 1974 Winnebago Winnie Wagon

Brian provided the link to this super cool Winnebago Winnie Wagon (say that 5 times fast!), and I immediately thought it looked familiar. Sure enough, we have featured this unique Winnebago/Dodge lovechild before, not once but… more»