Charming Original! One Family 1955 BelAir


This 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air was originally purchased by the seller’s great aunt in December of 1954 from the Santa Ana, California Chevy dealer. It has remained in California all its life (currently in El Cajon) and is now for sale here on eBay, where bidding is quite low at the moment but has not yet met the reserve figure.


The seller states that the longest trip the car has ever taken was from Santa Ana to San Diego in 1999. There are maintenance decals in the door jambs that add credence to the low mileage figure of 19,877.  This Bel Air not only features it’s original drive train, but original paint, upholstery and chrome as well. It’s been garage stored since new!


If you look closely at the paint, there is some wear, a few scratches, and probably a small parking lot dent or two. However, I’m amazed the paint shines the way it does after more than 60 years! You can see where the seller’s grandfather added a trickle charger under the hood in order to keep the battery up to snuff due to the car’s lack of use. And as far as all you four door haters out there go, you just help keep the value down for those of us that appreciate being able to easily take more family members along!


Apart from a small worn area in the carpet from getting in and out, this is the interior as GM intended it to be. What a terrific car to drive to local events! Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the engine compartment, but it does have the original 265 cubic inch V8 and the automatic transmission was resealed about five years ago. If under the hood was taken care of as nicely as the rest of the car, what you are really looking at here is effectively a two-year old used car! I would drive this one proudly!


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  1. 68 custom

    nice 55. love the bumper guards and the fact that it has the 265. wonder what the reserve is?

  2. Rock On Member

    That is what you call a time capsule!

  3. Mark

    The seller included a link to more photos:

    You’ll probably need a Drop Box account to see them.

    • Woodie Man

      I hate dropbox. Why post pictures on such a PTA setup. Downloaded the stupid app and still wont open. Grrrrr…………..On I’m better now and only 28 miles from the car!

  4. Ron500E

    If you look at the right front rim there’s some rust. Therefore I urge everyone and their brother not to bid or bid very very low.
    Not that I’m bidding or want this of course…
    If anything brings one back to 1950’s this is it, the car, the color etc. It’s perfect in so many ways.
    BTW, no one bid….

  5. rdc

    I had a 55 265 Powerglide once when I was a kid. Sigh.

  6. Mark S Member

    Great car even with all those doors. I really like it, but no I won’t be bidding, also sigh!

  7. Chebby

    What a beauty! Put real duals on it and remove that stupid chrome shield that I bet you bang your shin on every you walk around the back.

  8. survivor

    Even has a curb feeler! When’s the last time you saw one of those? Twaaaaang.

  9. David Wilk Member

    Up to $13,600 and reserve not met! What a beautiful car.

  10. Joe Howell

    Wow, love that car. In my old age the 4 doors I turned my nose up at when I was kid now seem quite appealing. They really represent the cars most families had when I was growing up. Piling groceries, kids and dogs in the back seat and leaning over to get them back out of a 50’s two door could get old I’m sure. Two doors may look cool but the 4 on the wife’s SUV sure are handy at times.

  11. Joe Haska

    What a beautiful car BUTT I’m the president of the 4-door hater club. At the last meeting, I went over all the reasons why 90 % of all 4-doors are not worth the effort. I was elected to another term. This appears to be a nice car, however the reasons still apply.

  12. Fred W.

    This is one 4 door I wouldn’t mind owning. If truly as low mileage and nice as it appears, 13K is not bad. Bet the reserve is a lot higher.


    Oh let me think, a 4wd POS flamed 57 2-door or a nice 4-door 55? The 4-door looks pretty good right now!

  14. Charles

    Have the seats been reupholstered? Thought the 55 Chevy had a different type of upholstery.

  15. roselandpete


  16. Bruce

    While I too would prefer a 2 door….can you imagine what this would be worth in it’s condition if it was a 2 door ??? ( probably the cost of a house…) This car is incredible !

  17. Jay E.

    I was just telling my wife that if we had not just opened escrow on a house, we would own this car. I think it is the most beautiful car I have ever seen. I love the fact that it is a 4 door, it matches the pace of life I now feel.

  18. pauline

    my mom’s 55. 4 door automatic

  19. cyclemikey

    The interior looks exactly right. The rear bumper end guards were factory accessory. You’d have to be an extraordinary klutz to bang your knee on them every time you walked behind the car. I can’t see anything that belies the mileage claimed here; it looks like the well-preserved survivor that it’s represented to be. I love the car, especially love that it’s a four-door.

    The 265/PG is a good combo, especially if you want to drive it a bit. I had a ’56 265 Power-Pack with manual trans and overdrive. It was quick for the day, but the column shift, like most, was clunky. The PG works reasonably well, and is dead reliable. Whoever buys this will be getting a great car, no doubt.

  20. Yellowjax Member

    At a car show I would quickly walk by all the other tri fives just to get to this one.

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