Droptop 5.0: Barn Find 1993 Mustang GT

Fox body Mustangs may be a dime a dozen, but they still offer great value as a project. Cars like this 1993 Mustang GT convertible are especially appealing, as it won’t take much effort to correct its few ills and parts are still cheap. Find this 5-speed manual-equipped example here on craigslist with a $2,800 asking price and the option to make a trade with the seller. 

The seller does warn the price will go up if he finds no buyers and fixes the car’s issues, which include a dent in the driver’s door, along with needing a new brakes and a fuel pump. It hasn’t run in just under ten years, but will fire up with starting fluid. I would also note the top looks a bit rough and there’s some heavy fading to the paint and trim, but those are minor flaws.

Inside, it looks well preserved for a somewhat ratty car with close to 100K miles. The seats still appear to offer plenty of bolstering, and the shift boot leather looks tight. Of course, it suffers from the infamous door pocket sag that seemingly all Fox bodies suffer from, and the carpets look a bit tired. Still, this interior wouldn’t take much work to have shine once again.

Here you can see the damage to the driver’s door and rear quarter panel. That may take professional attention to set right, or you could just live with it. My vision would be a thick roll bar, lowered on the stock five-point alloys and a meatier exhaust – that’s it. If this Mustang GT looks like a winner to you, you’ll find it in Macomb County, according to the craigslist listing.


  1. Dave

    It’s a 5.0 LX not a GT. Regardless would be a nice little cruiser for somebody on the cheap.

    • John

      Blogger must have been a Camaro guy . My first thought was your reply.

  2. Steve R

    Between smog laws and fools doing sideshows, decent 5.0 Fox body Mustangs are nearly impossible to find in my area, near San Francisco. These will one day be collectable, especially the LX models, since they were one of the main performance cars for the generation that reached driving age in the late-80’s to early-90’s.

    If this car isn’t rusted it will be worth a shot.

    Steve R

  3. Pa Tina

    Are the needle-nose pliers included?

  4. Branden Michael McNabb

    lx = gt?????

    • Bob Aubertin


      Simply put, the difference is that the “GT” has a completely different Facia (Front) which includes an Airdam with driving lights and the rear Tail-Light and Bumper assembly are Totally different. Just Google pictures of a ’93 GT and see the difference for yourself. The “LX” convertible were produced in fewer numbers in comparsion and lighter in overall weight and finally are worth MORE money.

  5. ccrvtt

    “I will fix up and sell for a lot more…”


    Like 1
  6. David Miraglia

    Great cruiser for the money.

  7. ATL_Jeff

    Too bad this is 1000 miles from me. I’d buy this one in a second if it were closer. Had a friend with an lx 5.0 in high school. A notchback. It wasn’t the best looking car in the world but you could lay down some rubber on demand. The vert looks better for sure.

  8. Troy S

    Like it or not, these are the cheap thrills of today. Plenty of potential and a strong aftermarket to boot make these a great choice.

    • whmracer99

      Agree — had a 92 GT Convertible and it was a blast. With the aftermarket on these cars you can go in any direction you want to (only bounded by the size of your wallet).

  9. Jay M

    Looks like it spent it’s time at the bar and not in the barn.
    Still, a very reasonable price for a fun little car that is very easy and inexpensive to fix up, or build up.
    In my younger days I did quite well fixing these up and selling them.
    I had more than one person follow me and make an offer to buy.
    Usually the brighter the paint and louder the exhaust the faster they sold…

  10. Mike Gee

    This is a LX. Truth is to get the car back to some decent glory will take about 5 to 8 thousand dollars. The top alonein parts to replace it is at least $1500.00 doing it yourself. A few grand for paint, bodywork tires, carpet, motor fluids and possibly the dreaded heater core. All adds up to plenty of bucks. The repairs could be done a little at a time to make the purchase worth it. Personally I would look elsewhere for something cleaner.. Just my 2 cents worth.

  11. LEE

    Good find.. my 81 Capri RS with 12,257 original miles stays hidden in my garage. Last time it was registered was in 1985. Interior is 100% exterior is a little dusty and about 90%. Slowly bringing it to current standards such as 8.8 345Hp 302 and fitting 285/35/18’s in all four corners. Some friends all why not original, well wanted a lot more fun factor. Setting it up as a corner carver.

  12. Wayne

    Jay M,
    I did the same thing. I worked for a Ford dealership. And whenever they would take one in trade in the $500.00 range. They just automatically sold it to me. I have now had somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 Fox Mustangs or Capris. Still have 2 now. An ’87 5.0 LX hatch and an ’84 SVO. You are absolutely right on about the noise and color!

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