Cheap British Droptop: 1995 Jaguar XJS Convertible

Finding a forgotten family car is perhaps one of the better barn find stories you can ask for, but it’s always intriguing when you see said vehicle parked among other classics. It makes you wonder who the family is, or how they acquired so many special cars. Obviously, money plays a role, but not every well-to-do-family prioritizes niche vehicle ownership. This 1995 Jaguar XJS convertible is a late-production example of the classic 2+2 drop-top and equipped with the 4.0L six-cylinder engine, which should provide fewer headaches than the thirsty V12. Find it here on Facebook Marketplace in Johnston, RI for $3,500.

That price seems downright reasonable to me, even if the Jaguar has some needs (which it certainly will.) The seller notes it has been in the family since new and that it will need a new starter and some cosmetic fixes. The top being down isn’t great news, but if it’s been stored indoors in a water-tight space, it’s not the end of the world. My larger concern would be whether the powered top will go back up if it’s been stored in the down position for years. The fender arches show that cheap chrome trim which was the rage in the late 80s and early 90s, and given this is a New England car, they could be hiding rust.

It’s difficult to get a clear sense of the condition of the interior, but what we can see looks pretty good. Biscuit or tan-colored interiors can reveal flaws and dirt pretty easily, so there’s a chance things won’t look as rosy when you’re staring at it in the flesh. But overall, since I don’t see cracked leather or sun-damaged headrests, I have to assume the leather cockpit is in decent shape. If the Jaguar has been parked indoors for years, this should mean the cabin has fared better than those drop-tops that get parked outside to wait for the next warm-weather driving season.

Some of the pictures are just scans of actual photos, so not a ton of effort has gone into bringing this Jaguar into the daylight. The in-storage photos show it parked next to a Mercedes R129 convertible of the same vintage, and both vehicles look like they’ve been parked for a while. Time is not kind to former exotics like these, so lots of deferred maintenance is likely on the menu for the next owner. Looking at the seller’s other listings shows the Mercedes is a V12-powered 600SL and that he also has a right-hand drive Lotus Excel for sale. Seems like a potential fire-sale in the works – maybe a bargain awaits?


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  1. Superdessucke

    What a steal! A few hundred bucks and you will enjoy thousands of miles of trouble free open air motoring.


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  2. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Absolute steal at that price. Ridiculous low price .. would sell for 3 times that here.

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    • Superdessucke

      Yup. It would be a great way for you to lose a few Pounds!

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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Pictures aren’t the best but this Jag could be a good buy, if it isn’t rusty. It’s a nice looking car and a drop-top is hard to beat. Don’t know anything about the V6, are they a good motor? Apparently you can’t hear this one run but I’d want to know if it spins freely. It has a decent amount of miles but not seeing it run is a risk. You won’t know if there are other issues or if the tranny is OK. The little woman likes these Jags so I’m tempted. I’m cursed with no space for it though.

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    • Husky

      Its not a V6, its a straight 4,0L six AJ16 at some 233Hp. One of the best engines ever made. Will easily run 30 000 miles without too much trouble.

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      • H5mind

        Now that’s funny, and sadly, true. RI means salt on the road and salt in the air, so bring a good flashlight and a magnet.

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  4. Husky

    For that price, it make sence to import it to Sweden, even when the shipping and customs fees would double the price.

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  5. Linkster

    Bring a large trailer or hire someone to buy the whole “Fire Sale” package at an even lower price. Get them all running and flip them quick. Could be a nice find for a stored collection.

  6. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    I am tempted to buy it but it’s just not great time at the moment to try and get it moved to a port etc.
    Another time perhaps .. I hope someone buys and enjoys it. These run out models were lovely and on my bucket list too.

  7. markp

    Buy the car and then go straight here:

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  8. alphasud Member

    When I saw the headline “cheap British drop top” and the picture of the XJS I just laughed until I saw the 4.0. That being the case and as others are said I’m sure it’s already sold!

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  9. Rebelkingmc Member

    It looks too good to be true. Why is the sellers posting a limit and poor quality photo’s ? He adds one photo that is clearly taken from a PC screen but it isn’t the same car. It looks like it. My red flag is going up on this add.

  10. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Fair point, it is so cheap it could be a scam but I know they are so much cheaper in the US so wasn’t sure.
    Even with some rust this is a steal.

  11. PAUL

    I was in contact with the seller a couple weeks ago to try and set up a viewing. He said in the ad it was the starter, then by chat he said his mechanic came by to check it out and said it was the “SAE module” under the drives seat. He sent me a photo of the drivers side power seat module they had taken out. I let him know that was what the piece was. Then said was a solenoid and then brought up the alarm. All the time I was just trying to set up a time to just go see the car. The first appointment I made for the next day (he had not given me the address beyond the town yet) had was canceled when he took a deposit then he contacted me saying that had fallen through so I said I could be there in an hour to see but needed the address. Then he responds in all caps that he won’t give me unless I agree to buy it for $3500 because he told me what was wrong. I politely passed and said I could not give a commitment without seeing and assessing what was the situation myself. I was sad about this one as I love the car and color, it is an estate sale, the seller is obviously in over their head on it. I ended up buying another car. If it is true which I believe, it is an estate sale of one owner and ran last year, this could be a simple fix. My bigger concern was what they and their mechanic had done to try and diagnose and fix. When our mechanic takes out a seat power control using thinking it is the ECU, well that give you something to consider. This could be a good deal for someone, well as good a deal as an non running XJS with north of 90k miles can be.

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    • moosie moosie

      I smell scam here , looking at the pictures you will notice different wheels and a “whiter” looking gold colored interior, that and the difficulty you had with phone conversations about trying to view the car .

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      • PAUL

        I seriously doubt its a scam FYI. Just I found not a good match and didn’t like getting all cap messages. Could be a great buy if is something small as I suspect. I just don’t know because never got to see.

  12. oldcarsarecool

    I love these cars ! My 1996 XJS has been a wonderful car over the last 9 years and 30k miles. However, it does have that emblem on the hood, which means that at any given moment, something is broken. My experience has been that a lot of the specialty parts, (for example the rear quarter window motors), are now obsolete.

  13. PAUL

    I think this is a good opportunity but the seller seems a bit overwhelmed but it is an estate situation with some other cool cars for sale too. I just didn’t have the patience and moved on to another car. I would have loved to have seen it though and I think there is a chance it is something very minor, I just don’t know.

  14. Dennis M

    Straight six or V12 (both good engines) there is no such thing as a cheap Jaguar!
    And that statement comes from a Jag lover who has owned four of them, including two V12 XJS’s, but those were well cared for cars to start with.

  15. Jim in FL

    Having viewed the listing here and in FB; Having read all the comments and the experience one person here had with trying to hook up with the owner; I say this smells like a fraud.
    Having owned several XJS convertibles I was tempted to go for it. But minimal poor quality pics with the car buried in junk turns me off. As well FB marketplace would NOT be the selling venue I’d choose, for one thing no way to vet the seller like you can do on Ebay.
    Just sayin’……

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