Cheap Cruiser: 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe


With a very tidy appearance, this 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe looks like a nice survivor.  With great looks and being road ready, we are in love. Even more so upon seeing the asking price of $6,300. Find it here on craigslist out of Budd Lake, New Jersey.41-chevy-3

Clean and original, the Chevy 215 cubic inch inline 6 looks like it’s ready to do business. The engine bay itself is clean, and well kept. The paint, hoses, wiring, and radiator all look tip top condition. Described as a good driver, and running good, we think this is looking to be a great cruiser.


The interior looks inviting and comfortable for any lengthy trip. The dash and steering wheel are just beautiful, with chrome accents and a lovely shade of cream. The rest of the interior looks stellar as well. Riding in this Chevrolet must be a great joy. The exterior looks as clean as the interior, with no evidence of damage, or rust. The paint all looks to match and has a lovely luster to it. Although it is difficult to tell, there may be a scratch on the passenger side rear fender. The chrome and body trim looks grand as well, without any apparent corrosion. If this Chevrolet is indeed a true survivor, it is certainly a clean and excellent example.


Whether or not this Chevrolet is a true survivor, its condition is phenomenal, and the price is fantastic! We hope who ever picks up this Chevrolet simply enjoys the car as it is. How many of you are itching to get your hands on this 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe? How many of you would jump on this deal?


  1. grant

    That is just outstanding, and the price is a number that normal people can comprehend. Great find.

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    • David Wilk Member

      I agree with Grant. What a great car, and affordable for the average person. I’d love to own this Chevy.

  2. JoeR

    In the 80s, my neighbor in NJ had one of these. He painted it two-tone, cream on bottom, maroon on top. Sharp car.

    • Greg fBodys

      Was that in bergen County? I recognize the car and the guy

      • JoeR

        Northeast Somerset County. That’s Jim and his son Jim….Very old school handy. He used to fabricate his own replacement parts for everything – taught me a lot when I was younger.

        He also owned a mini bulldozer/crawler from the 20s or 30s that he was always pushing stuff around with on his property.

  3. Fred W.

    1940’s two door sedans blow away the uninitiated when they get in the back seat and find a football field between their knees and the front seatbacks. I’ve heard it described as “like a limousine”.

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    • daCabbie

      Lots of lives were started in those spacious back seats…

      I would love to know the whole story behind this car… even if it doesn’t come with a story it’s a beautiful car and a perfect price…

  4. DrinkinGasoline

    Now that’s the kind of vehicle and price range that is within reason !
    Makes Me want to start a site called BC Finds (Blue Collar Finds).
    No worries BF….I don’t have the time……perty !

  5. Roselandpete

    Seems like a bargain compared to some of the other cars we’ve seen.

  6. Peter L.

    This was the first family car I remember, except it was the plain-Jane battleship gray basic model with only a heater-defroster. People got two-door cars in those days so kids couldn’t open the back doors. My father got rear-ended and had it painted dark green. That car lasted until 1947.

  7. nessy

    I can not figure this one out. Yes, the car looks great, however, this car has been listed online for a long time. They repost it every week. Although the price seems like the deal of the week, something must be wrong or it would have sold months ago.

  8. Dave

    Beautiful…….my Dad bought one of these in late 1940 after his 1937 two-door sedan
    was hit by a trolley in Alameda, Calif………we drove back across the country in the 41 the summer of 1942…

  9. Joe Haska

    This era of car is always a bargain, 1941 to1948 Ford, GM and Chrysler are good buys, for an entry level car. I have had several 46 to 48 Fords, and totally loved them, especially the price, however convertibles and woody’s don’t count!
    After the war everyone wanted a new car and the factories could sell all they could produce, and the quality sometimes suffered, in relation to the demand.
    I know Fords definitley got worse in 47 and 48 as there was such a demand, and the need to cut cost was more important than any thing else, all the difference between 46’s and 47’s and 8’s,was about saving money.

  10. Loco Mikado

    In the early 70’s I could have bought a 4 dr version of this car in excellent condition for $125.00 from a good friend of mine. Been kicking myself for over 40 years for not buying it. They were a very comfortable car to ride in with seats with mohair upholstery that felt like couches and the acres of room in the backseat. Too bad it on the wrong coast. The six cylinder engine is a 216, the first Chevrolet engine with replaceable bearing inserts. The earlier engines had poured babbitt bearings.

  11. Nomader

    Loco. I believe you may be mistaken. It is a 216 engine which in my expirence all had babbited bearings. In 1953 chev. used the 235 engine in it’s power-glide cars and 1954 in all models. It was the first to use inserts. Correct me if my 74 year old memory is faulty. Dave.

  12. Loco Mikado

    Your 75 year old memory is evidently better than my 66 year old memory. Memory is a funny thing and I made the comment on memory alone and not verifying it. I should not do that in the future. Nice looking ’57 PU I had a ’57 Panel during the 70’s, at least I hope I got the year right by looking at the grill.

  13. Loco Mikado

    Oops, meant to type 74 not 75.

  14. Franklin Amiano

    I showed this to my friend Lenny and he bought it. Drove it home from Budd Lake to Toms River,NJ happy as a kid. Thanks,Barn Finds!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Terrific, Franklin! Please ask Lenny to give us an update!

    • Vincent Martinelli

      Mr Amiano,

      I went to look at the 41 Chevy just a day or two after I saw it on Barn Finds. I fell in love, was willing to pay full price and told the owner I needed to figure out how to get it to Long Island and would call him later that day. (Im about 99 Miles away from Budd Lake) It was the biggest mistake, as I should have gave him a down payment and pulled the trigger right there and then.

      I just saw this post and to this day, I think of that car every day. I figured at 57 years old, it was time for me to return to Hot Rodding and Old School Cars, what with two Grandsons and another grandson on the way.

      Please tell Lenny that if he ever decides to let it go, and the price is reasonable, have him email me immediately. My Grandsons will just love it. all I have is some great photos…just not the same. 631-774-8143


      Vincent Martinelli

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