Cheap Project: 1966 Ford Mustang

This 1966 Mustang carries all of the hallmarks of a project that will be riddled with major rust problems. However, things might not be as bad as they appear. It is also a complete car and is probably one of the cheapest complete Mustang project cars that we have seen here at Barn Finds for a long time. It needs a new home, so if you think you have what it will take to tackle it, you will find the Ford located in Woodbury, Connecticut, and listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN has been set at a mere $3,000.

This Mustang is a mass of contradictions. The mold and mildew that has accumulated on the exterior suggest that it has spent an extended period in a damp environment. This impression is further reinforced when you see the rear end and exhaust covered in corrosion. There is also surface corrosion visible on some of the panels, and this adds to the feeling of dread. When you then find rust around the rear spring hanger, that’s when you can feel an ache developing in the region of your wallet. Things take a dramatic turn for the better when you realize that areas like the floors and torque box regions appear to have nothing beyond some heavy surface corrosion. Potential buyers would need to inspect the vehicle to confirm this, but the photos show a lot of promise. There is a real possibility that this Mustang is not a complete rust-bucket. If this is true, that makes the BIN look very interesting. There are only two exterior photos supplied, and while their view is limited, there isn’t a lot of rust to spot there, either. The buyer will be faced with restoring or replacing some of the exterior chrome, but the glass looks quite good.

There are no engine photos, but we know that the Mustang comes equipped with a 200ci T-Code 6-cylinder engine backed by a 3-speed automatic transmission. That means that this is not a high-performance classic by any stretch of the imagination. With only 120hp on tap, the journey through the ¼ mile takes a full 19 seconds. Okay, there’s no getting around this. That figure makes this the slowest Mustang you could buy in 1966, and by a reasonable margin. That will leave potential buyers with a decision to make. The motor doesn’t run, but it does turn freely. Coaxing it back to life might not be difficult, and that could leave the path open for a faithful restoration. However, I don’t think that many people would object if the next owner chose to slot something more potent under the hood. After all, with 607,000 cars rolling off the production line in that model year alone, it’s not like it is a rare car.

When I look at this interior, a small part of me is glad that the photos don’t come with the appropriate smells. I suspect that the odor emanating from this shot wouldn’t be pleasant. The interior trim looks to have been quite damp, so I think that we could expect something pretty swampy. There’s also some evidence of rodent infestation, so throw the smell of Stuart Little’s bathroom into the equation, and I think that you’ll be getting the picture. However, it is complete, so it would be a good candidate for a trim kit and new seat foam. Other plus points include the fact that the dash hasn’t been cut to fit a stereo, and the original console looks to be in good condition.

A figure like $3,000 generally won’t buy you much in the classic world today. That’s what makes this 1966 Mustang quite intriguing. It will require a lot of work to return it to its former glory, but it might be worth the effort. Even if you consider it purely as a parts car, it would seem to have a lot to offer any potential buyer. So what do you think? Project, or parts?


  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    Well the console and stainless rocker moldings make this one a “pony” – not a cheap to fix pony but….

  2. rex miller

    Not worth the investment. Find a Southwest car and have it shipped home.

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  3. nc2645h

    money pit-stay away!

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  4. Daniel Gavin

    How many mice were living in that glove box? $3,000.00……give me another beer and then we’ll talk.

  5. Steve Clinton

    It’s a 1966 Ford Mustang RB! (Rust Bucket)

  6. guggie

    Its rough , but I have a friend who has saved worst cars ,including Mustangs lots of work , lots of parts available , and lots of $$ to save this little pony ,Good luck

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  7. 73 AMX


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  8. Calvinyoumans

    I repair cars and it would take alote of money to fix this one i think $3000to mutch you would have 12000 repairs id give $1000 fore it thst would be iy

  9. Frank Farrell

    I fixed many of the cars back in the 80’s, and I cringe at this one. Rust bucket central.

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