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Cheap Sunshine! $1,100 Fiat 124 Spider


How can you go wrong with this one! I’m amazed that there are still bargains out there like this. For only $1,100 here on eBay you can purchase this Italian convertible right now! The car is located in Brooklyn, New York. I have a history of viewing the 124 and later 2000 Spiders from afar but with envy. With nicer interiors that my beloved British roadsters, tops that did a better job of keeping the rain out and a much better job of going up and down, and a sexy twin-cam engine under the hood, it’s hard not to like them. There’s a healthy fan base as well, and good parts availability just makes them that much more attractive. One of these days I’ll probably say “yes,” but it won’t be to this car based on location alone. The seller says this car has 112k miles and runs and drives well. Of course, there are some cosmetic issues, including some rust, but it doesn’t look too bad. The owner has had the car for 20 years and I’m sure will be a font of information on the car–I’d want to take them out to lunch and ask a bunch of questions! Let us know if any of you purchase this one!


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Josh, Jesse, you need another one, don’t you? ;-)

    • Josh Staff

      Haha! Just like I need another hole in my head! Actually, at this price I am tempted, but I have to resist. I need to save my money so I can get the one I already have to Boise.

  2. RayT Member

    My recollection of these cars — it has been a few years since I was around one — was that they weren’t particularly fast (even the “turbo” version I once drove — done with Callaway, I think — was not exactly a neck-snapper), had some quality issues, and would rust if there was a lawn sprinkler running within 500 feet of them. On the other hand, they were pretty, but nothing to tempt me.

    This one looks like it will need a good chunk of hours spent on it before it is in tolerable condition. Not my cup of espresso, but I hope someone rescues it.

  3. Stuart

    I bought one of these with only 40,000 kilometers on it. Surface rust everywhere, bolted on a fiberglas right front fender and rockers, put hood pins in to hold the hood on, roll bar, Ansa exhaust and header, higher flow air cleaner and changed the jets. Hung speakers from the roll bar, put an amp and a stronger cassette radio, shot primer on it and drove the bejesus out of that thing. Sure it burned or leaked oil. But you could put a fraternity brother sideways in that silly back seat, and if he wasn’t too drunk, wouldn’t bash his head on the rollbar. Thanks for the memories, that one was a ’72, based on that front bumper this is at least a ’75. I had one of those too, but mostly just cleaned it up and shot a fresh coat of red paint on it.

  4. Dave @ OldSchool Restorations of North Alabama USA

    Hmmmm $1100, plus 12000 for a car that you could buy a nice SOLID one for 7-10k ……….. and you are “TEMPTED” … I’m shocked ! ! …must be the smoke that’s drifting up from Colorado Weed…
    Any potential buyer should unscrew both outer rocker panels, and see if there is anything left of the sills , because with this much door rust damage, I doubt if the sills are solid ( or the floors, transmission support, etc…}
    .Here’s my early ’68 Spider

    • Dan h

      Agreed. Better off paying more for a solid car. Good bones is everything.

    • jim s

      great looking car. more details, photos and racing history please. what is the story on the body in the background? thanks.

  5. Fred

    A friend had a ’70 124 sport coupe which I believe had the same drivetrain. He demonstrated it’s handling by pulling onto the bumpy dirt median at 70 and maintaining complete control. He bought it in ’74 with a near flawless body, by ’76 it was a complete pile of rust. But this was coastal FL.

  6. Grr

    A Fiat from NYC? How is this not a pile of rubble by now? Oh, wait, it is…

  7. Jerry

    Had a 68 124 Coupe in Michigan in 72. The sides and floor pan were no longer connected by that time. A true flexible flyer. This spyder must be held together by the paint.

  8. bcavileer

    Nice fart hole in the seat. Lots of tin worm frass.
    Frass (def.) The sawdust that is excreted by a particularly nasty wood eating larvae of the powder post beetle.
    Tin worm rust is the frass of said metal eating bastard. Very common in the northeast. Wish i could convince my wife to move to California, but alas I digress.

  9. jim s

    might be good for parts, the club is worth something, and the seller is taking offers.

  10. Rex Kahrs Member

    I love the “Club” on the steering wheel. As if rusty–green–70s–Fiat isn’t enough of a deterrent!

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