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Cheapest Running Example? 1982 Ferrari Mondial

There’s an ongoing challenge among some automotive personalities to find the cheapest running example of an exotic, or otherwise expensive to own vehicle. This 1982 Ferrari Mondial may be one of the cheapest running, driving Ferraris on the road as it’s listed for just $18,000 here on craigslist on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It has some cosmetic challenges and tasteless modifications but otherwise looks like a fun way to blow a few grand.

The seller notes that the car has been in the hands of do-it-yourselfers and had some personal touches applied. The paint and wheels are no longer original, and it has some aftermarket sideskirts blended into the lower sills. The seller also notes a variety of issues, including a collapsed headliner, broken washer stalk, inoperable fuel gauge and odometer, and a broken sunroof/door locks along with non-functioning air conditioning. But hey – it runs and has a clean title.

There’s only two pictures, so this vintage Mondial advertisement here on eBay will have to suffice. Honestly, the recent maintenance list comes across to me as indicative of a car that’s had money spent on the stuff that matters most: replacement of water pump, warmup fuel regulator, fan, belts and hoses in the past two years, all documented with receipts. Factor in you get to spend the holidays in Oahu to scope it out and I’m thinking for $20K (price of car plus airfare), there are worst ways to spend Christmas.


  1. David Frank David Frank Member

    It sounds like a very expensive car if you consider the cost of repairs necessary.

    If you want cheap, how about $10,000?

    • redsresto

      No motor or trans? That’s an expensive shell!

      • jdjonesdr

        Drop one of those Suzuki Haybusas in there and go!

      • Mike W H

        Has everyone gone crazy? The only acceptable motor on hoonster sites like this is a SBC.

    • Richard Ochoa

      What’s the goin’ Rate for Scrap Iron???

    • kman

      No engine or tranny, many missing parts, rough body, shot interior, wiring? etc., etc. Id take the running one.

  2. Wolfgang Gullich

    Sounds like a typical Mondial… You don’t usually see Mondial and running in the same sentence 😉

    • fahrvergnugen

      Unless it’s “one look at this Mondial, and YOU’LL be running…”

    • Steven D Visek

      What?! Heck, I see it all the time. Example: “This Mondial is not running.” See?

  3. Maurice Mentens

    Nothing more expensive than a cheap exotic – watch your budget on this one guys.

  4. Blueprint

    I don’t know how inspections go between states, but bringing a car here from outside the province requires an inspection, and this Ferrari would not pass … because of the washer stalk. As if it would be driven in winter.

    • Dairyman

      Sounds like you live in california; the land of endless ridiculous rules and regulations.

      • Richard Ochoa

        Or Canada…………..Almost as bad!!!

    • Derek

      Blueprint I’ve been in CA all my 56 years and brought many out of state cars here the only inspection the Auto Club does is make sure the VIN matches the title.

  5. The_Driver

    A clean running Mondial, goes for $30K, this is pure crack pipe price. As for inspections within states, most of the southern, and some midwestern and mountain states have neither inspections nor emissions done.

    I’m a big hardtop Mondial fan, but his poor car needs to be put of its misery!

  6. Scott Tait

    18k for a 10k car …. nope

  7. Bill

    Yard ornament, at best.

  8. Superdessucke

    Buy it and wail the living tar out of it until it breaks – about 3 blocks away.

  9. AF

    Met a guy who had one. Told me he would take the grandchildren out for ice cream in it every once in a while. Figured it cost him about $250 each time in upkeep.

    • Steven D Visek

      Expensive ice cream. I’m guessing Rocky Road. :-)

  10. David

    The AD says 49k Miles but the Description Says ODO does not work?? To a Car Guy like myself that means it’s a True Miles Unknown (TMU) vehicle, so when did the ODO go out and was it Replaced at what mileage if it was.. I’d agree a lot of work and a lot of work means a lot of Money to bring it back as a Daily Driver till it Dies for good…

  11. Jeffro

    Two words that never belong together: cheap and Ferrari (drops microphone and walks out the room)

    • Mr. Bond

      NOT a cheap Ferrari?

    • Wolfgang Gullich

      Actually you can get a 348 for reasonable and even cheap prices. They’re also cheap to maintain and fix and very reliable. Redundant ignition system, redundant ECUs and the 30K maintenance is only about $2k, can even do it yourself as the rear end is modular and easy to take apart.

  12. Maestro1


  13. Derek

    Not a fan of these body styles which I thought were boring then and now. But to each his own…

  14. Classix Steel

    Magnum, I am taking your Ferrari privelidges away again !

    Signed late
    Higgins and the lads !

  15. Superdessucke

    What is the red line and how would it sound if you held it there awhile? Seriously wondering if this would be worth a low price just to beat.

  16. Gary


  17. John

    Buy something reliable like a Fiat X/19 from the same manufacturer. Mondials got little respect on day one, not that they deserved any.

  18. Stevee

    Take it easy on the buying exotics. Bought a ’67 Rolls Royce, not running for yrs. Bought a ’87 Avanti II in Hawaii while on vacation, winning a coin toss w/ another prospective buyer. Bought a ’96 Mercedes V12, middle of a rainy night in an iffy neighborhood. All were very low priced like this, had ‘problems’ and we had a friggin’ great time fixing and making them roadable. Used them for quite a few years and 30k + miles– and yes, did not lose a penny!

  19. Mike McNabb

    For that money, you cannot go wrong. The car looks great with the wheels and rocker treatments. I’ve owned a Mondial for 19 years. It’s been reliable except for a few wiring problems (windows and fuel pump; both courtesy of the same fuse panel connector). The car has NEVER failed to start and run. The guys above are full of BS. The engine alone is worth 10g if it runs. It’s actually one of the few cars Enzo personally OWNED himself. Occasionally, I consider trading it for a 360, but haven’t yet and doubtful I will.

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