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On The Chopping Block: Ford Galaxie XL Convertible

A clean and well maintained convertible survivor is no easy feat to find, but this ’67 Galaxie XL is very nice with possibly 51,000 original miles. Stored indoors the past five years, this Galaxie runs flawlessly but needs brake work. Currently listed for the buy it now price of $8,000, the seller is threatening to part out this car if it does not sell! Take a look at this sharp convertible here on eBay out of Paterson, New Jersey.

Packing a 390 V8 4 barrel, an automatic transmission, and air conditioning, this convertible is a nicely optioned classic. According to the seller the engine is original and was recently rebuilt before he purchased the car. The seller claims that the engine has roughly 1,000 miles on its rebuild with a slew of new parts, but I am curious about the rebuild. Supposedly many new parts were used including exhaust manifolds, but to be honest the manifolds and the engine itself look a bit dingy and rusty for having covered 1,000 miles.Despite the age or mileage of the drive-train, it is reported as being in great running shape. The only hold up with this Galaxie is the brake system from sitting so long. I would assume that a full brake system check and rebuild get this convertible out on the open roads again.

The interior is in grand condition with only a discolored carpet to point out. The seats are wonderful, and the door panels appear nice with no evidence of major sun damage. The power windows are not currently functional, but I am sure with some cleaning and tinkering they could be operational again. The power top is functional and in great condition, so the power windows won’t hold you up on your first test drive.

Like a fine piece of jewelry, this Galaxie shimmers and shines wonderfully. The odometer reflects 51,000 which I think could very well be the actual mileage of this car. The paint presents well, but it does have some minor issues when you start to examine the photos closely.  The driver door was replaced due to a fender bender, but does not seem to be an eye catching issue. Rust appears to be a minimal concern, but the seller does mention a small area of rust in the trunk, and a very specific 12” long section on the frame “that you would want to fix”. With a little wrench time, this would be a grand cruiser with its solid drive-train, air conditioning, and convertible top. Would you save this car from the chopping block?


  1. Metoo

    I remember as a kid of 16 when my recently divorced mom bought a light blue ’67 Galaxie convertible in ’68. Oddly enough, we lived in Clifton NJ at the time. You could almost throw a rock and hit Paterson from there. Coolest car she ever owned and turned heads. Not just because of the car, but because she was very attractive.

    • Patrick Lamb

      I STILL throw rocks at Paterson

      • Metoo

        And rightly so. It was bad then, and now it’s a great deal worse.

  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Who rebuilds an engine and does not paint it? Part it out? Really?

    • jdjonesdr

      The same type of person who lays down a white tarp and parks the car on it to take pictures. That’s a first on here, I think.

      • Metoo

        Should have at least taken the time to pull the wrinkles out.

    • HotWheelsCalgary

      Exactly… Define “Rebuild”… Fresh set of rod bearings after over-revving it? Maybe a new oil pan gasket and/or valve cover gaskets?

      After a lesson learned of my own many years ago, unless I can see receipts for the rebuild(for the parts minimum)I don’t believe anyone who says the engine was “rebuilt”.

  3. Rod K

    This is a nice car with some great options but something doesn’t seem right. My main concern is with the rust. As we know convertibles are famous for rusting in the trunk area and he indicates there is some appearing on the wheel well. I have a feeling that once you get into it there will be a lot more than you can see. However the biggest issue is the frame rust. The Fords of this era were famous for frame rot and he tells us there is a foot long section. I have a feeling it may need a complete frame.
    I also agree that the engine doesn’t look like a fresh rebuild of only 1000 miles.
    Looks like a big project but would be a great car when done.

    • Miguel

      It can’t have rust, it has been garaged for the last 5 years:)

  4. Rube Goldberg Member

    One of my favorite Fords, even though I didn’t care for stacked headlights. The frame is not a deal breaker, I’ve heard of people repairing GM frames of the same period. It’s a neat car, but the 7 litre would be even better. These had such nice interiors, well worth saving.

  5. Karguy James

    I have had several of these 1967 Ford’s over the years and yes, the frame will rot completely out along the side about 2 feet in front of the rear tires. They will literally break in half at that point and this car is likely very close to breaking of the rust is that much of an issue that he is clearly mentioning it. Quite a trip to drive with that broken frame. Which is why I find it so funny that in his “part out” pricing, he is asking $2,500 for the rotted out useless frame. The $3,000 for a questionably rebuilt engine is also a pipe dream.

    I hope somebody does save it though.

    • Rod K

      When I was working as a mechanic we were always cautious of picking these cars up. The frame would literally crush where the hoist pad contacted it. Not only on convertibles but all fords of this vintage. In most cases the only cure was to replace the frame resulting in a trip to the crusher.

      • Karguy James

        Back in the 80’s in Detroit I was offered a black 67 Galaxie 500 coupe that looked mint with only 45k actual mileage for $700. The factory bucket seat interior was perfect. But the frame was broken in half by the driver’s side door. I wanted to buy that car so badly because it literally looked like a new car from the top but had to pass because a new frame was not something I could or would do at the time.

  6. Fred W.

    This could be a great deal, but it’s also one I would not buy without a professional pre purchase inspection.

  7. Joe Cat

    Why such poor photos? Why is he even thinking of parting it out unless there is a major issue? Also, VIN is either incorrectly written or correct and the car came from factory with a 200cu 6cyl. Here is the posted VIN: 7G592199409

  8. grant

    Pics appear to be taken in the 80’s with a Polaroid…

  9. Graeme

    If I had the space and the money, this car would come and live with me… love the Galaxies!

  10. KSwheatfarmer

    Kar guy hit the nail on the head. This is worth more together than in pieces.

  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    The paint looks like a Maaco job to my eye.

    • Boatman Member

      I thought so too, Rex.

  12. Keruth

    Save it, sure! I think many on here have hit the nail on the head.
    Bad paint, missing chrome(front to back spears on body line), not obvious engine rebuild(why not repainted valve covers at least?) Pictures of trunk rust (frame)?
    And the price of parts, kidding right!
    I have a ’67 500 vert, rolling restore for 35 yrs., nice Fe engine cars go for $15k all day, engine cost me $5k to rebuild completely(you know what FE stands for, not just Ford/Edsel, but ef’in expensive, lol).
    (I’ll take the speaker grills on the rear side panels if he parts it out)!
    My interior was $1k in repops, strip and paint cost $4k, 30 years ago.
    Not rare, not a hotrod, XL’s are only slightly more desirable,
    too little to go on here!
    Make an offer about $5k and walk away if he says no!

    • scottymac

      In ’65 and ’66 convertibles, there was a chrome grill in a cutout in the center of the rear seat upright. In ’67, looks like the speaker grille appeared on the passenger side rear bolster. I came across a ’68 convertible that had the 8 track player, and it had grilles on both sides.

      If the side frame rails are missing a section, the kickup over the rear axle is probably long gone. That was the worst rust trap.

  13. 79malibu

    OMG! if I had the money I would snatch that car in a heart beat! The Galaxy is one of my favorite Fords. Preferably the 65. The 65 was the first car I ever rebuilt. It was my Dad’s and that was his first teaching project with me.! Why the he&^ would someone part that car out!? That make absolutely no sense to me. Doesn’t seem to need too much work at all. As far as the engine rebuild. I am wondering if it was done properly on the inside, just lack of attention on the out. Too bad to have to pull the motor out to paint it. Over all I love this car!

  14. Rustytech Member

    He’s trying to scare car lovers into buying it at his price. Obviously not a car lover himself! If he try’s parting it out he’ll soon learn that the time spent in advertising, negotiations, waiting for potential buyers, or shipping will soon eat up whatever added profit he was looking for! I say good luck.

    • Bill

      Yes, when someone like this gives an ultimatum, I say “go ahead.” I’m not going to be intimidated or threatened into buying. The car sells or not based on its price. The market is always right :-)

  15. Warren

    Frame rust. Ugh. Does have the 4 pot Kelsey Hayes one year only disc brakes. Not that that is a detriment, just pricey to find parts to restore. Is it just me or is that paint job horrible?

  16. Pat A

    As a teenager Jay Leno worked at a Ford dealership prepping cars. If the salesman suckered someone into paying for the undercoating, someone would toss him a can of rustoleum, and he would spray the undercarriage of the car.

  17. Ken Carney

    Sure, these were great looking cars until the frame rot showed up. My former FIL had a really nice 4-door sedan running a 289/C-6 auto tranny.
    And like this car, it looked great with its red body, white top, and painted
    steelies complete with dogdish hubcaps. But good looks don’t amount
    to a hill of beans when that frame breaks right at the mount for the Panhard
    rod and the rear axle starts shifting sideways, making the car dog track going down the road. Only thing to do then is harvest the usable parts
    and crush the body and frame. Guess that’s why you don’t see many of
    these at your local car show.

  18. Ron S

    Sad… He doesn’t have time to restore it but he has the time to tear it apart?

    I’d want to see the complete underside of this XL before even thinking about making an offer though…

    I owned a ’67 Galaxy XL convertible 390 back around 1982 but it was a black top over white body with a red interior…

    Poked a rod through the block, found a guy selling a 390 and when I went there he asked me what I was going to stick the engine in… I told him and he asked me if I wanted to trade for a runner… He yanked a tarp off of a clean Competition Red ’72 Torino Sport Roof, 351C with a white bucket interior and rally gauge package… I asked him if he had a trailer right then and there.

    I MISS both of those cars…. Bigly.

    Like 1
  19. mike

    This big boat screams ROAD TRIP! It’s just to far from where I am, with it’s issues…

  20. David

    I had a 67 convert standard galaxie that needed torque boxes and rails replaced. That work was beyond my scope of capabilities, but as I recall it did not break the bank of this one hardworking 20-something slob at the time. The car handled fine and went far with this repair. A 390. Remember selling it for $2000.00 in the mid eighties. No value to these cars back then.

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