Classy, Glassy Rat! 1930 Chevrolet

Whether or not you like the trend of “rat rods,” you have to admit there are some creative juices flowing out there as a result! And this 1930 Chevrolet “hearse wagon” is certainly a prime example. It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Milton, Wisconsin. Even with over 40 bids, the reserve hasn’t been met yet, which I suppose is understandable considering the auction isn’t up to $750 yet!

The seller tells us that the conversion was performed by the previous owner and that they are selling it because they have too many toys and not enough time. Honestly, the woodwork looks pretty good if you are into this sort of thing, although I have to wonder about the weight distribution with this much of the bodywork ending up behind the rear axle. The owner is honest about that, saying that it drives straight but gets “squirrely” over 35 miles per hour. I’ll bet it does!

I’m not sure why all the gauges had to be replaced with that tiny panel at the bottom–couldn’t some effort have been made to integrate them into the dash? Regardless, we are told that the engine runs well and there is a video of it doing so here. The seller seems to think the vehicle should be used for promotional purposes in parades (advertising a funeral home, perhaps? I’m struggling with that idea) as there is a banner holding mechanism on the top of the cab.

The link the seller provided to a video of the engine running doesn’t work, but we are told that the drive train is 100% stock and that the engine was rebuilt two years ago. I don’t remember seeing original 1930 Chevrolets with alternators, but I’m being nitpicky; on a vehicle this far from stock I certainly don’t mind a 12 volt conversion, especially if there is an electrical display of sorts planned for your parade. What are your thoughts–how would you use this unusual vehicle?


  1. Ikey Heyman Member

    Whenever some weird creation appears here, there are always a few folks who say: ” Well at least he had a vision of something and got off his butt and actually built it!!” The implication is that those of us who sit at our computers and pass judgement on somebody else’s creation are just lazy or uninspired. I will happily put myself in that category and say simply that this thing sucks and I wouldn’t want to be seen dead driving this in any parade (no pun intended).

    • Mlaw

      Road kill

  2. Rodney

    d o a…..

  3. JohnT

    I always thought a “rat” rod meant a big block V8 as opposed to having a “mouse” motor – i.e. a small block V8. Since this has a straight six, I don’t think it counts as either. Maybe a “hamster” rod?

    • Rodney

      “Vole Rod”

  4. Steve R

    Last time through the eBay treadmill it reached $3,200 without the reserve being met. I wouldn’t be interested if it was free.

    Steve R

  5. Brian Gould

    I don’t really “get” the whole rat rod thing but this looks like a fun little toy for someone who does. Certainly the right time of year to be selling a hot rod hearse for halloween.

  6. Chris Kennedy

    Tail heavy, looks awkward…too bad they didn’t extend the wheel base?

  7. Kenny

    This thing reminds me of a china hutch on wheels

  8. rough diamond Member

    @Kenny-you nailed it.

    No way! Hit a bump hard enough with the front wheels and they will be off the ground.

  9. DavidL Member

    It’s just … No. No. No. No. It’s not classy or glassy maybe gassy as in it makes me uncomfortable. Sorry. Nothing to recommend it. Definitely not a rat rod.

  10. Al

    Is that safety glass or guillotine glass? Heads-up or heads-off, which is it?
    If it is not safety glass, you are driving your own hearse. Talk about forward thinking!

  11. 68 custom

    the only thing good about this build is that old OHV six popper they run forever!

  12. Mark S

    Take that junk off the back restore the rest and build a nice boat tail for it, two seater of course with a nice drop top on it and then you’d have something. It would be drivable and what’s more sellable. The fact is there are some good bones under all that Hearst junk, that was a waste of some nice wood.
    My bet is the reason it is up for sale is that it would drive similar to herding a goat with a stick. JMHO.

    • M1008

      Herding a goat with a stick. Beautiful. Reminds me of a clown car I saw
      with a weight that moved front to rear, wheelie to all fours and back again

  13. Mlaw

    A rat wouldn’t be caught dead in this junk pile.

  14. lawyer George

    I thought I had remarked earlier that it looks like George W. at the wheel. Must have forgotten to hit the Post Comment key

  15. Bill

    I don’t think ANYONE wants to see you dead behind the wheel, especially with the vehicle in motion.

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