Clean Notchback: 1991 Ford Mustang LX

This 1991 Ford Mustang LX coupe is a desirable notchback example with the 5.0L V8 and a manual transmission. This is one of the best investments you can make in an early 90s Ford product, in my opinion, as interest continues to escalate in these modern classics. While hatchbacks are a dime a dozen, clean notches are relatively scarce. Find this example here on eBay with bids approaching $9K and no reserve.

The seller notes the Mustang remains in largely stock condition, with the exception of an aftermarket exhaust. Given how good these cars sound with even the crummiest of performance mufflers, I’m OK with that. The Mustang even retains its stock radio, which likely provides some comfort that it was never owned by a teenaged driver. The seller notes the body is very nice for the age, but not perfect.

The Titanium Cloth interior is surprisingly handsome, and a huge improvement in the tan material we often see in these cars. The seller notes that this combination makes the Mustang one of just 307 built this way, which is fairly rare by Fox body standards. The interior presents well despite being a Florida car, which likely means it resided in indoor storage.

The seller says the car runs and drives quite well, with only some minor issues noted. The speedometer tends to jump around, which is likely sender related, and the seller noted that the tires are starting to crack which is fairly typical for long-stored vehicles. Overall, if it presents as well as described, this is a car you can drive right now that will enjoy a steady increase in value moving forward.


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  1. Keith

    Ok I know that a lot of Mustang enthusiasts coveted the Fox Notch Back Mustangs back in the day because they were lighter and faster than the Fox Fastbacks (but not by much). In the eighties buyers took whatever edge they could get because most manufacturer horsepower ratings back then sucked. Well fast forward to today and the Fox Notchback mustangs are still bringing in the big bucks Why is this? With todays HP ratings and wide selection of high performance cars available, getting an edge on another car is not as critical as it was back in the eighties. So my guess is the Notchback Mustangs are bringing in the bigger bucks due to their rarity. Some may also say because of their style and police car heritage.

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    • J_Paul Member

      I think the relative rarity of notchback 5.0’s make them interesting today, and the subtle design has aged well…at least compared to a lot of other 80s-90s cars! The notchback also scratches the same “car guy” itch as a big-cube Nova with poverty caps, the kind of car ordered by someone who wanted performance without the frills and flash.

      I seriously looked at this car’s near-twin (red interior instead of grey) back in 1991. Brand new from the dealer for $11,500 if I recall. It was a hell of a deal!

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      • boxdin

        Yes I bought a new one in 1991 for 11,200 and what a fun car it was

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    • Steve R

      If that’s the case, why are 60’s and early-70’s muscle cars valuable and sought after? Many weren’t much, if any faster than Mustangs like this and they sure didn’t handle as well. One of the large reasons is these were the cars people lusted after, many owned one or wanted to. You can see the same progression with the late-70’s Trans Ams and Z28’s.

      Why are notchbacks more valaube and sought after? Every enthusiast car magazine in existence pushed the LX’s over the GT partly due to weight, partly because they looked better.

      Steve R

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    • Steve S

      I always hated the look of this style mustangs. It looks like they took the back half of a cavalier and welded it to the front half of a mustang so it could have a trunk which made it look crappy. And I looked up the 302 before and it said that the 302 is a 4.9 not a 5.0. the Chevy 305 was a 5.0. why would Ford lie about the liters of an engine.

      • boxdin

        Ford already has a 4.9 liter motor its the 300 cu in in line 6. So ford could not call the V8 a 4.9.

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  2. Keith

    I know this much for sure, all 1979 to 1993 Fox bodied Mustangs were a HUGE Cash Cow for the Ford corporation!

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    • Steve S

      Boxdin I just looked it up on Wikipedia to refresh my memory and this is what it said. The Ford 302 is a high-performance “small block” 302 cu in (4.9 L) V8 engine manufactured by Ford Motor Company. It didn’t say anything about a 6 cylinder engine being a 4.9 just the 302. And that was copied and pasted word for word.

      • boxdin

        Yes the 302 measures 4.9 but how can ford have two engines called 4.9? Relax this has been this way for over 30 years.

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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    A nice car that will probably bring a good price at auction’s end. Desirable drive train with a relatively clean interior and no mention of rust issues. I prefer the hatchbacks as I think it’s a nicer style; but that’s just me. These Fox body Mustangs were a common sight in the ’80s and ’90s with many sporting modifications. Nice to see one in mostly original condition.

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  4. EJB

    I don’t remember seeing a lot of notchbacks in my area back in the day. A lot of the notches that I recall were the 4 cyl version. i wonder how many of those have become donor bodies for drag cars?

    If I remember correctly, the speedo issue was from a lack of lubrication on the cable. When my 90 LX was around 7-8 yrs old the cable would make noise for awhile if you really got on it. I remember picking it up from getting something fixed at my local garage and hearing that chirping sound. I knew then the garage guys were were taking it out and romping on it.

    • Tom Member

      Apparently the notchback is structurally tied together in a way that it makes it a much better drag car than the hatchback. I like the look of the hatch back myself.

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      • Steve R

        Every serious drag car will have a roll bar when it goes quicker than 11.50, that negates any strength advantage.

        Steve R

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  5. Steve

    No VIN tags on fenders or nose, missing the hood bumpers and ill fitting RH headlamp. This car has a story, and requires close inspection.

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    • Jack

      My father bought that exact looking car new in 91. Stolen and stripped in 98. Hmmm….

  6. 71FXSuperGlide

    Currently have an ’86 SSP notchback. Not a five speed, but still fun to drive.

    Decent examples are getting harder to come by, and it’s encouraging to see the value of these cars increasing.

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  7. BobbyLongshot

    They are just so ugly!

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  8. markp

    I would a think a notch back is structurally more rigid then the hatchback? Which would give it an advantage during hard launches and running through the twisties?

  9. rpol35

    I had a convertible version of this car that I bought new. I really enjoyed it to a point but I had so much trouble with it that I filed a lemon-law claim against Ford and won – they bought it back. It was the only Ford that I ever owned and haven’t had one since.

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  10. Superdessucke

    Seller says the car is all original but the paint looks like a respray that’s probably a 10 footer given the seller’s “not perfect” comment. There’s no way original black Ford 1991 paint would still be that shiny on a 100k mile car, especially one driven in FL.

    And the headlights are badly aligned. The plastic lenses on these tended to yellow and cloud in the sun so hopefully they were just replaced to fix this, and not due to a front end collision. It needs new tires, and, of course, the good ‘ol simple A/C recharge (LOL!). And why are the pedal covers missing?

    I remember when these were available for 10k all day long in mint condition. Amazing times we live in!

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  11. Keith

    Notice the orange notchback in the background, maybe that one has all the good parts and this car was a doner car? Just saying?

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  12. irocrobb

    In about 1994 I had a white 1992 Mustang LX 5.0 with a 5 speed. It was a very low mileage car that I owned for one summer. It would take most of the GT models around unless they were modified. A fun car but it did tend to drift at very high speeds. Hard to find a good one now.I like this one even though it is black…

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  13. Col Patrick Montgomery

    Ford had a bad rep with these cars, as no matter the power-plant under the hood, they had a very fussy fuel pumps. The one inside, filter plugs and you don’t go nowhere. The steel cable that runs from the clutch to the tranny never works right and is able to break at a moments notice. They’re great cars, I still have an original JBL sound system for the one I had, but then mine was a one of.

  14. Wayne

    irocrobb, the hatch back is way more stable over about 95 mph than the notch back. I have had both on the same road at speeds up to about 120 mph. At those speeds the notch back is just a handful! (these were going to get all the highway patrol lighting and radio gear installed as soon as I let them go)

    rpol35, You had a very unusual car. I was a Ford service manager during the ’80s and early ’90s and the Mustangs and Crown Vics. just did not break. The only time we saw them return after the sale was for general maintainence. Even with the abuse that the Highway Patrol did to them, we only had one return for a clutch problem. ( driver error) I have had many Fox body Mustangs ( still have 2 currently) and there are certain things that fail, just like any car. All cars have their own special issues. But upgrades and replacement parts are available from many different sources. Find a solid car and all else can be rectified, replaced or upgraded. These are simple to work on and reliable. I can not think of a better car to use as a starting step to the hobby.

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    • Col Patrick Montgomery

      Oh don’t get me wrong, my little Stang, was an incredible car, up to 175,000 miles. 1st it was the electric fuel pump. As long as it was cool or cold outside it was okay, let it get really warm outside the pump would quit. Looking at side view cars coming at you on State Street in Down Town Salt Lake City with a dead Stang was not one of my favorite things. Then at 150,000 miles the alternator went belly up. Guess the stock alternator doesn’t last long with law enforcement lighting and communications on board. Mine had the 4cyl, in it. Maybe that was it. I got a Saturn in 2002, and have not had one single problem with it.

  15. MrMustang

    I guess I don’t get the foxsteria because I owned two of them and my current stable is way better than these cars. Both of my foxes were hatchbacks as i thought the coupes were ugly in my eyes. Sort of like my 1969 Mach 1, way better than a 69 Coupe. Again, my taste so yours may differ. I have three SN95 Cobras, 302 cars and I think they are a much better car than the foxes yet their value hasn’t increased like the foxes. Somewhere down the road, my 94/95 Cobras will have a greater value than the foxes. But if you ask me today, I think they are a much better and will be a more valuable car down the road. 94/95 Cobra supply is dwindling and the car will be hard to get without a higher price tag. Give me an SN95 and you can keep the fox bodies. JMHO

  16. Wayne

    Remember back to TransAm days. Maximum cubic centimeters was 5.0. So Chevy brought out the 302 And Ford the 5.0. Chevy had the 327 (too large) and Ford had the 351, again too large.

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  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $10,000.

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