Colorado Dry and No Reserve: 1972 914


Sometimes, a new project comes onto your radar unexpectedly and you need to sell off a project to fund its acquisition. That’s been my experience as of late, where I quickly let go of my 1987 5-Series to fund the acquisition of one – if not two – new projects. That’s the story this seller tells of a 1972 Porsche 914 that he found high and dry in a Colorado barn. Well, he’s just taken on a very rare (and likely expensive ) Audi UrQuattro project and needs to move the 914 along. You can find it here on eBay where it’s being sold with no reserve. 


The 914 looks great in white with the interesting yellow and black striping on the lower sills. The seller claims it is rust-free, and it certainly looks nice and dry in the photos. The battery box is even said to be rot-free, and with the exception of some body dings and a kink in one of the rockers, this baby Porsche doesn’t look like a basketcase cosmetically-speaking. All four hubcaps will also be included.


Sure, the 2.0L is a more desirable motor in the 914, but at least the 1.7 is said to be healthy. That being said, it does run with a battery and fuel pump, but the seller discloses a new fuel pump will be needed and the gas tanks will require cleaning. I’m currently in the process of having the duel fuel tanks of my 1980 320 cleaned out, and man – the price surprised me. Then again, there was straight varnish in the bottom and some traces of rust, so it’s likely money well spent (especially when pumping fuel through my soon-to-be-rebuilt engine!)


The chocolate brown seats don’t look bad, with the exception of some isolated rips and tears. The seller also recommends sourcing a new glove box as 20 years of barn storage led to the mice moving in, and he feels it’s better to just get a new one. Overall, it has a few other needs related to window glass and fine-tuning, but for a no-reserve auction of a rust free 914, I wouldn’t be spending a lot of time picking nits. Hopefully, the purchase price helps the seller get his new project started.


  1. Blindmarc

    I dated a girl for years that bought a 914 after she had a 1971 VW for years. I didn’t like the sloppy trans , or the lak of power but with the targa top off it was allot of fun on pch on full moon nights.

  2. Claus Graf

    Save the Porsche!

  3. Joe

    Sadly, you’ll never get that Colorado barn mouse (or rat) urine smell out completely. Try 1) Pet Shop natural, no perfume odor remover on every interior surface, 2) a sheet of Bounce under the seats, in the glovebox, and in the trunk, left in the car for at least 6 months, 3) mesh sachets of lava rock behind the sheets. With that smell, you’ll never get your date to enjoy riding in this 914 M edition (Mickey Mobile).

    • Eric Dashman

      Too true. Years ago I bought a 1978 Toyota Celica 2 door coupe for $400. It smelled of horse manure and dirty dog. I took out the interior and washed everything with soap and water….added de-smeller, etc. No matter….for as long as I owned it, that smell was always there, albeit less than original.

      An old girlfriend told me of the time she got car sick as a kid and threw up on the heater of her family’s 1955 Buick. No matter how many cleanings they gave it, whenever they turned on the heater in the winter, there was that lovely smell of old heave. Yuck!

  4. Alan Brase

    Those cars were better than given credit for. They had remarkably low cd. Drag Coefficient. I have a friend that used one for a LSR at Bonneville, with a tiny engine.
    With breathed on type 4 engines, they really do very well in track use, and rather inexpensively. Pretty good Youtube videos out there.
    I think perhaps the best engine would be a Subaru. You could easily get 160hp NA or 300 with turbos. Maybe even use Subie tranny?
    Removable top. 2 trunks. Wow.
    But quite fun even stock.

  5. LD

    I always said that if I bought a 911 and put tried to do my own body work to make it into a beautiful clone of an Italian GT car – – it would probably look like a 914. Nonetheless this looks like a really nice buy if it stays below five grand , chances are I won’t LD71 :D

  6. Lewis Jones

    the stripe might be black lettering on clear background that has yellowed from age.

  7. Prowler

    I had a teacher in high school that had one of interior
    He was nuclear gay so I always thought very little of that car
    Always thought it was a VW with lipstick
    I liked my shop teacher a lot more
    He drove a 67 shelby

  8. Claus Graf

    Happy 914 Day!

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