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Completely Original: 1964 Chrysler 300 Silver Edition

This Chrysler 300 has spent the last 25-years parked in a heated garage and has been maintained by a fastidious owner. He has decided that the time has come to part with this remarkably original vehicle. It is located in Parrottsville, Tennessee, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. I have to thank Barn Finder Pat L for spotting this amazing car for us.

What can you say about the presentation of this Chrysler? It is a pretty stunning looking car, and it is one of those cars that is hard to find fault with. The paint, the chrome, the trim, and the glass all present incredibly well. The vinyl top is original, and it is faultless. This is a car that oozes both presence and class.

The 300 wasn’t all looks. The original 383ci V8 and TorqueFlite 727 transmission are both still present, and you also get power steering, power brakes, and working air conditioning. The A/C has recently been converted to R134, and the Chrysler has also received new ball joints and new brakes. The owner says that it is whisper quiet, and easily cruises down the road at 80mph. The only non-original parts on the car are the wheels and hubcaps. However, the owner does have the original wheels and three of the hubcaps, and will be including these in the sale.

The interior is also in great condition, and it is all original, right down to the carpet. There are few things in here that I really like. I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for push-button automatic transmissions, and I have always liked the steering wheel in these. Speaking of the wheel, I can detect a single crack in the rim, but apart from minimal wear on a few trim components, it really looks very good indeed.

This really is a stunning looking car. The owner has set the price for the Chrysler at $20,500, but it appears that he may be willing to listen to reasonable offers. That puts it at the upper end of the price range for a ’64 Silver Edition, but given its original condition, it is probably worth the money.


  1. Fred W

    That is one amazing looking dash! Reminds me of the “Dashmobile”, a toy I had as a kid that replicated an early 60’s car dash. This car is right up my alley and I’m in TN too. If the price were closer to 10K I would be all over it- not because it’s not worth 20K, but because 10K is all I want to spend.

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  2. Will Fox

    No matter how original and nice a Silver Edition `64 300 is, it’s not worth the asking price. You can get a letter-series 300K with the cross-ram 413 for that, or not much more.

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    • bowmad

      Very nice car but in my opinion, hands down, a cross ram wins my bid.

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  3. David Rhoces

    had a 64 …one of the best cars that I ever owned

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  4. The Walrus

    They are only original once… it’s a bit hard to believe in this case, but if it an inspection confirms the claim, it’s well worth the ask.

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  5. Gay Car Nut

    Awesome looking car! I’ve always loved original, unrestored survivors.

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  6. scottymac

    People forget, back before two stage paint with a clear coat, just what a bit** silver paint was to keep looking nice. This is a true labor of love, if it’s the original paint.

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  7. local_sheriff

    That is such a piece of art! Not sure I’m best friends with the vinyl top, but I suppose that’s how they came. Great looking Mopar in seemingly fabulous condition, with fantastic mid 60s styling. I simply cannot comprehend these sell for less than Mopar muscle cars. And this comes from a Chevy guy…
    Best of luck to buyer and seller, this must be a fantastic vehicle to own!

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  8. Mountainwoodie

    And two doors!

    I’d feel like I was driving the car Mr. Drysdale would have bought next. What someone pays for it will be interesting to see but you can’t deny it’s condition and as I choose to believe sellers ab initio, pending an inspection and face to face chit chat. You can’t beat original!

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  9. pwtiger

    I have never been a big fan of this body style, love the older ones, but this baby is a looker and something I would gladly put in my garage…

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  10. Richard

    I would never buy a car from Craigslist….if you can’t take the time to put on eBay I am suspicious….

  11. PaulG

    Beautiful car, and I’d love to own it BUT, it certainly looks like it’s been repainted.
    The ad states the engine is bone stock, but never states the paint (or upholstery) is.
    Still a beautiful example of this model…

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  12. Doug

    I was going to say it’s not all original, as those wheels almost look like an AMC wheel? Then I saw in the add that the original wheels and 3 hubcaps are included in the sale.

    • That Guy

      Those are Chrysler Imperial wheels, circa 1974 or 1975. I think they suit this car well.

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  13. Kendall

    Beautiful car.

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  14. Woody

    My Grandfather had many of these Chryslers,have lots of memories of a polished,black four-door with a light blue interior “in the ‘60s”!

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  15. Sunshine

    Two-toned canopy roof & moulding I can confirm. Can’t confirm a vinyl top option was available on any of the unibody Chryslers for 1964 [Of course body on frame Imperial would offer a vinyl top]. I bet the Florida Doctor wanted to update his ’64 when vinyl tops came out across the lineup the next year.

  16. Chris Londish Member

    I love this car if Border Force weren’t making so hard to import cars into Australia I’d buy it now

  17. moosie Craig M Bryda

    Very nice Chrysler, I’d love to own it & would if my situation were different. Being that the Dr. mentioned was from Fla. I wonder if the drag racer was Don Garlits ?

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      The Swamp Rat!

  18. Del

    Never saw one before.

    Must be rare package.

    Love roof design.

    Well worth asking price

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  19. Mac

    Love the ‘74 wheels on this car. If I had a spot in my garage I would buy this at it’s asking price assuming it’s all original down to the paint.

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  20. Tony Primo

    I would never buy a car off of EBay, I want to see the car in person and haggle with the owner. No online auctions for me. Good luck finding a 413 cross ram Mopar in this condition for the same price.

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  21. Kevin McCabe

    You only saw ONE crack in the steering wheel? I see 7.

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  22. Del

    The steering wheel can be fixed.

    See The Sterring Wheel guy on Facebook.

    Easy fix

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  23. 64 Bonneville

    Price is around comparable values. Here is a link to a Chrysler Dealer in South Dakota, who also has one for sale:

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  24. W9BAG

    A for sure beautiful car, one that I would like to have. But that radio antenna, jutting out at an angle, would have to go. It would look much nicer if mounted on the rear of the car.

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