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Cramped Cruiser: Chopped 1964 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45

There is no one word to describe what this is. It is certainly unique, even kind of cool, but given the value of this FJ45 in original condition, it is something of a tragedy. The seller purchased it in this condition, and fortunately knows where the buyer can get an original top and pillars so to revert this Toyota back to original condition. This is one of the more uncommon and sought after Land Cruiser body styles, so when reverted back to original this truck is certain to hold some value. The seller started the auction at $1.00 with no reserve but bidding is up to $4,800 as I write this. Find it here on eBay in Kentucky. 

The engine is a Toyota inline six cylinder, but the seller does not state the displacement, only that it is gasoline. The seller has not explored the engine at all, tried to start it, or done any work and subsequently does not know anything about the condition of the engine. Perhaps a tune-up would get it on the road, or perhaps it needs a full rebuild. Either way, given the condition of the roof the drivetrain might be the least of your worries!

The interior has been stripped and nothing that isn’t already in here is included. Only the driver’s side front seat bracket is in place, and clearly none of the seats are. For an unstated additional charge, the seller has a set of seats complete with brackets than can be included. Were I buying this, I would certainly try to work out a deal with the seller on the seats.

Though some may not see much potential in this old Toyota, others may see endless possibilities. It is almost a certainty that you would be the only one with a chopped Land Cruiser wagon! If it were reverted back to original, it would be worth more and there would be a neat story to tell about its past with a chop top. This is yet another vehicle that I would like to know the story of how it came to be the way it is! Would you finish the chop? Or restore it back to the way it should be?


  1. Bmac Bmac Member

    I think I’m going to be sick!

    • Islander671 Member

      I’m with you Bmac! This is a tragedy……theres no words.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I’m with you! Its kind of neat, but not what I would’ve done that’s for sure.

  2. Poptheclutch

    Why!…doesn’t make sense either way you look at it.

  3. sir mike

    Really?? Why did some creature do this?? SAD

    • Joe Berk

      “Hey, dood!! Hand me that Sawzall……” That’s all it takes….

  4. Del


  5. TriPowerVette

    These flaky squirrels NEVER take in to consideration the glass (especially the windshield), when butchering an otherwise healthy vehicle.

    My brother and I went to drive and potentially buy a 1967 Corvette Big Block coupe that the owner had modified to something like what would now be called Pro Street / Radical Custom specifications (depending on whether you were being informal or minded to show it). It was more race than car, but in those days, that was not off-putting for us.

    Complete aluminum interior, built tunnel-ram equipped BBC with a clutch-turbo backing, and tubbed with M&H Racemasters. It was in primer, it only had ONE LITTLE PROBLEM; the roof had been chopped at least 4″, and it had no glass windows. He said he was going to use plexi for the side windows and backlight, but that he had tried to fit three different windshields (which must be DOT glass), and all cracked and broke up.

    Even though the price was really interesting, we decided that we didn’t want to be the ones to have to solve that geometry puzzle.

  6. LAB3

    Definitely has a clownish look to it. It might look better if the body was sectioned but there was a bit too much already taken out of the pillars.

  7. Steve R

    The seller seems to specialize in land cruiser parts, check his other auctions. Maybe that’s where you can find the missing parts.

    There is a good chance that the planning ended with, “this would look cool with a chopped top, where’s the sawzall at”.

    Steve R

  8. Doyler

    This is just bad. And sad

  9. Milt

    Make it a lowrider also.

  10. Butch Baker

    That truck sat in Ft Worth several years, most of us locals knew of it.
    It’s a Chevy 250 engine…’s where it sat for years

    Like 1
    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Really, a 250? That makes this much more…interesting.

  11. Kevin Lee

    Makes me wonder where he was going with this. I don’t get it.

  12. charlie Member

    A falling, big, tree cross chopped my ’89 Dodge Grand Caravan. Windshield and all below the belt line was intact, but roof and all side glass was toast. 16 year old son wanted to take Saws All and take it down to the belt line, weld the doors for structural integrity, and have a parade car, with three rows of seats. No top at all. But it went to the crusher. Maybe something like that happened here. And maybe that is the solution for this. Just saw off above the beltline and use it in parades. Xmas, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and various protests.

    • TriPowerVette

      +charlie – It would definitely be a place for the ugly people to ride. Your son is on to something. Protests, you say… hmmmm.

    • glen

      Who would build something specifically for protests, professional protesters? Is that a thing? I do like the other suggestions.

  13. Pugsy

    2″ too much chop, otherwise, would probably look good.

  14. Robert G

    Actually that top would not be that difficult to return to normal because the missing pieces are mostly straight.

  15. waynard

    I try never to criticize American ingenuity and creativity, particularly when it comes to cars, but this is just plain stupid.

  16. duaney Member

    Why would there be bidders at all up to $4800? Only good for a few parts at best.

  17. Pugsy

    Really guys?

    The car is in fantastic condition. Easy fix.

  18. Wayne

    Add a full roll cage and just attach the hard top top it. Instant family off-road “Cruiser”. The original Toyota 6cyl. Was a copy of the Chevrolet 216. Intake/exhaust gasket is even interchangeable. A better choice would have been the 292 Chev. 6 cyl. For the additional torque. Add a Clifford intake, headers and one of the universal throttle body injection systems. And you would have a nice combo. for the drivetrain.
    My 1971 Landcruiser still runs the stock engine with some mods and upgraded brakes, suspension and transmission. If priced lower I would be interested in this FJ55 Toyota.

  19. Wayne

    An FJ45 is the Landcruiser pick-up by the way. So the Listing is incorrect.
    (Sorry, I used to be a Toyota parts manager.)

    • Keith

      FJ45 is just a long wheelbase 4×4. It can be a pickup or this FJ45V. FJ55 is a completely different beast.

  20. Jubjub

    The worst part is that it’s so straight and not all rusted out everywhere.

    • Pugsy

      Not rusted out is the worst part?

  21. David

    As a Toyota Fleet Manager this is TRAGIC! Why cutu up the FJ45 it’s so Damn RARE!

  22. Pugsy

    Cut up any car to make it look better…..nothing wrong with that.

  23. charlie Member

    UNLESS it is near perfect to start with, lots of the very high end 30’s convertibles, any Cord, ’41 Caddy 60 Special, ’56/’57 Continental, lots of ’50’s- ’80’s Ferraris, lots of woody wagons and the ’46 – ’48 Chrysler Town and Country with the real wood. Real Avanti’s. Some of these are 4 door sedans! I am sure there are more recent examples as well but I don’t know what they are yet, they need to pass the test of time. What would any of you, assuming you are not opposed to cutting up a car to make it look better in general, see as sacrosanct?

  24. Pugsy

    Quote: “What would any of you, assuming you are not opposed to cutting up a car to make it look better in general, see as sacrosanct?”


    If I own it, I will do as I please with it. I care not an iota of what others feel/think about it. It’s mine, I’m greedy in the sense I’m doing it for myself, but I have vision and will cut up anything.

    Us hot rodders are brutal.

    I will however, never buy something extremely rare and expensive and cut it up. Just dumb to lose so much money.

    I cut up my 41 New Yorker 2 door coupe. Don’t know how rare they are but I’ve never seen one except online.

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