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Diesel Limo: 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300D

Limousines don’t normally get me excited, but this diesel-powered Benz is intriguing. It has only covered 72k miles and the oil burner under the hood ensures that it could cover many more. I’m not sure where I’d store it, but it would be fun to hire a driver just to take me to and from the office everyday. Just think of all the finds I could get written up! Find it here on eBay where the auction ends later today!

The 300D was an interesting choice for this limo conversion. You’d think they would have used one of the more powerful V8 models to lug this land yacht around, but I suppose the diesel engine was torquey and relatively efficient. The seller claims that the car is surprisingly peppy considering the motivation.

Up front the interior is all business. The MB Tex covering the seats looks like it has held up well and everything is claimed to work as it should. It sounds like the mechanicals have all been serviced too so this thing should be ready to go right into service.

Things are a lot more cushy in the back. The rear bench, door panels, and rear facing seats are covered in plush velour. There’s cup holders, a stereo, tv, and even a telephone! Some updating may be in order here. Or you could just take a trip back to the eighties every time you get inside.

This isn’t your typical wedding and prom limo. It was setup to haul someone important and I can’t help but wonder who that first owner could have been. Was it a business owner or someone who just liked to ride in style? There have only been a couple of owners so it probably wouldn’t be hard to figure out. The real question though is who’s going to buy this and what are they going to do with it?


  1. LAB3

    What would I do without it? Remember those late 50’s and early 60’s cars with a pickup style camper mounted on them? YEAH one of those!

  2. Alex

    Tjos would be a fun car to own I would drive it everywhere plus living in the country I have enough space to store it and it would be a pain to find a parking spot at a gas station or at an Wal-Mart.

  3. jdjonesdr

    Man.. what a beautiful vehicle. I’d love to have it.

  4. Joseph Wayne Haddock

    The phone is actually an intercom to the driver.

  5. Martin Sparkes

    Om617 with 125 hp and maybe 160 pounds of torque. The regular sedans were known for their glacial acceleration, so I am fairly sure peppy has no place in the description for this one.

    • MB Expert

      That’s a non-turbo engine, so more like 80hp. The turbos were 115-125hp depending on config.

    • audifan

      This one is a naturally aspirated Diesel, so instead of 125 HP it only has
      88 HP. Surely that won’t help with acceleration. LOL

  6. Coventrycat

    Nice Benz, but every time I see one I think of a Middle East taxi or a kid in a Grateful Dead shirt pouring used cooking oil in the tank.

  7. Robert W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    I’d be really surprised if this left the Mercedes Benzfactory with “the stretch”.

  8. LWB250

    I wonder who did the conversion, as this is *not* a stock long wheelbase sedan model that was sold for taxi purposes. The seller has been shopping this POC around as it’s been on BAT and other venues without selling. I wonder why?

    • Olaf E

      BAT mentioned that it’s manufactured by the MB Pullman Corporation.

  9. David Miraglia

    Good addition to any limo or bus company

  10. ArtSpeed

    0 to 60 in five weeks…

  11. Suttree

    If it had a turbo engine and the rear was geared the same as a 240D (3.49 I think) this thing would have to problem merging into traffic and might actually feel peppy. I had a sedan turbo 300 with the 240D it was much more drivable but of course used more fuel. Worth doing if you’ve got the parts on hand. This is a great car.

  12. Alexander

    Replace the speedometer with a calendar and enjoy the drive!

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