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Drive Home Survivor: 1968 Corvette Big Block

I love the resume of this Big Block: 47,000 miles, stored most of its life, 4 speed Muncie Rock Crusher transmission, redline tires, and all the factory originals still intact. And it’s a drive-away runner, found here on Craigslist, only a few miles away from home for me. If I was a Corvette collector (or better said, if I could afford to be a Corvette collector!) I’d Uber over to Redmond, plunk down $30k, and head back over the bridge in style.

Although its registered in Arizona, this ‘Vette has never seen the heat of the Grand Canyon state – instead the current owner had dreams of taking it with him from Washington, but needs to sell this great example of a ’68. The previous owner had the car for over 20 years, most of which was safely stored. I’m sure most Corvette purists would disagree, but I love the C3 generation (from 1968 to 1982) – probably because of it was that unachievable, beautiful, sexy car of my formative early teen to High School days. It was kind of the Farrah Fawcett red bathing suit poster of cars in my mind.

And this one is certainly a Brick House of cars (ok, I’m making a lot of 1970’s references for a 1968 car – but hey, I was 5 when this Corvette was born). It was part of a graduating class of only 7,717 that featured the L36 390HP 427 power train. It’s even a bit rarer than that number since its a factory telescopic steering wheel, and came with redline tires as it rolled onto the showroom floor.

Even now, looking at the cockpit of this muscle marvel, I still drool over the classic dash, the aerospace influenced instruments, and the feelings that a corvette still stirs in me. The feeling of man, machine, power and freedom; I guess everything that drew me to cars from such an early age. If Corvette’s brings back the same emotions in you – perhaps this low mileage, high horsepower survivor is the perfect pick for you!


  1. Curtis

    I wonder how many divorces or fights over 💰 this site causes. Beautiful car…..

  2. Rick

    And gone already…

  3. Dairyman

    Ad has been removed already.

  4. TriPowerVette

    For whatever it’s worth, even though it is possible (it was on the option sheet), it is unlikely that the 390 Horse engine (the lowest H.P. available this year in a big block – small ports, 2-bolt mains) was mated to one of the legendary M-22 ‘Rock Crusher’ transmissions (unless it was added by some subsequent owner).

    M-22’s were VERY strong units, the gears were nearly straight-cut, and it made a distinct whine when the car was in motion, similar to the sound of a supercharger.

    FAR more likely, was either the M-20 (wide-ratio) or M-21 (close-ratio) transmissions (both had more conventional helically cut gears, and were completely quiet in operation). Both were vastly more common, and both were still very strong units.

  5. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    A Craigslist ad saver would have saved the post.

  6. Nova Scotian

    I must chime in…I would add real chrome side pipes to show off that bad ass attitude. Hell ya’!

    • TriPowerVette

      @Nova Scotian – My 1969 427 3X2 convertible had the distinction of have all three possibilities for exhaust. I owned it for so long, that I was able to try out all three exhaust systems.

      At various times, it had the out-the-back pipes, the factory side pipes (1969 only – there were 2 flavors: Off-road only and For Road Use – mine had the For Road Use version), and the Hooker side pipes you mention.

      For the conventional exhaust system, I had a completely custom set welded up. They had no bends anywhere. Whenever a turn was required, I had the pipe cut and angle-welded. They were large 2.25″ diameter (if I remember correctly). They worked very well.

      The factory side pipes were somewhat of a disappointment. They were somewhat restrictive, and seemed to work about as well as the conventional system that I had custom built.

      Everything got better when I put the Hookers on the side! They flowed great, and had I removed the resonator, they would have been as unrestrictive as possible. Because of the massive flow of the three two barrels, nothing had to be re-tuned.

      I had screwed around with ignition, power valve and jetting so much anyway, that there was no telling whether those pipes would have caused the as-delivered car to run lean or not. As it was, it ran beautifully.

      Your instincts are correct. The Hookers make a huge difference. They look great, too.

      • Bill

        Did you ever burn the back of your leg,ouch! Jesus that smarts 😳

      • TriPowerVette

        +Bill – Funny you should ask. Those pipes were dangerous, and I ALWAYS warned my passengers to either step very wide, or wait until I got around to the other side, to help them out. Well, I was on a date with one of the most beautiful redheads I had ever seen. Her hair wasn’t dyed, it was naturally the most brilliant shade of red, and was waist-length.

        Girls back then were doing the women’s lib thing, and no woman wanted the man to open the door for her. So, in spite of my warning, she made a point of opening her door and stepping out. To her credit, she didn’t scream, but the size of the red welt on the back of her calf told the story.

        I felt unbelievably bad. It was my dating philosophy that I return the woman home in the same or better condition than at the start of the evening. With this lady, it would not be possible.

        Our relationship did not flourish, thenceforth.

      • Jim in Alabama

        I still have third degree burn scar on my ankle from the Hooker Side Pipes on my ’72 Big Block.

  7. Rock On Member

    My brother in law had an M-22 rock crusher in his 1969 Z28 Camaro that was his daily driver in Toronto back when these were just old cars. Loved the sound of that transmission.

  8. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Sounds like it was a good deal. Would love to take a spin in that!

  9. YankeeTR

    This car has/had been for sale at this price for something like two years on cl. Discussed on a couple forums including one in person visit if i remember correctly. General comments were not necessarily negative but that all may not be as presented. Enough shared knowledge that i passed on it as i keep looking for an early c3 big block. Maybe the market finally caught up to it price wise or someone bought the car car sight unseen.

  10. Steve R

    Swapmeet chrome rally’s and Mr Gasket dual feed fuel line suggests it’s had various hands touching it. It would have been nice to have seen the ad, it might not be the cherry survivor everyone is assuming.

    Steve R

  11. Roger


    Not sure what is going on with this car. Now they are asking $33,500. Hmmmmmm

    Remembering a buddy who had a ’68 back in 70-74 and nothing but problems with the vacuum headlights and windshield wiper cover. He did away with both. This was before the aftermarket fixes and the internet. He pampered and loved the car after that.

  12. Mr. Bond

    Re-listed, at a higher price, because it’s posted here!


    Love these corvettes. Friend had a 1971 LT1 for a short time. Only time I ever got to ride in one.

  14. Classix Steel

    Person should list at original price as it’s been for sale for a while.

    I like convertibles but the coupe is clean for the higher mileage etc. (Still low I know)
    The converts get parked more which keeps miles lower .

    I wish the seller luck on his sale !

  15. Nrg8

    Is it me or look really crusty around the shifter?

  16. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Saved the ad this time, in case the price goes up again:

    Question: What’s the white needle that is pointing to 150 MPH? I’ve never seen that before.

  17. TriPowerVette

    @PRA4SNW – Good question. It is what GM referred to as the ‘Speed Warning’. You set the needle wherever you like, and then if you exceed the set speed, it buzzes furiously, until you are under the limit once again. Cool, huh?

    I had a 1969 and 1968 which both had it. It was an option.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Cool, thanks for the info, TPV.

      I wonder how many years they had that as an option? I owned a ’70 Convertible, 350, 4 speed for almost 30 years, so became pretty familiar with that model year and all of the options. I don’t recall this one being available, and must be a rarity for those years that it was offered.

      • TriPowerVette

        It was very rare, but I never looked into production numbers. There was another rare option for (at least ) the 1968- ’69 model years: The alarm.

        If you are looking at the exterior of either year Corvette, and spot a little, round bezel placed where a trunk key would be expected to go (usually), it is likely an alarm actuator. It is really primitive, and is wired to a separate horn (usually located at the rear, somewhere near the fuel tank.

        Both my 1968 and 1969 that had the speed warning also had the alarm. I have never heard either when activated, because they were not very resilient, and were always broken. Never had any interest in fixing them.

        BTW – The key lock on my 1968 was on the Driver’s Side front fender… so, it seems that the alarm key could be placed in various locations on the car.

  18. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Yes, I had the alarm on my ’70 as well. I thought it looked pretty cool sitting back there on the back panel, giving it the allusion of having a trunk. Funny because the car lacked most options, but had the alarm and the auxiliary hard top.

    I got up under there to have a look and the wires to it had been cut by a previous owner. When I bought it in the mid-80’s, someone had installed a newer alarm in it and might have cut the old one out at that time.

    I never showed the car much, but a couple of passersby noticed it and mentioned it to me.

    I think the mid-70’s cars had the fender mounted alarm lock.

  19. Jared

    I’ve seen this car. I would not use the term ‘original’ to describe many of it’s features.

    • TriPowerVette

      @Jared – I used to live about 5 miles from that car, and have not bothered to go over and see it, even though I now still live only 25 miles away or so. I saw it a while back for the first time, in Craigslist.

      I believe your assessment to be spot on.

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