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Dusty 1973 Chevrolet Camaro LT

1973 Camaro LT

I’m torn on this Camaro LT, on one hand it’s a V8 powered Camaro barn find. On the other, I think the seller is a bit misleading in their ad. While they do state that it has problems, like front end damage and a couple spots of rust, they were keen to post photos that show it from it’s best angle first and the few that show the damaged areas are from a distance. I do like that they posted photos of it dirty and of it cleaned up, that way you at least kind of know what you are buying. I especially like the photo showing all the leaves and debris piled on top of the engine. I’m going to guess that the 350, which lacks its carburetor is going to need to be fully rebuilt, as I’m sure lots of debris went down in the engine. The fact that the photos were taken before the car could even fully dry also makes me a bit nervous. I’d like to think this seller is just new at listing cars, but if this car looks familiar, that’s because this is the same seller that had the Porsche 911 Targa we recently featured. With a BIN of $3,250, this Camaro could be decent buy, but I would want to have a look at it in person before clicking Buy-It-Now. You can have a closer look at it here on eBay in Bisbee, Arizona.


  1. Bobsmyuncle

    Uhh I’m no expert but isnt this already over priced?

  2. joeinthousandoaks

    I was ready to drive to AZ until I saw the sunroof….

    • Doug M. (West) Member

      Yes, a hatchet sunroof! darn! Very popular back in the day, but now a real pain to get rid of!!! most of the photos are taken low enough so it does not show, but, in fact it is there. I had a BMW 2002 last year that had a similar aftermarket sunroof. After weighing the chances of a good patch job, I replaced the whole roof skin! At least it will never crack and resurface to remind me where a sunroof hole used to be…

      • JamestownMike

        Not only the roof skin but what about the bracing underneath the skin??

    • JamestownMike

      I agree! The aftermarket sunroof kills the car for me!

  3. don

    not factory sunroof, not sure about this one, may take a lot to bring it back.

  4. The Chucker

    Rear frame rails are susceptible to rust on these, but given the current ask, I’d keep looking anyway. The early second generation Camaros/Firebirds were always a favorite of mine.

  5. Dolphin Member

    Auction has been up for days, Ebay says there are 45 views per hour, $3200 price with option to make an offer..…….

    Zero bids and zero offers says it all.

    • JamestownMike

      With the aftermarket sunroof and front end damage, I think it’s a $1,000 car.

  6. JamestownMike

    Wonder how much water got into the engine when they WASHED it off??

  7. Karl

    The price is OK for a decent project car. The car is not.
    I really like these early ’70s Camaros, but they were serious rusters. It says a lot that this is as rusted as it is, and it’s a Arizona car (maybe not its whole life, but still). It says a lot that they rinsed the dirt off the car, and now the trunk floor is soaking wet. I noticed that the rubber plug in the trunk floor is missing–they probably knocked it out so that the water would drain. The sunroof is a potential problem, but this car probably needs no help to be a big body integrity headache.

  8. Doug Towsley

    Theres a LOT wrong with this auction. Those cars are climbing in value, 10 years ago you couldnt give them away, but well on the way for classics especially anything pre-75 but this ones something to stay well clear of besides being overpriced for a project. Those leaves in the engine compartment is just weird. No way those got in there on their own. Some are still green as well as chunks of foam rubber. Ive seen a LOT of old cars that have sat and no way did those just end up in there. Thats just weird. The front end damage also doesnt match, its fairly recent and doesnt match a car thats accumulated that much dust and leaves? Some rust and obvious gray primer that isnt stock. That cars been painted (badly) in the past. Also, note carefully the passenger side door opening and the chipped paint and grey primer exposed, the dislocated dash, and the whole body shell is damaged. The whole body is tweaked. These are a semi-monocoque subframe car and a close inspection will show the whole thing is bent and misaligned. You can see it in the pix if you know what to look for. A in person inspection will be obvious. These cars are not hard to find at a fraction of this price, while heading towards classics, better examples are out there. While on the FeeBay page, there was several others on the bottom of the page with another 72 at $900 and zero bids and while still needing work, a much better deal. Locally around me, CL has loads of them cheap.

    • Karl

      You know, after looking at the photos again, I think the sunroof might be the only thing worth keeping.

  9. DON

    price down to $2800, still to much what does that tell ya!

  10. Ron

    Bought one just like this back in 1984 in pieces for $500. Egg yolk yellow body with brand new Dunlop white letter tires cost $250. 350 cu motor from an Impala cost about $250. Took me about a year to put it together (gall bladder surgery set me back a few months) but total cost in the end was around $1000. Wish i still had it.

  11. pontiactivist

    I’ve had a couple 71’s. RS Z/28 and an RS/SS 396 car. Wish I had either still. Would love to have another some day. But not this pile of s__t. This might be a parts car.

  12. Doug Towsley

    Its funny about prices, certain collectibles going thru the roof IE: Chevelles, and pre 70 Camaros, Anything early Mopar etc etc,, but Camaros, Firebirds and Corvettes that are later 70s and especially 80s-90s and still super cheap. Looking using a search tool last night for a donor car for a friend last night found all kinds of cheap Camaros, certainly the pre 75 Camaros are starting to climb, and even the 75-79s are moving now, but still some super cheap deals, failed projects and good donors. I just spotted a 90s camaro with Accident damage with LS1 and 6 speed with low miles for $2800 cash just 10 miles from me. Think about that as a donor for your earlier GM project. I am seriously considering something like that or Corvette for my wifes 69 Chevelle project. Use all the goodies and part the rest out and super cheap updated powertrain, brakes, cruise control, Etc etc….

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