Easy Project: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Given the fact that it runs and drives, it would be very tempting to give this 1968 Camaro Convertible a wash and a mechanical check and then hit the road for a bit of top-down cruising. If that sounds like a good option to you, then you will find the Camaro located in John Day, Oregon, and listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner is asking $26,999 for this 1960s beauty.

The Camaro is said to be original, which means that the Island Teal paint that it wears is what it rolled off the line with. Visible rust seems to be quite minor, with some small spots visible in the lower quarter panels, plus some showing around the lip on the driver’s side rear wheel opening. There are no photos of the trunk or floors, and given the fact that they don’t rate a mention by the owner, hopefully, these are all solid. If you wipe away the dust, the white soft-top actually looks like it is in quite good condition. The external chrome and trim is all present, and it looks like it would respond quite nicely to a bit of polish.

Powering the Camaro is the 2-barrel version of the 327ci V8, while the transmission is a 2-speed Powerglide. The engine bay shows plenty of dust, but below that, it all looks encouragingly clean for a barn find of this age. The owner does say that the car runs and drives, so it would seem that if the car isn’t already in a roadworthy state, then it won’t take much to get it there. The engine and transmission in the car aren’t the most potent that was available, but for a relaxed cruiser, it would be a nice combination.

The Camaro’s interior actually doesn’t look to be too bad, and it would be interesting to see how it would look after a decent clean. The dash pad is quite faded, and some of the vinyl trim is also discolored. I would be very inclined to replace the carpet, as that is one item that is looking pretty tired. The kick panels have been cut to fit a set of speakers, and there is now a radio/cassette player fitted into the dash, but items such as the console and the seats appear to be very good.

It appears that the Camaro is a car that is virtually ready to be driven and enjoyed. It will require some restoration work, but it doesn’t appear as though any of this is urgent. It would be a good car to work on over the upcoming Winter months because what emerges when the weather turns warm could be a great little classic.


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  1. Classic Steel

    Nice camaro but for this upward price the ad needs to state running with brakes in working condition plus GIVE IT A WASH 🧽 👍👀

    You can show a couple dusty pictures if it makes you feel happy 😃 but lets see the paint and chips uncovered with some cleaned vinyl seats😉

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  2. Terry J

    John Day Ore. is dry country. :-) Terry J

  3. bikefixr

    Way too much for what is an ol-man’s low-perf Camaro. It’ll be a numbers-match, documented Pace Car with a 396 in it by 2022.

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  4. Al

    Grossly over priced. If you want big money, wash and detail the damn car.

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  5. bigdoc

    That carpet looks pretty wet to me which IMHO could mean some rust on the passenger floor How bad is it

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  6. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    Bong spillage?

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  7. RedBaran

    Two-speed transmission…? Hard to believe at one time people thought that was a good idea…

    • Terry J

      Well, I’ve had a few Powerglides and in many cases you don’t need more gears. They are lightweight but capable of being beefed up to handle 1/4 mile drag racers HP engines of 700 hp or more. They are popular because they create less parasitic power drain than other trannys ( 25 hp or so compared to 55 + for a C-6 or Turbo 400). My early Camaros (back in the day) had them behind a 327,350 and a 406 sbc and my ’62 Chevy 2 with a 194 six also had a PG. :-) Terry J

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      • On and On On and On Member

        Got to agree with you Terry J……..For a daily driver or around town they are simple and great. Never even thought about the power drain, good info, thank you.

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      • Steven Ligac

        Around here (Central Fla) mud-racers use ’em. They wind forever!

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  8. Del

    Another flipper wants big bucks.

    Price 10 grand too high

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  9. brianashe

    I know what site I’m on, but still…. Wash the damn car. Push it out into the daylight. THEN take pictures. Bonus: spend a day or two polishing it and add a few grand to the price. (Which is to say, it’s overpriced as it sits, but it’d be worth closer to the ask if it were properly cleaned.) It doesn’t give me warm fuzzies to know that this was driven in the mud and then parked for a few decades.

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  10. JOHN Member

    Looks like SS emblems installed on the front fenders under the Camaro script? Makes you wonder how hard it was driven.

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    • Stangalang

      Rode hard..put away wet ( literally)

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  11. TimM

    Can’t touch this car at $27K!! Tires, hoses, belts,carpet and maybe some sheet metal on the passenger floor!! Rebuild the carburetor and drain the gas tank!! If that’s not enough we’ll all the rubber around the car is probably brittle too!!! Is ever owner expecting to hit a home run on there mediocre classic???

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  12. Stangalang

    Let’s see..convertible with water in the floor ✔ SS badges on a non SS ✔ wants $26,999✔no trunk or undercarriage photos ✔couldn’t be bothered to shop vac the water from the floor ✔🤣..couldn’t be bothered to rinse the dayum thing off✔🤣…nope I can’t be bothered!!

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