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Entombed for 42 Years: 1956 Ford F100

This 1956 Ford F100 pickup looks almost idyllic in this picture, taken prior to it’s exhumation from dry storage that it had occupied since 1976. Now it’s for sale here on eBay, where bidding is just under $5,000 as I write and there’s no reserve. It’s located in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

The truck has been in the same family since 1964 and was used as an oil fuel truck. The odometer is showing fewer than 50,000 miles but the seller is not representing the truck as being that unused. We’re told that the hood is rust free and that the faded paint is a repaint. However there is minimal rust considering we are talking about a 62 year old truck!

I really like this period grille guard; I understand if you’d want to change it out if you were making a restomod or hot rod, but personally I’d leave well enough alone.

I was surprised to see how solid the bed was. Maybe there was some type of tank in here to protect the wood? Or perhaps it got preserved by the fuel oil that got spilled? Either way, it’s a rare truck that is this old and still has a solid bed.

Unfortunately, the corners of the cab, a typical failure point, are not so solid. Thankfully repair panels are readily available.

With no headliner, peeling paint on the dash and a seat that looks like it lost a fight with a tiger, I think you’re facing a challenge in the interior.

In 1956, the F100 received one of three versions of the 292 cubic inch Y-block, with this one being one of the pair of two-barrel versions. Two other neat items that debuted on the 1956 were a twelve-volt electrical system and electric wipers rather than vacuum. We’re told the engine is free and that the transmission and rear end function as well. It sure looks like a great start to me, no matter what you’d do with it. So tell us what that is!


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    Those daggoned cab corners! This would be a progressive restoration despite the rusty corners. Fix them when you can but you would need to fix up the interior while you’re at it then put it back to work. That Y-block can stay right there and be tuned up–maybe overhauled, depending on what it needs. The 4spd. is probably a T-98 which didn’t whine like its predecessor. It’s got some synchros, so shifting would be fairly easy. A nice truck to use and have a good time with. I wouldn’t vary it from stock. I could even be persuaded to keep the grill guard on this thing….

    • Mike B

      Just think of it as drainage & saving money on those Weather Tech mats.

  2. jdjonesdr

    Those tail lights. What a truck

  3. Gary

    I’m not a big fan of old trucks but I like this one.

  4. JW

    I wish I could find a Ford panel truck this year and in this decent of condition for a reasonable price.

  5. Canadian Mark S. Eh!

    I’d do a simpathetic restoration, I’d loose the grille guard and paint it a cream colour on the body with navy blue fenders, running boards and cab roof.

  6. waynard

    Fuel Oil? Probably stinks to high heaven. You’d have to lose that saturated wood bed as well as the upholstery. Very difficult to get rid of that smell.

  7. Joe Haska

    Hate to be the naysayer, but I really don’t think it is that nice! The condition of the truck doesn’t match the story. I am thinking it was a pretty rough truck when it was twenty years old. I have done 4 of these F-100 trucks , 2 of them in the last two years, and all of them were better than this one. I am always curious when I see one for sale, I can’t seem to stop, plus several people have asked if I would keep a look out for a good one. And I don’t think this one is it!

    • GP Member

      I agree Joe, Some of it looks good, a lot looks bad and the starting price is way to high. That year truck is a great style.

  8. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member


  9. Dave

    The reason the bed is still there is because of the oil that saturated the wood. And it probably does smell.

  10. Tracy

    I want the grill guard.

  11. CoolHluke

    NJ Farmer plate is cool..

  12. tommy

    272 not 292.

  13. Dan D

    Wow, this is like 10 minutes from me. I have to drive over to Monroe at some point in the next week to look at some houses (I’m a realtor). Maybe I’ll check it out…. Never messed around with these but really like the style. I think I’d do the minimum to get it back on the road then figure out Plan B.

  14. KKW

    It’s a 272, first year. The 292 wasn’t used in trucks until 1958.

  15. chad

    tiahrs’n a milk crate 2 sit on…
    I usta B a ‘Piney’ (Burlington Co.)…
    ‘S all we’d need!

    • KKW


  16. Lawyer George

    Pretty grungy and beat up for 50K miles. The seat has to be 100K.

    • KKW

      Seriously? A truck can take a beating in a lot less than 50,000 miles. And there’s also 62 years of existence to consider. Judas priest!!!

  17. carsofchaos

    Hammered for $9,200

  18. tommy

    way too much $$ for that truck.

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