EXCLUSIVE: 1959 Ford Galaxie Fairlane 500 Survivor!

What Makes It Special? This is a survivor car. Original paint and interior. The car was sold new in Texas where I assume it spent many years, as there is no rust. It came with an Oklahoma plate, so I assume it spent time there also. I purchased it from a collector a couple of years ago. Connecticut does not issue titles for cars over 25 years old. It will be sold with a CT Q1 bill of sale form.

Body Condition: Original paint that is thin in some spots on the white top and tops of the fenders, but it shines up very nicely. The interior is original. The front seat has some seam splits but the rear is near perfect. No rust just very small blemishes and bumps from years of use.

Mechanical Condition: Runs drives and stops just as it should. The engine is the 322 2-barrel carb V8. Ford O-Matic auto transmission that works fine. No power brakes or power steering. Nice older bias belted tires.

This Ford sure is sweet! It isn’t perfect, but for a 60-year-old survivor, it’s actually in exceptional condition. It even comes with the original dealer receipt! And we did some checking on the title and the car is being sold with the Q1 transfer of ownership request, you shouldn’t have any problem titling it in your home state. Jim O has enjoyed it, but the time has come to find a new home for it. If you’d love to give this Fairlane survivor a good home, you can contact Jim via the form below! And if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

  • Asking Price: $13,500
  • Location: Deep River, Connecticut
  • Mileage: 36,700
  • VIN: B9DS123046

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  1. Joe Haska

    I think it is a very nice car. The price is fair and it would make a very good driver and also turn allott of heads. If it wasn’t clear across the cross country Az to the far east coast, I think I would buy it.

  2. Dusty Rider

    Sorry, but that steering wheel looks like more than 40xxx miles to me, but I’m not an expert.

  3. TimM

    I have both a 64 and 65 galaxy!! My 65 is a convertible and this 59 would certainly look pretty good lined up next to them!! The grill is killer and it looks flawless!!! Great looking car interior and body both!! I think this is the buy of the week!!!!

  4. t-bone Bob

    Identical to the one my dad had, but with two fewer doors. Also, being a hardtop, my dad used to rag on us for slamming the doors. Seems the windows would tend to get off their tracks if you weren’t careful A least that’s what he told us. What do I know, I was only 4 when it entered our family. I thought he solved the problem when he traded it for a ’62 Galaxie sedan with window frames, but he still ragged about slamming the doors.

    This really bring back memories. Loved those old Fords.

  5. Bamapoppy

    I had one of these as a 16-year old. Had a local race car driver move the 3-on-the-tree to a floor shifter. Kept it 6 months and traded it in on a ‘65 Mustang. Mine had a 351ci and I would pop the clutch and burn rubber as often as I could!

  6. Gaspumpchas

    That would be a 332 or 352 mill, never made a 322. Good FE engine especially if its a 352. they had some problems with 332 engine in the early years, cam, lifters, oil pressure problems. Good luck to the new owner, sure is a sweetie!

    • Terry

      I think that 1959 was the first year for the 352 in the big Fords. I agree that if it’s not a 352,then 332.

      • Bob C.

        Hi Terry, actually both the 332 and 352 first came out in 1958. The 332 only lasted two years where the 352 lasted until 1966 in cars and I believe 1967 in trucks. Ford was funny like that with their engines.

    • jmolsn Member

      It was a typo. Either I did it or when they made up the ad. Its a 332 per the window sticker thats pictured

  7. starsailing

    Documentation as shown for the vehicle says it is the 332 c.i. as well as one look at the color pastel green color of air cleaner and valve covers. Dad had the 59 Ford Country Sedan with 352 C.I. 300 H.P. 3 spd stick 3:90 gears. It was race at Mn Dragways before dad bought it. It simply walked away from anything at the strip and on the street in our area as dad and brothers raced it everywhere. Brother bought that salmon coloer 59 Galaxie Hdtp with 352 4 barrel Cruisomatic which was a dog until we swapped in the 3:90 gears from dad’s wagon when they went to the cabin takingmom’s car. We also swapped on dad’s Holley Carb in place of the Autolite?..as I remembered. Really launched quite well…but returning the gears to dad’s car had to be done…until the folks had a skunk spray under the cabin when they got there and they came right back home. We had put Brother’s gears in dads car just in case he came home…All was well until dad drove down the alley headed off to work..put in reverse and backed into the driveway seeing us 3 boys watching…Shook his fist at us…Dad Comes home..tell brother to swap back and sell his 59 Ford…Took several weeks..Brother needed a car…Dad says what kind of new car you want..Brother says new 65 Ply came out, I would like one of them…Dad gets to the lot and says give us the fastest new car on the lot. Brother sees the 426 365h.p. Ply red 4 spd. Now it was brother’s turn to have the fastest car around. Had hundreds of hours in both59s…and hundreds of stories…this 59 in article waiting for someone else to make some more.

  8. Bob McK Member

    Love the car and color, but not sure I believe the mileage.

  9. jmolsn Member

    It’s my listing so I’ll comment on the mileage, I can’t say that its actual mileage. Some indications are low mileage but the steering wheel wear says otherwise. It is however a extremely solid survivor with no rust, door sag or any major issues weather its 36K or 136K miles

  10. Johnmloghry

    I’ve always loved the look of 59 Fords. It would be one of my dreams to own one of every model Ford produced, including trucks. For 59 that is.
    God bless America

  11. sourpwr Member

    No power steering or brakes? Yes, and that’s how we grew up. I remember the first time I drove a friend’s car with power steering and brakes. When I returned it I said, “that car is dangerous! Someone is going to be killed driving it!’. When I was 19 I had a ’57 chevy 2-door wagon (150 handyman) 283,4-speed. The front end was so sloppy I constantly turned the wheel back and forth to keep going straight. When I hit a bump it would jerk left, when I hit the brakes it would jerk right. It was a $100.00 car. But when my mini skirted girl would slide next to me on that big bench I felt like a king. Every time I shifted into 4th gear my girl would giggle and squeal. The car is long gone but after 45 years of marriage I still hear the giggle and squeal.

  12. Wr HALL

    We had a customer at our service station in Portland or, an LOL with a 59 Galaxie coupe. She drove it every day and it was in excellent shape and I am sure had way over a 100,000. I don’t know what happened to this car. It was coral over white.

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