EXCLUSIVE: 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS

From James V – This car was restored 15 years ago and has sat in a barn ever since! It was originally purchased because it reminded the owner of his mother’s car that she had bought brand new back in the day. The only difference is that this one doesn’t have air conditioning. His father about flipped when he had to pay the additional $400 for the air-conditioning!

When I went to get it, I put fresh fuel in the tank and it fired right up!

It runs and drives like a brand new car and even the interior smells like new!

I’m leaving it with the dust just as it was found. The car is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and I’m asking $36,500.


Thanks for listing this with us James! Looks like there could be a very nice car hiding under all that dust. If you have an old car sitting in the barn that you would like to get rid of, please consider having it featured here on Barn Finds!

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  1. paul

    my red on red 1964 SS, is all original, Buckets new air, new michelins not repainted with 45k miles and I could not get 38k for it if I included another car!

    • alland

      PATINA = Pathetic Attempts To Increase Naive Auctioneering

  2. Tom Member

    11K miles and although I am usually a skeptic AND I would want to see more photos …..looks real. that mileage will get the money.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Please keep in mind that it was fully restored about 15 years ago.

  3. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Why so vague on how the car is equipped. Automatic or 4-speed? This is listed on Classic Cars.com with the Vicari Auction Facility in Nocona, TX. Presume the Seller disclosed this. He’s drreaming on the price listed here.


    • jdjonesdr

      Nit picking I know, but I wish Barnfinds would stop using the “Exclusive” title for all of these non exclusive cars.

      I agree the price is too high. Like I always say, “people in Hell want ice water too”

      I’d still like to have this baby. I love the colors.

      • Old Car Guy

        Like so many other words the meaning of them today is totally different than what the dictionary says I guess. They need to update the dictionary hourly in today’s world.

  4. Mark

    I’ll be happy when the whole “leave the dust on it” fad goes the way of Beanie Babies.

  5. jw454

    Not washing this car is totally ridiculous. It’s not like it was sitting undisturbed for 50 years. It’s completely restored and it got dirty from non-use. Wash it!!

    The asking price is about 10K too high also.

    • Kathleen Mansfield

      JW 454..Thanks ! Not washing a fully restored car to SELL IT at a whopper price..is numb-scully.. (stu-pee-doe)
      If its fully restored he might be best at the bigger money auctions. If he decides its safe to wash !?

  6. Jeffro

    Yeah but…the dust adds to the value. Didn’t you guys know that?

  7. jwinters

    no don’t wash it, the kitty paw prints all over it are priceless :)

  8. Bob S

    And I am going to leave the rodent excrement in it too for your purchasing pleasure.

    • Jwinters

      No rodents with a cat around

  9. jcs

    If the seller is too cheap or lazy, or both, to wash it, then I’m too cheap or lazy, or both to be interested in a VERY over priced car.

  10. Mike Super Sport

    If it was restored then clean it up. I’m not inclined to value good paint if I can’t see it.

  11. Jim Z

    Dust…,Are you kidding me? Get that car washed and detailed, stat! Not quibbling with the price, but only an idiot would pay for a car that looks like this, regardless of the mileage or the blah blah blah.

  12. Phil

    I agree with Mike Super Sport…wash the damn thing. I want to see what the paint looks like. Maybe he thinks the people are interested in the antique dirt and dust?

  13. Bill McCoskey

    For 30+ years I bought and sold vintage vehicles for a living. Bought a lot of dirty vehicles and did nothing but clean them well before selling ’em for a lot more than I paid. Nothing sells a NICE car like cleanliness!

    Yes, I “flipped” cars. If the owners didn’t want to make the effort to clean or get it running & driveable, then I’m not paying top dollar. I got some of my best deals because the owners didn’t want to invest the time or money in improving the car. So I did it instead, and reaped the rewards.

    When I can’t see how it looks thru the dirt, or cannot hear the engine run or drive the car, I’m taking a big chance. Sometimes it was as simple as a battery, fresh fuel, and an oil change, and the car was running & driving like new.

    However if the car has a poor repaint, dirt under the plating on rechromed bumpers, and the body has more waves than the ocean, then by all means DON’T clean it!

    Same goes for NOS car parts; How often do you see vintage parts sellers with NOS chrome pieces that are offered with 50 years of dust still on the parts? I can pretty much promise the few parts you find like that are far from perfect, that’s why the owner is not cleaning the part.

    If this guy thinks that a vintage car that has already been restored is worth more because it’s covered with vintage dirt, he’s likely going to be in for a surprise when it won’t sell.

    Just my 2 cents from 30 years of experience.

  14. Tom Member

    Not cleaning it……isn’t that like Marsha Brady never washing the cheek Davey Jones kissed??!!! WASH IT ALREADY!!!!! I would not agree on a dollar amount not knowing what the paint condition really is. Groovy baby !!

  15. Rustytech Member

    I had a 64 SS convertible when I got married, in 1973, it was a great car and I have lots of fond memories. Sold the car in 1979 for $800, boy do I wish I had it now! This might be a nice car, but who can tell through all that dirt. This price though is in 409 territory!

  16. Ck

    I don’t care how long a car has been in the barn wash the dirt off it so you can see what your gettin. Take all the pics of the dirt that you need to to prove that you found it that way,if thats what floats your boat.Me if I’m lookin for a car or truck or whatever.SHOW ME WHAT IM PAYING FOR ,cuz im not paying for dirt.

  17. Ric Parrish

    I want the orange Stude coup, it even has the post, very solid little cars.

  18. Michael Rozmen

    For that kind of money, I want the Ferrari. Way over priced, and wash the damn car already! For those dollars, the ride needs to be waxed and ready to show.

  19. Cheif

    i would like to see it when it’s detailed out. I like the 64 body style and being a ss makes it desirable but he is out of place on the price. If it was a 65 i really would be after it.

  20. norm bissonnette

    I think ‘clear-coating’ the dust ,paw prints ,mouse turds is going to be a new trend….

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